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Not a huge fan of the standard Filson leather strap with my 256. I find that it's too long and the leather pad digs into my shoulder when the 256 is full loaded. Filson sells their leather straps on their website but for some reason does not sell their webbed straps that are similar to this.I'd be interested in trying the strap quoted above but just not sure I want to spend $55 when it may or may not be more comfortable.
My otter green 256 (purchased in early 2013) seems constructed just as well as my old tan 257 (purchased in 2009). In fact, my 256 feels more rigid than my medium travel bag (purchased in 2011), but I think that's more due to the way the 256 is constructed.
Huge sale on Filson totes and briefcases.
Thoughts on the orange tote? Can't tell if the orange is feminine or a masculine hunter's orange.
Up for sale is a Wings + Horns Tiger Fleece hoodie in great condition. The color is “wine” and the size is small. This has only been dry cleaned and never machine washed to preserve the original fit. Approximate measurements: pit to pit: 19" shoulder: 17" arm length: 28" total length: 24.5” Free shipping to lower United States.
I've been holding out for a while, but just ordered the medium duffle from eBags at 20% plus 12.5% cash back using eBates. This brings it to $228.80 when all is said and done. I've been happily using a medium travel bag for a few years but there have been too many times where it's not big enough.
Edit: In response to below, I now see that it's cash back through a different website. Anyone have any experiences getting cash back through ebates?
Terrible looking.
Filson is coming out with five new bags a week.
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