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Based on what I've been able to gather from interior design tastes around here, I suspect that these rooms do not look uncomfortable enough to be considered appealing.
Don't feel bad. Ben Hogan never had a hole in one. Supposedly he found himself hitting too many pins and being knocked pretty far away from the hole so he stopped aiming at the pin and started aiming near the pin.
I'm starting to face the reality that i might not ever be able to play again. The stitches were just taken out of my partially amputated right middle finger yesterday and I've got a lot of dysesthetic pain. Hopefully it will fade with time, but I'm not terribly confident that it's every going to improve enough that the rubbing of the grip during the swing or the feeling at impact won't cause problems. Only time will tell...
Can anybody comment on the linen shirts sizing relative to Brooks Brothers linen shirts? Based on my measurements it looks like the Brooks medium is about a Kamakura large, but I don't entirely trust my measurements because when I pull my Brooks linen shirt from the sides to measure the width it stretches a decent amount. I appreciate any help you can provide. hs
+1. I've been waiting for another one of these for a while now.
I've used them as well and was very pleased.
If there's a silver lining, I suppose this is it.
It's amputated at the last joint on the right middle finger.
Slammed a door the wrong way (holding the edge of the door not the knob). Lesson learned.
partial finger amputation
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