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Canvas: or Perforated leather:
Do essential chinos and broken-in chinos fit the same? Is one slimmer than the other?
Boat shoes and Purcells.
Quote: Originally Posted by AndrewRyanWallace Michael: previously you said the shorts would not be slim. Do you still stand by this? Obviously I will peek at them anyway but... That would be disappointing considering 95% of shorts out there fit like they're for the jolly green giant.
Quote: Originally Posted by headtotoe Selling an Organic Twill Jacket in blue, as seen on the first page. Label says 40, I guess that's medium? Bought from Krell, tried on twice, won't fit me. $85 incl Priority Mail. I have this from last season and it's one of my favorite pieces. MJK...any chance of doing another short zip jacket again?
Quote: Originally Posted by tigerFormula So I go with a 9.5 if I'm 10 in sperrys? I'm a 10 in Sperrys and a 9 in Clarks DB's.
Hardwood with area rugs.
The womb chair is the most comfortable chair I've sat in.
Where can I get the grey desert boots pictured here?
Why is the smallest waist for 30" inseam Urban chino 30", but the smallest waist for 32" inseam is 28"? Should I just get the 28/32" and hem them?
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