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The two things I'm currently loving the most are lifting (doing the basic 5x5) and climbing. I know as far as progress on both goes, they're not very compatible (bulking up via weights is def taking a toll on my progress on the wall) but I love them both and don't want to choose. However, I also want to start training for a half-marathon. All these mix very poorly I'm sure, but I'd appreciate some input on how to structure my week. Currently I'm doing my lifts on...
I've got a few pairs of C&J, def more on the MC side though (Lowndes obv and Connaught). Both are benchgrade afaik. As far as the quality goes, I'd put them somewhere near Trickers and Alden, maybe slightly nicer finishing. Anyways, the Coniston boot in the opening post is supernice, been looking to get one of those for awhile. Handgrades are sweet, but considering Vass are about the same price in europe (well, actually Vass are cheaper), I'd prolly look into those if I...
This is getting out of hand. I've no idea what to get now. Need a new bag and atleast one of the leathers but it's getting pretty impossible to choose. Baseball jacket tempts too. Fuck.
More bag designs soonish please. I need a new duffle/weekender and without a TOJ option, I'm about to kop the head porter x monocle boston bag.
^That one is really good.
That's so good. Gonna kop one of these new leathers, and if it's that one, def going with number 1.
Some kind of a light spring/summer raincoat version of the chesterfield would be nice. Maybe from goretex, ventile or something like that.
That there looks very, very good. Might be my next TOJ outerwear purchase. Speaking of outerwear, cracked pepper duffle parka - it's nice. Real nice. Thanks toj.
Don't have much to add to spb_ladys list, except a mention that Morfiy was pretty amazing. Also quite liked The Return. EDIT: What the hell, how could I forget Aleksandr Sokurov? Haven't seen that many films by him, but ones I've seen have been consistently quite amazing. The standout being 2007's Alexandra, but Father and Son, Russian Ark and The Sun were also really good. And really, Russian Ark deserves praise for taking a gimmick (the whole film is one steadicam...
Kinda flattered, Richard put up a picture of my Kelmscotts at his Country Collection page at Shoehealer. https://www.shoehealer.co.uk/userfil...ges/001(1).jpg https://www.shoehealer.co.uk/Tricker...ry_Collection/ Waxy commander leather, olive canvas for the vamp and quarters, red calf for the lining, storm welt and dainite sole. The picture on Shoehealer's page has the colors all washed out, the actual colours are pretty rich. Especially very happy with the waxy commander...
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