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Anybody know if this can be retroactive to a purchase that is paid for but has not yet been picked up? I bought a pair of trousers on Sunday and they're now being altered. Think it's worth a shot?
I've always liked navy and pink or charcoal and pink, but I wasn't sure how well all three could work together.
Would it be acceptable to pair navy trousers with a pink shirt and charcoal herringbone (no white in the weave) tie? There will be no jacket worth speaking of, just a white lab coat.
I just bought a pair of light grey trousers and I began looking for socks to match them, but realized that Pantherella does not make such a sock. Does anybody know of a good maker of over the calf wool socks that makes a light grey sock? Thanks, HS.
Quote: Originally Posted by lakewolf You should know by now that many forum members are religiously against black... trousers, suits or shoes... You're right about trousers and suits, but I think just about everybody understands that occassionally black shoes are necessary.
I can't imagine that this will stick around too long.
I love the Chapel, and I prefer the Jermyn II to the Vale. It may be that I'm not a fan of the type of antiquing sysdoc did to the Vale.
I use "howdy" all the time.
Quote: Originally Posted by muelleran One of these days I am going to cut (one of) you into little pieces. What does this mean?
Quote: Originally Posted by Nantucket Red One of the harshest insults I know is one of the Japanese terms for a slut: 公衆便所 (kôshûbenjo), public toilet I think "cum dumpster" works pretty well in place of slut.
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