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I have a 256 and 257 and I use a 13" MBP in a thick sleeve. The 13" MBP fits the same (very snug) in the side compartments in either bag (same width). However, it does fit more loosely in the center "pocket" in my 257. I think a 15" MBP would fit in the center pocket of the 257 by itself or in a thin sleeve.
My 256, which I bought new in March, has the key clasp stitched in the exterior pocket just like my 257 from 2009. Must be a very recent change.
Tulip table would work I think.
I just received my 256 back from Filson, which I had sent four weeks earlier for a handgrip install.
The DWR eBay outlet has been putting them up if you don't mind a floor model. These sold for $571 and $413...
They have reissued upholstered LCW/LCM's. But you are right in that they are not under $1000.
Anyone have any experience with Thrive Furniture? They seem to be knockoffs of less known mid-century designs.
Steelcase Gesture
Thanks, this is working. You really have to blast the leather on high.
I can't recommend Obenauf's for the Filson bridle leather. Unless I did something, I used it on the leather of my medium travel bag and parts of the stitching turned white because not all of the treatment was absorbed by the leather. It's been two months with no change.
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