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If you go to Ukraine, check out Lviv. Was only there for a few days myself on my short east euro trip a few years ago, but it's an interesting city. Food was pretty horrible though.
I dunno, some of the individual pieces might be ok, but the styling of the lookbook is horrible all around. Should've gotten more WWM items from Daiki's last aw season. If this is what's to come, I think I'll stick to EG from now. And the whole MARPAT/digicamo thing McNairy has going on is really tacky.
"Paging doctor Loggins." I lolled.
I'm in.
While not exactly what you asked for, I'd strongly also recommend trying out the Old-fashioned cocktail (for which Makers works very well). I used to drink only scotch, but the Old-fashioned got me interested in bourbon. Nowadays I enjoy bourbon straight most of the time, but when I get a cocktail, it's still more often than not the Old-Fashioned.
Don't want to start a new thread, so I'll just post here. Any other options for tracking down a pair of Paraboots (avoriaz) than Pediwear? Should've bought a pair at Oki-ni's sale, but I didn't like the colorways. Then Pediwear informs about their delays with Paraboot stock and I'm thinking I made a big mistake. Would've gotten some fracaps already, but I want hiking boots with soles that actually work in the winter. Don't really have any winter footwear, as I've...
I haven't really followed any waywt threads here or on superfuture or too many street fashion blogs, but I havent really seen any pics of the tokitos on the street. Meant to buy the bicycle jacket last season (and the spring season before that), but something else came up. Now I'm thinking I might finally cop a tokito piece this s/s. So yeah, would be nice to see some fit pics on how these actually look in real life.
My first TOJ purchase was a varsity from the first run (I think) and every TOJ item I've gotten since then has been better than the one before. The prices are still insanely affordable considering everything that goes into making a TOJ piece and actually delivering it to the customer. (and special thanks to charly who does real good work at customer service)
Great thread. Alot of stuff here I'd heard of, but hadn't previously actually checked out. If I end up buying any waxed jackets this season, I might go for the Crojack Gunner. Looks really nice.
Has anyone ordered from Roslyn? After Inverallan stopped doing made-to-measure, I think she's one of the only ones still left doing that. Prices seem to be a bit higher than Inverallan used to be, but much cheaper than Invs on Mandonstore or other alternatives. As with Inverallan, those pictures are just horrible, but I imagine if sized properly the knits themselves would be of equal quality.
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