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My mom had a stroke while we were in Florence. The nature of the stroke was such that if it happened in the US we would have reopened and stented her carotid. They did nothing other than put her in a bed, provide minimal nursing care, allow her to become dehydrated and the stroke to worsen, so that by the time we got her back to a first world health system the stroke was nonsurvivable. It should be embarrassing to any society with a majority of its roads paved that they...
I just returned from Italy and had an unfortunate encounter with their health system.
Clearly you avoided the Italian hospital system. I'll try that next time.
We've reached the end. Thanks for the support.
After three days of grossly negligent care under the Italian National Health Service, my mother's stroke, which if treated with standard care in the US would have likely resulted in only mild disability, was allowed to progress to the point that it is non-survivable. A supposedly developed nation should be embarassed by this outcome.
I'm traveling in Italy with my wife and parents. Yesterday my mom suffered a profound stroke. To say that the care that has been provided is inadequate would be an understatement. In fact, to even call it "care" is too charitable. The Italian physicians have failed to display even the least bit of professional courtesy. It's truly disgusting.
Jay Z and Beyoncé in the lobby of the Four Seasons Florence last night. Serena Williams in the lobby of Roma Cavalieri Saturday night.
Really enjoying the Davidoff Winston Churchill cigars lately.
That must be my problem. The screen is so pretty I can't stand to turn it down more than two clicks. Hurts the battery pretty badly.
Damn. What brightness setting?
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