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I know we've talked about fixing it, but this question is about when it should and should not occur. My favorite suit jacket has no roll when I put it on and am standing normally. However, as soon as I tilt my head back or shrug my shoulders even the slightest amount I develop a small roll. So, is this worth seeking tailoring intervention or would just just leave well enough alone?
I ordered a Nexus 4 from the Play store so I'll have a phone/GPS to use on my Europe trip. Problem is that in the US I have Verizon. Is there any way this phone can or will be able to be used with Verizon when I return, or is it only going to be useful in Europe?
Beautiful NF! So I've decided for sure that I'm going to get one in July for my birthday (or at least I'm going to begin the purchasing process in July). We don't have a Patek AD in Alabama. Does anyone have suggestions for who to call? I was considering just taking a day trip to Vegas and pitting the three ADs against one another.
It's best that his spirit be broken now.
I'm on my research year.
For which surgical subspecialty are you applying?
In the OR I always joke that I hope when I die I'll be re-incarnated as a CRNA.
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