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i have scarabs and odeons in the original cut that have stretched out to the point where i basically can't wear them...if i get a pair in the new new slimmer cut should i size down or stick with the same size? i am assuming the new cut is only slimmer from the knee down but just want to confirm.
thought i was done with villains but that dark navy is money... any idea when the blazers shown in the lookbook will be dropping?
no pics right now but i am 5'9" and have problem with the blowouts being too low!
i had the linen m65 and honestly wasn't is very thin and definitely wears more like a shirt than a jacket. i'm 5' 9" 148lbs and take a small in tees/villains/flash dual/flight jacket but my small m65 was way too tight.
sounds good!
so i just got a bnwt pair of cast 2 stretch mica from grailed (size 29) and they fit a full size bigger than my zincs and scarabs :-( anyone interested?
sounds about right. i'm 5' 9" 148lbs and a small is perfect for me.
anyone out there with a size 29 odeon interested in trading them for a size 29 zinc?
mine blew out fully after one wear...mainly happened getting in and out of my car. they look way better that way.
wore this today...loopwheel villain, black mercer, olive escobars. 5'9" 145lbs all size small
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