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My next pair of glasses will definitely be in this style. Really like the whole 50's CIA-guy vibe they have.
Quote: Originally Posted by playdohh22 Free Kiton suit That's just brutal...I love it!
I think I'll go for the 10$ version. While otherwise I like the way Trent's putting this record out, I call BS on the fact that one has to pay 300$ to get the LPs. I wouldn't have any use for exclusive giclee prints or signatures or whatever, I would've just preferred the music on vinyl. EDIT: Nm, apparently the record is getting a normal vinyl release in april. Good stuff.
Roger Miller and Andy Gill.
Neuromancer would've been awesome beyond belief if Chris Cunningham had done it. Watched Hiroshi Teshigahara's The Face Of Another today once again. A wonderful film (and Tatsuya Nakadai looks really good in a suit), I'm still just floored by how visually intense it is. Definitely my favorite out of Teshigahara's work (and I love pretty much everything he's done).
Viggo's look was the only really memorable one. Way over the top, but in a good way (unlike Bardem's awful jacket for example). Daniel Day-Lewis was also kinda interesting (too bad he doesn't sport the Daniel Plainview 'stache anymore, it looked good on him). more pics (I love the lapels on that coat): http://justjared.buzznet.com/2008/02...n-oscars-2008/ Then again, he's so gorgeous he'd look awesome in just about anything.
For deodorant, I use some scentless Nivea one, can't remember what's it called. It's good for what it is. On those rare occasions when I use a fragrance, I use either Burberry (Brit or London) or YSL for men. I like all there, even if the YSL needs to be used quite cautiously, as it's surprisingly strong.
I don't wear button-down shirts too often, but when I do, I usually keep the collar buttons buttoned.
I usually tend to read more than one book at any given time. Started on Melville's Moby Dick, almost finished Lethem's As She Climbed Across the Table. And I got the huge Black Lizard Big Book Of Pulps collection for christmas, so I'm reading one story per day from that one. Moby Dick is one of those books that make me embarassed why I haven't attempted reading them before. It seems quite magnificent. The Lethem book isn't quite on par with Motherless Brooklyn or Gun...
Discovered Dead Meadow from last weeks episode of The Wire (Jimmy McNulty's kids were listening to the band). Great stuff, they remind me a bit of one of my fave american experimental/psych outfits, Jackie-O Motherfucker. The Wire is one show that has constantly made just the right musical choices. I'm guessing George Pelecanos might have something to do with that. The man knows his music.
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