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Slammed a door the wrong way (holding the edge of the door not the knob). Lesson learned.
partial finger amputation
I'm starting to get anxious about when the bandage comes off on Friday. I don't have a great deal of confidence that I'll be able to maintain the good attitude and sense of humor I've had about it up to now once I'm forced to confront reality.
she has eyes?
What did she have before? I've got a galaxy nexus and the poor battery life is killing me so it's time to make a change. I loved the Nexus 4 I bought for Europe, but sadly it's a no go for Verizon. The S4 sounds like it can best the Nexus 4, but I'm anxious about a non-Nexus phone and it's ability to get updates and also about all the bloatware that could come installed with it.
No worries. I just don't think I have the photography aspect figured out to make things look the way they should actually look. You might like the navy sport coat I just got a little more because the sleeves are a little narrower. The length is pretty much the same, but like I said, when viewed from a more natural perspective it looks appropriate.I'm not surprised that others here didn't like the tie and pocket square combo.Also, those pictures are the last taken of my...
After this heals I'm going to. Really puts things in perspective as far as how close I came to disaster.
Dominant hand (right). Shouldn't affect my operative ability.
Cut off the tip of my middle finger by smashing it in a door. Emergency surgery at 2am this morning. Couldn't be reattached.
Well, it couldn't be much slimmer because...I'm not much slimmer. As far as the length goes I think there's some component of optical illusion based on my proximity to the mirror and the angle of the camera. I can easily wrap my fingers underneath the bottom of the jacket. Any shorter and I think a few years from now I'd be looking at and thinking it looks very 2013.
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