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Tres Bien's selection is the most interesting one I've seen so far. Especially their selections in outerwear are really good. Haven't liked the Bike jacket before, but it looks nice here. Still, if I do end up buying one piece from their outerwear selection, I think I'd go with the Andover. One of the best versions of the jacket I reckon.
Tres Bien's selection is the most interesting one I've seen so far. Especially their selections in outerwear are the best I've seen so far.
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter thanks - my idea was actually to have them made, so that I could get the pocket placement the way I wanted it, as well as getting high quality fabric and good fit. I don't think this is a bad idea at all. Good cargos fit well into a casual wardrobe. Fuuma's post I think covered almost everything. For the Barbour jacket, I'd look into the Beacon Heritage collection designed by ToKiTo. Def one of the...
New DR looks interesting. Not a fan of the buckles, so I guess I'll pass as I can't pull that off. Still I could see this looking very good on some people. Especially on people who drive modified '76 Ford Falcons in the wasteland. This was always my fave DR fit. Would've loved to get a DR like this in a nice brown leather, but eh, I guess I missed the boat on it.
Foyle's War. oh, and The Sandbaggers. Best brit (drama) series ever.
Finally received two new TOJ BD shirts today. Took quite awhile, but I couldn't be happier with the end product, especially the chambray shirt. So nice, and despite the slightly smaller collar, it still rolls nice. Good stuff TOJ.
I need those desert pants. Hopefully Oi Polloi or The Bureau will carry them.
Time Out of Joint. (T.o.J.) References a line from Shakespeare, a pretty good PKD novel, a great song by El-P and the acronym still works.
Liked the film overall quite a bit, don't feel like commenting on the plot or anything. ...but I can't entirely get over how mediocre Nolan still is at directing action scenes. He's obviously trying to channel Michael Mann with the shootouts (if I remember correctly this is something he has himself admitted in interviews), but he just doesn't know how to shoot action. After coming home from seeing this, I had to check out the bank shootout from Heat as comparison, and...
I don't disagree entirely, but in my book Spartan represents a pretty big departure from his other work. The whole structure of the first half is pretty amazing for a film that could've so easily been a standard spy story. The way the film moves is phenomenal. I've never really seen anything quite like it. I hear ya on Pidgeon tho, I've always liked her alot. Does a great turn in State & Main too (Spanish Prisoner isn't a favorite of mine however).
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