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How many of you'd be into this for real? Me, Namor? Who else?
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger holy shit just call the brand 'dismal future' or 'temple' or 'dynasty' all these awkward dictionary dictionary.com words of the day sound like MMO character names I still think "time out of joint" is a decent name, but +1 anyways. Assuming we can't have Lesbian Bondage Fiasco, which is still excellent.
Two Longwing shoe (not boot) designs: Tricker's MTO Longwing #1 Colour, Stone brown suede (http://www.thebureaubelfast.com/shop...de-super-boot/ here's an example of the stone brown suede) Lining, Red Calf Lining. Double leather sole ina natural finish and a natural Barbour welt. Fitting: 5 (medium) 4497 Last Tricker's MTO Longwing #2 (basically the Museum Ark longwing but with red calf lining, that always looks great with Trickers) Colour, Black...
Dunno about others, but I'm not really interested in LW boots as Herring indeed already has those (even tho yeah, they'd look pretty swell in black grain I'm sure). Longwing shoes like the ones offered by Museum Ark would be great, as I haven't seen them outside Japan at any point. I don't think I've ever seen them as a custom makeup infact, except for the ones done by Museum Ark.
Someone should do a group order of a Tricker's longwing. I'd try setting up one myself, but I'm horrible at stuff like that (I'd def be in if someone were to do it though). some examples from Museum ark: C-shade longwing would be great.
Quote: Originally Posted by Klemins T-1 in a charcoal-ish or black suede!!! Unless you've changed your mind and are doing a denim jacket... \\o/
Quote: Originally Posted by omgcookielol T-1? Do you mean a tank jacket? There's already a digital camo jacket in the works. Nope. https://toj.pixi.me/v/suede_t1/ Did anyone actually order this?
I know prolly not popular enough, but T-1. :/
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Thanks for all the help Charly! Hope we didn't drive you nuts too much This. Thanks charly! Super helpful with all my duffle hassles.
Damn, seeing how the prices of MTO have soared I'd be interested in a Trickers group buy, but prolly not for a boot. Atleast not now, perhaps later in the year. Coffee burnished Eaton is a great choice tho. A suede Trickers longwing shoe on the other hand... MSAINT: Those look great!
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