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Quote: Originally Posted by Cyber0066 Link to original please? I meant that I posted the same thing twice.
What do we think of this as a watch to be worn for day to day activities? http://www.omegawatches.com/index.ph...s=0&no_cache=1
Duplicate post.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cyber0066 Is there a difference between a $40 100% cotton shirt and a $240 100% cotton shirt in terms of the material? There is absolutely a difference.
Quote: Originally Posted by AlanC Ramsey's, Lexington, Kentucky Really? I've never been a fan of anything but the breakfast.
What's the difference? On the JL website they look almost identical. Would anyone be so kind as to post one or more photos that can show the difference? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by mbc For what it's worth, I actually sweat less now that I've switched from anti-perspirant/deodorant to just deodorant. Same here.
Jermyn II...if not the Chapel, which is the most wonderful shoe I've seen, especially in Parisian Brown Calf.
Either the JL Philip II in black (it could be worn with odd trousers and sportcoat through formal wear) or the JL Chapel in Parisian Brown Calf. I'd probably say to hell with formal events and go with the Chapel.
Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 My EGs have fit fine out of the box too - also F width. I still don't know my perfect size in EG and haven't really taken the time to figure it out. As their prices rise, quite frankly they are becoming less and less attractive to me. As EG prices rise do you prefer the step up to Lobb or a step down, and if so, to whom?
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