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Little late to post this, but got a Vitamix and Kitchenaid stand mixer for Christmas. Time to start tackling some more of the French Laundry book recipes.
I need this. Immediately.
My laptop is a Dell XPS of about the same vintage. Maybe 2011. Always has had terrible battery life. An Apple laptop is the final piece of the puzzle needed to complete my transition to using Apple products across the board. The transition began in April of 2014 and started with an iPad.
Not these days. I've considered installing a game just to see how it handles it, but I really don't even have anything that would test its capabilities. Despite the few complaints I've heard about throttling, I feel like the reviews for its gaming performance were pretty positive.
I'm waiting anxiously for it too. Will go nicely with my retina iMac. What I've read about it sounds pretty impressive.
How do we feel about the E63 AMG S vs the M5?
Just ordered a retina iMac.
Same for me.
And holy shit, that display is more beautiful than I had imagined. Definitely getting one. Going to upgrade the processor, video card, and ram. Going with 256 ssd instead of the 512 fusion drive.
Yes. Going to check them out in a couple hours in fact.
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