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I just placed an order for an extra-small plaid button-down. I'm assuming it has the new fit?
I'm selling brand-new with tags Nudie Thin Finn Dry Grey Coated jeans in size 28x32. Measurements: Waist: 29" Inseam: 32" Rise: 9" Knee: 6.75" Leg opening: 6.5" $130 shipped to the lower 48 U.S. states. Email for shipping elsewhere. Sold
Quote: Originally Posted by XenoX101 The upcoming Spring 2009 Paul Smith collection has some really nice ones. Not cheap though. The only non-Sperry/Quoddy's that actually look good.
Wings + Horns
Navy sweater with dry denim: not enough contrast to work?
Is coated denim (grey or black) still in style?
Is it safe to say all your button-downs on your site are now the new tapered fit?
Quote: Originally Posted by KBW slightly large if anything but pretty much tts +1
Quote: Originally Posted by wmmk Regarding the AE's, it's just that their lasts have a chunky, less than shapely feel to them. For AE wingtips, the Strand is as sleek as you'll get. Edward Green (or even John Lobb, if you really wanted to splurge) would b sleeker and better-made, but also more expensive. Then again, they'll last longer and be a better investment in general... Some AE's are sleek and some AE's are "blobby". I have a pair of...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mexicorn 2. Sperry boat shoes in navy: These are an excellent choice for summer. Quote: Originally Posted by Mexicorn 3. This one's a toss up, as I'd like to get at least one true dress shoe for my wardrobe. I was thinking something like a black brogue wingtip, but hopefully under $150. I've heard a lot of good things about allen edmonds on the forums, at least in the <$400 range, so a pair of...
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