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Beautiful NF! So I've decided for sure that I'm going to get one in July for my birthday (or at least I'm going to begin the purchasing process in July). We don't have a Patek AD in Alabama. Does anyone have suggestions for who to call? I was considering just taking a day trip to Vegas and pitting the three ADs against one another.
It's best that his spirit be broken now.
I'm on my research year.
For which surgical subspecialty are you applying?
In the OR I always joke that I hope when I die I'll be re-incarnated as a CRNA.
I think a slightly better bang for the buck is CRNA. They can make some pretty spectacular money for 6.5 years of school.
I'm a couple years away from having to worry about it, so my understanding is imperfect, but I think that the only NPs who can assist in surgery are those who are trained as RNFAs (Registered Nurse First Assist). I'm pretty sure there are some programs that offer dual training for CRNP/RNFA, but if you're just trained as a CRNP I don't think you can assist in surgery. The re-imbursement for a PA in surgery is 15% of the professional fee. 25% for a surgeon. I doubt...
Their old store was a standalone right next to the Crystals mall at City Center. That's where they were when I first started shopping there. It was a pretty large space with huge windows and great natural lighting. Since it was so large they were able to space the products out pretty nicely and it was a comfortable store to look around. They have since moved inside the mall and have a pretty small space without any natural light. The clothes feel like they are sort of shoe...
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