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Quote: Originally Posted by gmac Not the most imaginative list of courses that one might have come up with....... I'm sorry that I don't dream of playing your local par 3 course.
Quote: Originally Posted by gamelan Not a golfer myself, but I've always wondered how difficult it would be to get a tee time at Augusta. Is it just a matter of who you know because I would imagine that club membership is next to impossible unless you're either filthy rich or very well connected. -Jeff It's all about knowing the right people. I don't know any members but I know several people who know members.
The only "do before I die" list I've made is for golf courses. 1. Augusta National 2. Augusta National Par 3 course 3. Pine Valley 4. St. Andrews Old Course 5. Pebble Beach 6. Cypress Point 7. Riviera 8. Winged Foot (Both) 9. Seminole 10. Baltusrol (Both)
Quote: Originally Posted by Soph ???? 1. One girl said its the leather 2. the other said the speed 3. the other said the convertible 4. because they will look good in it. 5. A symbol of status and Money 6. The guy is generous and has cash to provide 5 or 6
Quote: Originally Posted by WN2 The popularity of Grey Goose is one thing I can never understand. Mediocre vodka with a high price tag and everyone thinks it must be good because it's so expensive? It's the Armani of vodka.
Quote: Originally Posted by odoreater It doesn't matter man, you can listen to whatever you want, I'm just busting your chops. But, when you proclaim yourself as conservative and listen to gangsta rap, you don't really have any credibility with either group. It's like trying to conform and rebel at the same time, in trying to do both, you end up doing neither. If you're alright with this, then fine. I don't know, on a lot of college...
I'd go with black, unless I already had a black DJ in my closet. Peak lapels with grosgrain facings. 1 Button No vents. You can go with flat front trousers if you'd like, I prefer pleats with jackets. You'll need a single grosgrain stripe down each side. No cuffs. No belt loops, just buttons for braces. Working sleeve buttonholes are up to you. The buttons should be covered in the same fabric as the lapels (grosgrain). Jetted pockets Low cut, three button vest...
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman I think I am going to be sick. Yeah, there are certainly some better examples that are less vomit-inducing.
The Palm (the original one in NYC or the one in Chicago...the one in DC is terrible) The Precinct - Cincinnati, OH
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