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I'm waiting anxiously for it too. Will go nicely with my retina iMac. What I've read about it sounds pretty impressive.
How do we feel about the E63 AMG S vs the M5?
Just ordered a retina iMac.
Same for me.
And holy shit, that display is more beautiful than I had imagined. Definitely getting one. Going to upgrade the processor, video card, and ram. Going with 256 ssd instead of the 512 fusion drive.
Yes. Going to check them out in a couple hours in fact.
Greg Behrendt
I have an iPad Air 32gb with wifi + cellular that I purchased in April. It's in perfect condition. I've come to realize that I need much more storage. I want to get an iPad Air 2 128gb. What's your advice for getting the most value out of my iPad Air?
I made the switch to Apple in May when I got my 5S. I have to say I'm pretty disappointed with the switch to ios 8. It's very laggy and there are a lot of subtle bugs within apps and with air play that have made it a much less enjoyable user experience. It feels like an Android phone at this point. Is this typical for the early days after the release of a new version of ios? Should I expect it to get cleaned up in relatively short order?
Swype is back in my life. I'm so happy I could just about shit.
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