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Looks really good mikey
I seriously hope those new calf leathers will be available next spring too. Would order a whiskey collared moto but next up I need a winter coat. Good job, those are gorgeous leathers.
Visual Keith ...
I'm quite surprised that Drew hasn't completely lost it with like 85% of leather jacket fit critiques. Of course there've been obvious cases where something is clearly wrong and I've no idea what has caused them. Maybe the customer measured wrong or thought he'd be able to add 10kgs of muscle to his frame or whatever, but if one actually goes thru the toj gallery and looks at JUST the fits, those are rare. Most of the fits there are pretty damn good.There are loads of...
Some stuff I need to sell ASAP (stupid summer sales). Shipping not included, will be cheaper in europe but I'm only charging actual shipping no matter where the items are sent. Please pay with paypal, marked as a gift, or add 4%. --- First up, a TOJ duffle in cracked pepper, szM. This is an lovely item and almost unused. Should've gone with L back already then and especially now that I've started lifting, I could do with an XL. So no hope this'll fit me come...
Fuji Feather. Great value for money and looks really good. Takes a little getting used to riding a fixie, but I'd give it a try.
Quote: Originally Posted by ducky rkusmant, maybe you discussed again the price of bulk collaborations with TSH? Richard told me last week Tricker's increased its prices lately. He said he could maintain the given prices (325/270GBP) for backorders and current collaborations, but what about future projects? Trickers going nuts with their pricing. I like them alot, but tbh it's starting to make sense looking at other options. Alfred Sargent...
Have you sent pm's to the people who haven't paid the deposit yet?
wassup Richie Ren? Jacket looks good. Thought A-1 might not look good in leather instead of suede, but that's real nice.
Spartan by David Mamet. I can think of films that I think are better than Spartan (Badlands, Stalker, Vanishing Point, Le Cercle Rouge, Winter Light, Tokyo Story etc), but none that I have enjoyed watching as much. For a strange little spy thriller, it's really rather amazing.
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