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Golf. Learning tennis.
Can the average local cobbler do a good job approximating the beveled sole on the Tramezzas? Or are you likely to end up with a "regular" sole?
Quote: Originally Posted by kolecho Does Ferragamo offer recrafting service for its Tramezza line shoes? Not according to the people at the Beverly Hill's store...who didn't know the difference between the Tramezza and regular lines aside from the price. I'd be very pleased to learn that Ferragamo recrafting exists.
I thought I'd read that you can make some changes to existing EG shoes without incurring the MTO upcharge. Is this correct? Also, what is the extent to which such changes can be made? For example the Westminster (I think that's the name), the double monk with a double sole and cap toe. Can you get that with a single sole and no toe cap without paying the MTO fee? What about waist bevelling? Also, this has nothing to do with MTO, but are the soles of EGs rounded at...
Thank you all for your kind words. WRT the watch, I think I'm probably going to go with an Omega. I'll get a lot more benefit out of a sportier watch. I also hear they can some pretty tough wear and tear, which is something else I need. I'm thinking about a Speedmaster.
I got engaged on 7/4/06. Just thought I should spread the news here. Good day.
I agree, but even if I were to lose much of the fat in my ass, it's probably still going to be too close for comfort for well fitting side vents. I have incredibly wide hips, wide by standards even for women.
I have two jackets from the days before I knew what to look for when being fit for a jacket, where the side vents gape. I have pretty wide hips from both bone structure and, unfortunately, extra adipose tissue. Is there anything an alterations tailor can do to remedy this issue or at least reduce its effect? Regards, HS.
For the first time ever I have to agree with SGladwell. The TSX isn't on your list, and it's a rung below in terms of the level of car you're looking at, but the price is several rungs below the price you're looking at. In my opinion, the TSX is the best valued car being sold today. In general I think Acura, at least with their sedans, provides the highest value of any of the luxury manufacturers.
If the sleeves can be lengthened I would pull the stitches out of the buttonholes and take the suits to someone who can reweave the cut buttonholes. I think they should be able to do that.
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