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This is one of the more immature things I've read on SF. You'd probably be better off if you were to delete this before anyone else reads it.
Alright, so Nieman's didn't have any of the Prestige line. Does anybody know which lasts the Langton and the Philip II are made on? I believe the Philip II is the 7000? Anyway, I tried the Langton on and thought it was maybe the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn. Does anybody know how consistently the lasts for the Langton and Philip II are sized? Thanks, HS. edit: And does anybody know if www.johnlobb.com includes all of their models? I don't see anything on...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jovan I would think the T&A shirts that are double stitched are the same ones at Neiman Marcus... Mine came from the Beverly Hills T&A store.
I'm not sure which is more expensive, but I'm having a hard time figuring out how HD-DVD can beat Blu-Ray. It seems like Blu-Ray has a lock on 90% of the production companies, most with exclusive deals to make Blu-Ray the only HD version of their movies available. The only drawback to Blu-Ray was the sensitivity to scratching of the media, but they took care of that problem so well that it sounds like you could use a Blu-Ray disc as a coaster for ten years and still...
Quote: Originally Posted by coachvu They are designed so that only the middle of the three buttons will be buttoned. Are you sure? I've never heard this before. Every time I've seen them I've seen all three buttoned.
Quote: Originally Posted by VersaceMan Perhaps you are correct. I just assumed a shirt with that retail price would be single. What's a T&A shirt start at these days? $275? $300? Maybe $250 or $300 at the very bottom end. I think the cheapest bespoke is $325.
Quote: Originally Posted by VersaceMan Quality is average, I'd say on par with Zegna or Lorenzini and the likes. Shell buttons, single needle tailoring, good selection of decent fabrics. Are you sure? The two I own are double-needle stitched.
Do you have any pics?
Quote: Originally Posted by eliteforum Hi there what UK size suits you and I will check my inventory to see if I have anything suitable that you could look at---regards Bill I'm not entirely sure what my UK size is. I'm going to go look at some Lobbs today, so I'll post my size later.
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter having vegan friends is simply unforgivable. You hit the nail on the head with this one.
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