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This problem is so distressing to me I have emailed Riedel. I suspect the Indian being paid thirty cents an hour to respond to my email won't quite be able to sympathize with how bothersome this is to me. #firstworldproblems
My other Riedel glasses are about four years old. And CG, I mean that the lip is just ever so slightly thicker than the glass below it, so it looks and feels kind of fat and rounded. I have never seen this on Riedel glasses before either. It's somewhat disappointing because the cut and polished rims were the only reason I bought Riedel.
I just purchased four Riedel Vinum series prestige cuvee glasses from W&S. I didn't look at them at the store I just picked up the boxes, paid, and left. When I unboxed them I noticed that they had rolled lips, not the cut and polished rims of my other Riedel glasses. Does anyone know if this is just a peculiarity of their champagne glasses, or is this how Riedel has decided to cut costs and how they're finishing the rims on all of their Vinum series glasses...
Yes, but don't be disappointed by the condition of the greens. And I don't recall it being that hard. Make sure you get a caddy and walk.
Doesn't look like it. I'm sure the Verizon version isn't more than a week away.
4.2.2. I'm not sure there's a 4.3 rom for the Verizon GS4.
Yes.And running a bet slightly modified version of stock Android. But not the least bit of Touchwiz remains.
Loving this shit.
Just ordered a 32gb black S4 from Verizon. As soon as it arrives I'm rooting it and turning it into a Google Play edition.
My wife and I just took a trip to France (mostly Paris w/ one day trip to Normandy and Honfleur) and London and spent 5 nights in both places. I didn't love London, certainly not for 5 days, but Paris was great every day. If you're at all interested in French culture it would be a mistake not to go to France. I think we would have preferred 5 days in France and 5 days in Italy or maybe even 10 days in France with 5 in Paris and 5 driving around the countryside. If you...
New Posts  All Forums: