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Boots: -Alden Indy 405 -Trickers MTO Kelmscott waxy commander/olive canvas -Red Wings Shoes: -Trickers dirty bucks -Alden longwings for winn perry -Vintage florsheims -Crockett & Jones Lowndes -Crockett & Jones Connaught -Yuketen ranger mocc -Quoddy boat shoes Sneakers: -Visvim GY-Folk -CP achilles navy -NB 1500 -NB 574 -Five or so pairs of chucks -Nike frees for running Need more Trickers.
Yeah, excellent! Just contact rkusmant and he'll hook you up.
Yeah, we're going with leather soles now, as 3 people want them (and kgmessier & rkd are fine with either leather or dainite). What's the deal with the slot vacated by Namor now? Dave or aquaphor takes it (I think dave should have first dibs as he's on the reserve list for the 2nd order)?
I do believe the order is already full. As for the soles, I did pay already but it'd be nice to get an opinion from the rest of the dudes involved in the order. I'm not opposed to dainite soles if they're what everyone else wants, but it'd be good to have more votes on the subject. In my opinion leather soles are cleaner and look better. Dainite looks good on paper, but I've found very few actual advantages over leather soles. Infact, as someone who has quite a few...
Nemuu killing it, one of my all-time favorite WAYWT posters.
I say we vote on it. I personally prefer leather soled (and I've a few trickers on dainite soles already) so I vote leather, but if more people want dainite soles, I can live with that. so... Dainite: -NAMOR Leather: -Johnny Amiga
Those german desert camos are just horrible. If you're adamant about using camo in a look like that (which I don't understand one bit, McNairy's digicamo stuff is ridiculously cheesy), I'd try something like british desert dpm or if you don't mind using the colours of one of the worst colonial regimes ever, the belgian m56 pattern. Also dunno about this obsession with people's dicks, kinda suspect.
Quote: Originally Posted by rkusmant LW shoes folks, we'll use 81 Last instead of 4497 Last, that's what's avaiable, it's not practical to switch last since the leather pattern might not be compatible Any pics of the 81 last and how does it compare to the 4497? Apart from 4444 and 4497, I know very little of Trickers' lasts.
I obv confirm sg longwing as well. Shoe is badass.
Currently: johnny amiga namor kgmessier kebab Two more needed!
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