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And holy shit, that display is more beautiful than I had imagined. Definitely getting one. Going to upgrade the processor, video card, and ram. Going with 256 ssd instead of the 512 fusion drive.
Yes. Going to check them out in a couple hours in fact.
Greg Behrendt
Please quit making sense. You're making people uncomfortable.
And the outcome was what, that they don't appear to have infected anyone else? I really don't give a fuck about making anyone feel safer. Clearly some politicians do.
And as far as we can tell neither infected anyone else. It's still a little early to tell about the er guy from New York, but we should know by now if the nurse infected anyone else.
Lots of bad shit could happen. Aside from an inflated sense of fear surrounding this virus I have yet to hear anybody justify why asymptomatic people who have been exposed should be mandatorily quarantined. "But this is different" is neither a compelling nor intelligent argument.
I'm a neurosurgeon, I get the inclination to be aggressive early. I try to temper it outside of my area of expertise. And it doesn't yet appear that anyone was harmed by the nurses in Texas who weren't quarantined and were traveling during the early stages of infection.
I'm going to go with infectious disease on this one instead of the 7 year olds and the cardiologists.
I have an iPad Air 32gb with wifi + cellular that I purchased in April. It's in perfect condition. I've come to realize that I need much more storage. I want to get an iPad Air 2 128gb. What's your advice for getting the most value out of my iPad Air?
New Posts  All Forums: