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I'm thinking about buying my wife some personalized stationery for Christmas. I figure this is probably something I need to get on stat. Do you have any recommendations for quality stationery?
You win the internet today. Congratulations.
Fixed the problem. Replaced the cable from the PS4 to the receiver and from the receiver to the TV with HDMI v.1.4 cables and everything worked perfectly.
I'm pretty frustrated with the PS4. I've not been able to get it to display through my receiver. When I first unboxed it I couldn't get it to display when connected directly to the TV either and had to boot into safe mode and update the system software from a flash drive. I've tried everything I can think of to get it to display through the receiver (adjusting all of the video output settings), but to no avail. Does anybody have a suggestion for what to do next?
Despite the negative reviews I'm remaining optimistic.
I'm hoping my wife will play Knack.
AC4 and Knack showed up today. Hopefully my PS4 shows up early enough on Friday I can try it out before I take call at night.
When I was in London in May I joined the waiting list for a blue 5711. I got the email this morning that I've reached the top of the list and they had one available. Unfortunately I wrecked my car last month and had to get a new one...back to the bottom of the list. Bummer
Wrecked my 2005 TSX on Monday...totaled. Was debating between a 2011 535 and a 2009 TL. Was leaning toward the 535, but went with the TL. The Mrs. and I decided it was better to avoid having a car payment and reached an agreement that when I finish in 2.5 years I can get a new M5. Happy with the TL. Big technology improvement over my TSX.
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