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Picking up another Ibanez ARZ, this time the 400 model with passive EMGs and a Marshall 4x12 soon to be followed by a Marshall AVT150
I usually go with Tom Ford Noir, It's kinda become my go to
Got this not too long ago for my FSR Stratocaster. Ibanez ARZ800 that usually goes through my wah and TS-9 tube screamer when needed.
Haha graduating from undergrad with degrees in criminal justice and pre law. I like quirky, interesting cars. As much as I'd love a 60's Camaro, newer Boxster or Any other kind of crazy and exciting car, Sometimes you just want some leather and something different! I was also looking at E90 BMWs as well
Not my phot but here's what I'm currently driving! An 05 nissan sentra And shopping for a Volkswagen Phaeton after graduation
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