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Actually, I wouldn't maybe recommend valmour's website if you're ordering just one item, if I remember correctly the shipping costs are pretty harsh. Having said that, they do have great customer service and I've gotten stuff from them in group orders. This french ebay seller seems to have alot of the products at decent prices and might be an option (you need to log in thru the french ebay when placing an order): Oh, and the Saphir...
Quote: Originally Posted by Arethusa Really, I think Time Out of Joint was the best from the last round, and it's still better than the shit that's getting thrown around now. Yay! Really, I'm just hoping for some really nice Toj bags right now. Almost went with a Porter boston bag but pretty sure whatever toj puts out will be worth the wait. Currently just rocking plastic bags hobo style.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one I've got production on current orders pretty buckled down and pumping stuff out at a nice pace every week, and now we have a completely new production crew ready to make new stuff; so the question is.... what should we make? Suggestions welcomed. I've got some stuff I want to make and then I want to make some stuff you guys want to see made. I was just going to suggest a single breasted trench or a...
Vertigo Orphique Modern ...but really, Lesbian Bondage Fiasco.
Watched the second season last week. Season 1 had it's moments, but overall they really got their act together in S2. So good, a real shame it had to end there. My favorite episodes were Steve Guttenberg's birthday ("he wants to have sex with the porcupine, but it's poking him") and the draft pick episode. And yes, Lizzy Caplan. <3 EDIT: also, Karma Rockets' aryan emo power ballad. <3
Did anyone ever purchase one of those suede T-1 jackets? At work browsing thru the toj gallery and I'm like why the fuck didn't I get one.
Quote: Originally Posted by blazingazn can someone recommend a low price / high quality and value flashlight? hoping it's quite small. . . MTE C3-907. So good. If you want something a little more powerful (and by this I mean ridiculously powerful), there's the MTE M3-2I. But unless you're working security or something, the C3-907 will be enough.
Quote: Originally Posted by ice I don't see fucking difference between pork and an apple, from a moral standpoint. Good for you.
Great thread.
Thanks all, pretty much what I've been thinking. I'll keep my focus on MWF lifting and as long as I'm making good progress on it (I'm currently only on my 7th week of my routine) I'll keep things as they are. Will adjust when I stall. And will cut down on climbing anyways in the fall. Indoors it's not that much fun. As for the running, def not focusing on it 100%. Just finishing a half-marathon is enough, that's not too hard. Maybe a run two times a week wouldn't mess...
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