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Quote: Originally Posted by tigerFormula So I go with a 9.5 if I'm 10 in sperrys? I'm a 10 in Sperrys and a 9 in Clarks DB's.
Hardwood with area rugs.
The womb chair is the most comfortable chair I've sat in.
Where can I get the grey desert boots pictured here?
Why is the smallest waist for 30" inseam Urban chino 30", but the smallest waist for 32" inseam is 28"? Should I just get the 28/32" and hem them?
Already have sand suedes. Grey or beeswax next?
Where to get made-in-england Fred Perry's?
Victory Hop Devil
Yeah, noticed it within 20 minutes. The joys of asparagus.
Added pics and measurements.
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