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Quote: Originally Posted by why I never understood boat shoes. They're loafers for boating. Do any of you own boats? No but my dad does. Although I would wear them regardless.
I rock the dark brown leathers with white soles.
Can I pull these off with jeans?
[quote=michaeljkrell;1723218] Khakis #3 - $65 Waist - 15 Upper Thigh - 11 Knee - 7.75 Leg Opening - 6.75 Upper Rise - 10 Are these equivalent to 30" slim or skinny?
Quote: Originally Posted by alorable Sooo...did we figure out if this the 257 or 256. I'm thinking 257... It's the 256. The 257 has a square leather patch where the strap hook is: The 256 does not:
It looks terrible. At least one size too big if not two.
Quote: Originally Posted by darkie_one Any place to buy brown beeswax online? Zappos doesn't have them. http://www.villageshoes.com/clmedebo.html http://www.journeys.com/catalog_deta...larks&id=85507
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