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Quote: Originally Posted by jml90 A wholecut to me would seem more formal than a plain toe bal. It's definately sleeker and more plain. Aside from wholecut monks, I've never met a wholecut that I liked.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Is the black museum calf cloudy? That is disappointing. I really don't like the whole museum calf thing., but seriously, who wants a cloudy black shoe? The swatch I saw today at the JL trunk show at NM was cloudy, more so even than the dark brown museum. Honestly, unless you wear black tie on a monthly basis, I'd recommend getting a pair of Brooks Brothers patent oxfords for $250 unless price is no...
Personally, I can't stand the black museum calf. I save black shoes for only the most formal occasions, and I wouldn't want light gray clouds in my shoes on those occasions. I don't think you'll be able to shine black museum to the point where it looks decent enough to be worn with black tie. Also, you have to consider if you'd really wear a black plain toe oxford enough non-black tie to justify not getting appropriate formal shoes.
My Chapels arrived today: 9E UK. They are a bit big. The width seems fine, any wider would be too wide. They are too long (I would approximate this at about .5 size too long) and I get noticeable heel slippage. So, if I get an 8.5 will I need to go a width bigger to get the same width or should I stay an E? FYI, the way my fit was determined was based on my size in the 1105 last (9E UK) and this size was then recommended by the staff of the London JL shop. Also, as...
I know this should be simple, but I'm having problems. What color shirts and ties would you wear with silver gray pants? There is no jacket to speak of aside from a white lab coat.
"Borat: The jews, will they go to heaven or hell? James Broadwater: Well, I'd have to say they'll go to hell." Wow.
Does anybody else feel like this series is moving a bit too slow? Perhaps I just have a short attention span for television shows.
Quote: Originally Posted by wilson brother now I better not mention California or else.. What's with the California obsession? Have you ever been here? It isn't that great.
Quote: Originally Posted by LARon Recognizing that I've just shot the rest of this year's wad on two pair of G&G bespokes, I can't help but look ahead to next year. TR's great photo shots, especially of the monks, got me to thinking that my next target would be a pair of monks. But I've also had my eye on G&G's bespoke model and JL's Vale. If you guys were buying tomorrow, which would you choose, and why? (the Vale pic is too large, but appears in the...
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