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Dinner by Heston Blumenthal and Gordon Ramsay Royal Hospital Road were both exceptional.
They have to put hate speech offenders somewhere.
So it sounds like the goal is to make sure nobody is able to have fun having sex in college ever again.
I have a group of 10 to 12 that will be in New York on Friday June 6th and I need to come up with a place for us to eat. I need to keep it to around $75 per person before alcohol. I'd like to be modern American, Italian, or Steak so that it will suit just about everyone's tastes. I greatly appreciate your help with suggestions. Thanks, h_s.
I just booked my reservation at L'Ambroisie for my trip to Paris next month.
What a bunch of faggots.
The conclusions drawn from those findings are a bit of a leap.
I'm heading to San Juan Wednesday-Sunday for a conference. I will have just about every afternoon off. Any recommendations for my wife and me for activities or places to eat? Thanks, h_s.
How sensitive is champagne to its storage environment compared to other wines? I came across a bottle of 1997 Salon the other day for $300 that I'm thinking about buying and saving for 2.5 years for an incredibly important occasion. I don't have any sort of climate controlled storage for it and it would sit upright next to my wine rack in my air conditioned kitchen which is maintained at 74 degrees. So, should I buy or should I wait? Thanks, h_s.
That's 100,000 people who are either underemployed or not attentive enough to their own personal affairs if they have the time to get worked up over that.
New Posts  All Forums: