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My next TOJ.
Suede T-1 or T-3! So glad, I've regretted not getting the first iteration of the TOJ T-1 for a long time. Did anyone purchase one btw? No fitpics were ever posted afaik.
-400/300/500. The bench should def be doable, still ways to go on the other two -Do more climbing, don't be as awful at it as last year -Run 3 half marathons -One-arm pullup
Two-tone longwings. Anaconda and blistered lamb.
Fuck yes.
My submission. Apologies for the shabby pictures, my first fit pic ever. If only I looked that big in real life... Really old wool TOJ bomber, herning, uniqlo, MTO trickers.
These threads always start out hella boring, but there's been some really good stuff posted here lately. kinda OT, but am I the only one who thought that 13 assasins was a huge pile of shit? I seriously can't get Miike. The first one and a half hours or film is really promising, like an old samurai film in the style of Kobayashi or Gosha, but then when the actual battle starts, the whole thing degenerates into this huge mess. There's no real sense of danger in any of the...
This is fantastic. Already sent an email about some japanese magazines, can see myself using this service quite a bit.
That's amazing. Hopefully this'll stay as a permanent option to the TOJ lineup, will kop one next spring after I'm done bulking up.
Fuck, Trickers longwing MTO came out amazing. The 81 last fits me way better than any of the other Trickers lasts I've tried and the choice to go with double leather sole instead of a dainite was def the correct one. By far my favorite pair of shoes.
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