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At Kiton last week they told me they were opening a Houston store. I assume it will be in the same place.
In NY this weekend I picked up a pair of Fowey's in Plum and a pair of 2014s in Brun. They should arrive in Alabama Wednesday. Very excite.
The iPhone 6s is as laggy if not more so than my 5s from which I upgraded. While 3D Touch was kind of cool, I've mostly stopped using it. I'm not sure my 5s wasn't a better phone.
I'm going to go naked with my 6s.
I was offered the job I've been hoping I'd get for the last six years. Planning to celebrate with a bottle of Salon when I sign on the line. A couple stores in town have the '99. Was this a pretty good year or is there another vintage I should try to track down?
I need to know what to make of this. I have a 5s that is on contract with Verizon for another five or six months. I want to buy an unlocked 6s at full price that I will continue to use on Verizon. Even after my contract with Verizon is up I will still use Verizon as my carrier. So I pre-ordered a space grey 6s and was presented with three options: replace this iphone, replace another phone, buy a contract-free phone. When I selected "buy a contract-free phone" the only...
So I f*cked up. My wife bought me a Mauviel copper bottom, stainless lined pot this summer. After cleaning it the other day I put it on the stove on high heat to dry it off. I intended to take it off the heat after twenty or thirty seconds, but I left it for forty five minutes. When she found it the copper bottom was a smoky black color and the stainless lining was a gold/bronze color. With the help of some barkeeper's friend, Mauviel Copperbrill cleaner, and sliced...
JL Chapel in Dark Brown Museum for sure. There's probably a component of selection bias though because I wear them more than any other pair. Now that I have a medium grey suit I'm going to start wearing my Parisian Brown Museum Vale's more often, they should give the Dark Brown Chapel's a run for their money.
It's finally here...
Wired the money to PP London Monday morning, they got it today. Ships tomorrow. The waiting is killing me. What are the odds it's sized correctly based on the wrist measurements I sent them? If it's off I'll have to drive to Atlanta to have it adjusted at Tiffany.
New Posts  All Forums: