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Suit - Kiton navy with gray pin stripe, 85% wool, 15% silk Shirt - Kiton Tie - Kiton Pocket square - Kiton Shoes - Salvatore Ferragamo Tramazza (because the weather's bad and they have topies) dark brown semi-brogues Socks (not shown) - Turnbull and Asser orange Cufflinks - Tiffany and Co.
The shirts were darted, which made them very trim in the waist. I asked them to take out the darts which left them feeling pretty baggy. Happiness could be found somewhere in the middle. I'm pretty sure this just means that I'll go MTM with Kiton for my shirts from now on. I didn't try on any jackets at the Kiton store in Paris. I wanted to get away from the arrogant, condescending salesman ASAP so I got the blue shirt for which I went and got out of there. The...
Today is my wife's thirtieth birthday, which means I have five weeks to give her shit about robbing the cradle and being married to a man in his twenties.
From the Kiton stores in London and Paris (only the blue shirt came from Paris thanks to the miserable experience with the salesperson at that store). Navy cashmere jacket with patch pockets, spalla camicia shoulder construction. 1/4 lined. Solid blue shirt. Pink and white striped shirt. The third photo shows the stripes but makes the white appear blue. Pocket squares.
A combination of factors, most of them unrelated to the restaurant. I don't think they would have loved the food had the other factors not contributed to it, but they wouldn't have disliked it quite so much.
We just returned from our trip to Paris and London. I posted my review of L'Ambroisie in another thread, but I've not yet commented on L'Arpege, Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, or Restaurant Gordon Ramsay. L'Arpege: I loved it, everyone with me hated it. I'm not the biggest fan of vegetables in general, but what Passard was able to do to them was really impressive. I think my favorites were the famed egg or the white asparagus which tasted like it had been grown in a...
So we had lunch at L'Ambroisie today (couldn't get a dinner reservation) and it was phenomenal. I was a little nervous about what the experience was going to be like because we don't speak a word of French. They seated us in the middle room, not the isolated dark room I've heard referred to as the "shit room." The service couldn't have been better. It was professional, but friendly and welcoming at the same time. The food was exceptional. My wife had the langoustine in a...
I know we've talked about fixing it, but this question is about when it should and should not occur. My favorite suit jacket has no roll when I put it on and am standing normally. However, as soon as I tilt my head back or shrug my shoulders even the slightest amount I develop a small roll. So, is this worth seeking tailoring intervention or would just just leave well enough alone?
I ordered a Nexus 4 from the Play store so I'll have a phone/GPS to use on my Europe trip. Problem is that in the US I have Verizon. Is there any way this phone can or will be able to be used with Verizon when I return, or is it only going to be useful in Europe?
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