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Quote: Originally Posted by lakewolf You should know by now that many forum members are religiously against black... trousers, suits or shoes... You're right about trousers and suits, but I think just about everybody understands that occassionally black shoes are necessary.
I can't imagine that this will stick around too long.
I love the Chapel, and I prefer the Jermyn II to the Vale. It may be that I'm not a fan of the type of antiquing sysdoc did to the Vale.
I use "howdy" all the time.
Quote: Originally Posted by muelleran One of these days I am going to cut (one of) you into little pieces. What does this mean?
Quote: Originally Posted by Nantucket Red One of the harshest insults I know is one of the Japanese terms for a slut: 公衆便所 (kôshûbenjo), public toilet I think "cum dumpster" works pretty well in place of slut.
Kabbaz uses plastic collar stays that are the thickest and stiffest I've seen for plastic. I would imagine he has many, many sizes because he could be called upon to make collar points of any length. Perhaps you should contact him.
Sausage biscuit, no egg.
This is supposedly a new double-monk in the prestige line. Does anybody have any pictures? Thanks.
I like those ties...who made them?
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