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I'm selling a tan Filson 257 in good condition. There is a small stain on the front (pictured) and some light denim rub on the back (pictured). Price includes shipping to the CONUS.
In 2008, the 256 cost $195.
Generally speaking...256 = Work257 = School
I have a 256 and 257 and I use a 13" MBP in a thick sleeve. The 13" MBP fits the same (very snug) in the side compartments in either bag (same width). However, it does fit more loosely in the center "pocket" in my 257. I think a 15" MBP would fit in the center pocket of the 257 by itself or in a thin sleeve.
My 256, which I bought new in March, has the key clasp stitched in the exterior pocket just like my 257 from 2009. Must be a very recent change.
Tulip table would work I think.
I just received my 256 back from Filson, which I had sent four weeks earlier for a handgrip install.
The DWR eBay outlet has been putting them up if you don't mind a floor model. These sold for $571 and $413...
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