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Is this too nice of a shoe to be wasted on black calf leather? I'm thinking about making this the Lobb that I go for, and I need a serious black cap-toe shoe...I don't have anything in this slot right now. If you wanted to buy a Lobb and needed a black cap-toe would you buy the Philip II or by a C&J Handgrade black cap-toe to fill that void and find something else for the Lobb? Thanks, HS.
No pics, sorry, but I'd vote "wierd". And I don't see how they could be French (double) cuffs. It seems they would have to be single link cuffs, but still, very wierd.
Maui Jim Titanium Sport or something like that. The middle size of the three.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Neiman Marcus has Lobb trunk shows where from experience seems to be the only time to order such things. The 8000 is fairly similar as it has a somewhat chiseled toe. Any idea when they're coming to Beverly Hills? The Naseby is calling my name.
Oh, and does JL Paris offer a refurbishing/refinishing service similar to what EG has?
Is John Lobb Paris as friendly as EG when it comes to ordering shoes with slight modifications from their Prestige RTW line? Also, does purchasing JL Paris work just like EG: order any shoe on any last? Can Neiman Marcus place such an order? What's the wait time and expected price for JL Paris Prestige RTW or MTO? What JLP lasts are similar to 888, 82, and 89 from EG? My birthday's coming up and all my monetary gifts plus my gift to myself may fit a pair into my...
Quote: Originally Posted by TKDKid Like on these? - John Lobb Paris Prestige Line Naseby If you mean "chisel" in a loose sense: - John Lobb Paris Derwent I could go for the Naseby on that Derwent last.
Thanks for the heads up. Talking to the guy over the phone it didn't sound like they'd have anything stock I'd be interested in. But this is a way for me to develop a relationship with a retailer who can acquire the shoes for me since nobody in LA can.
Quote: Originally Posted by scnupe7 I've never worn an EG loafer, so I don't know how the loafer lasts fit compared to the 888 and 82. I will tell you that I wouldn't spend the money on pair of EGs without trying them on first. Yeah, that's why I've got a bit of a problem. The shoe I want is going to have to be MTO, and while I've had retailers willing to ship me a shoe to try it on, it is under the condition that I will buy that shoe if it...
Alright, so I called Maus & Hoffman in Naples, FL to see if they carry EG's and they don't. But, they called the Ft. Lauderdale store and they're sending over some shoes (they only have loafers) so I can try them on. I'm going to take a catalogue with me so I can pick out what I want and place an order through them in a month or so. So, what do I need to know about the fit of EG loafers to get a good fit for lace-ups? Is the sizing very consistent between loafers and...
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