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Has anyone seen this jacket in person? Thoughts?   Don't live near a Dior boutique so I emailed them inquiring about price. Never owned anything Dior before, but I've only heard good things about their quality.
Need final confirmation.... is it true that this season's SLP biker jeans are skinnier/tighter than last season's?
  Thanks for the info, much appreciated. I'll have to think it over some.   Speaking of which... is it true that the first season's release for the denim zipper jeans are actually larger than the current season? Are they like a straight or slim fit? How much would you guys say a used one is worth right now?
Anyone here own any of the SLP suede boots? I like them, but I'm thinking you'll get a lot of denim fade onto them from jeans. Never owned a suede shoes or boots before. Is staining from jeans a problem?
Man.... you guys are making me want to buy a Rick Owens jacket!   Hope this won't stir up a hornet's nest, but how does Julius compare to Rick Owens? Doesn't seem like there's many Rick Owens available compared to used Julius leather jackets.
Are there lots of fakes for the Biker zipper jeans and the Teddy varsity jacket? I found a site that has them on sale (Teddy for as low as just under $1000). Normally that'd be huge red flags, but they take paypal.  
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