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Looks like you're right. I'll probably go 1.3GHz/256GB.
I've been looking for the configuration options are but haven't come across anything. I have a feeling that there will be very few configuration choices available. I'm kind of thinking you're going to have to choose between 1.1GHz/256 GB for $1300 or 1.2GHz/512 GB for $1600 and that's it for your decision making, no RAM or video card changes.
So do we think it's worth the extra $300 for the slightly better processor and extra storage space?
I'm considering purchasing a Panerai during my trip to Italy in May. How do the prices in Europe (Italy in particular) compare to the prices in the US? I came across a website (www.thewatchquote.com) that estimates 4200 euros for a watch that seems to sell for around $7k here. Is it possible that there could be that much discrepancy across borders?
We're headed to Italy in May. Rome for three nights, Florence for three nights, Venice for two nights. I'd have to say that Venice is the one I'm the least excited about. We booked the flights and the hotels today. I've only barely started thinking about food and have the Amex concierge working on getting a reservation at La Pergola in Rome. Thinking Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence. Has anyone been?
Frozen, wild caught turbot fillets at Whole Foods.
It's a little disappointing that Outlook won't let you display more than one calendar at a time.
A couple articles that popped up for me on Google Now mentioned it. Will probably coincide with the watch release.
No, nothing else new in the latest round of articles I read about it. I'm curious how pricing will compare to the 13" MBA.
Looks like we will see the rMBA Feb 24. Hope to get my hands on one by mid-March.
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