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Alright, need your help on something. Thanks in advance. When I set up my new MacBook I copied the iTunes folder from my iMac and used it to replace the iTunes folder on the MacBook. I have synced my phone with the MacBook and backed up the phone to it, but still when I try to sync via wifi my phone still only wants to sync with my iMac. I assume this is because iTunes thinks that my MacBook is the same as my iMac because it's using the same library. Does that sound...
It's here.
The MacBook is on the truck for delivery this morning. Excite.
I'm irritated that on Wednesday the Apple Store staff told me they would have MacBooks in stock today and they clearly don't. On the other hand I really liked the feel of the Macbook. Very excited about getting it.
Just saw the pricing for the 1.3 GHz processor. A $250 upgrade from the 1.1 or $150 from the 1.2. I'll go with the 1.2.
I have a hard time imagining there will be a real difference in the user experience, even if the benchmarks are different.
Anyone having second thoughts about the new Macbook? Decided to go 1.2GHz in space grey.
Space grey. Gold would just draw too much attention I think.
Looks like you're right. I'll probably go 1.3GHz/256GB.
I've been looking for the configuration options are but haven't come across anything. I have a feeling that there will be very few configuration choices available. I'm kind of thinking you're going to have to choose between 1.1GHz/256 GB for $1300 or 1.2GHz/512 GB for $1600 and that's it for your decision making, no RAM or video card changes.
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