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A lot of people around here seem to regard the Jermyn II as the pinnacle of monk strap shoes and perhaps Lobb's finest offering. Why is this? What makes it stand out more than a typical monk strap shoe?
Does anybody know what size they are on both the JL 1105 and 7000 lasts? I've only ever tried on the 1105 and I'm a UK 9.5E. Any idea what that is on the 7000? Thanks.
Just curious, how big is this "large" watch?
I can't begrudge Paris Hilton taking advantage of self-promotion to make even more money, but I certainly have not even the least bit of respect for her. I'd hope that given the same opportunity I'd conduct myself with more dignity, but I'd try to milk the situation for all it's worth as well. I am most annoyed with the people that enable her by fawning over her and tracking her day to day life.
Suits and Jackets: Zegna Brooks Brothers Ties: Brioni T&A Thomas Pink Zegna Brooks Brothers Burberry Barbera Shirts: Kabbaz RLPL T&A Zegna Barbera Brooks Brothers Shoes: Ferragamo Zegna
Is this for real?
If you can pay the price order some Zimmerli undershirts from Kabbaz. Definitely worth it.
I have a green/blue/white striped T&A shirt with a white collar and cuffs as well as a royal blue solid RLPL shirt with white (Keaton) collar and royal blue cuffs. I'm OK with the T&A and I love the RLPL, although I originally thought the color was much too dark for me.
Golf. Learning tennis.
Can the average local cobbler do a good job approximating the beveled sole on the Tramezzas? Or are you likely to end up with a "regular" sole?
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