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Just got a 37" strap ordered direct from Filson. The stock strap for the 256/257/258 is 46" and I find that too long (I'm 5'6"). I wanted to order the 40" strap as I figured that would be short enough but it's not in stock.
That makes no sense. The color shouldn't matter.I wonder why Filson is getting so weird regarding the handgrip?Having used a non-handgrip 256, 257, and now a factory-installed handgrip 256, I can say it's essential!
One item 20% off on Backcountry today only. The code is SAVE20. $2 two-day shipping as well. They have the 256, 258, medium duffel, as well as some other stuff.
I just shove the shoulder pad into the back pocket.
Filson is finally selling replacement leather straps on their website. Interestingly, they say the strap for the 256 is 40" long but I measured it being 44" long using the shortest hole. As a short guy, I always felt the strap was a tad long so I'd consider getting a shorter strap (possibly the 34" version).
Use a hair dryer to heat up the wax when applying. Otherwise you will get white spots on the stitching after the LP dries.
If you have a MacBook, I highly recommend the WaterField bags "Outback sleeve". It fits snugly in my 256 inner pocket and the aesthetics are a perfect compliment to the Filson. Made in the USA as well.
I have a Medium Travel Bag but have not used it as a carry-on yet. However, the last time I checked it was the largest Filson bag that is carry-on compliant at 42" linear inches (45" linear inches is the limit for United Airlines).
Filson bike anyone?
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