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We've been married for five years and we have joint checking and savings accounts and she has individual checking and savings accounts that she's had since before we were married. I closed my individual accounts when we got married. The mortgage is in my name. My student loan debt is shared by both of us. My wife is incredibly low maintenance. She is unbelievably thrifty when it comes to spending on herself. She's also relatively ok with the fact that I'm not at all...
I'm tempted to buy a 3/4 length navy overcoat with peak lapels. My thoughts are that it will be a little more versatile for casual wear than a full length coat. But what are the limitations of the coat on the more formal end? Would anyone care to make an argument in favor of full length? Also, what kind of pockets on a 3/4 length coat with peak lapels? Thanks, h_s.
I'm so glad he killed Lydia. I can't stand twitchy, anxious women.
I just saw Terence Stamp at a restaurant in Lexington, KY.
My 1.5 year old black lab is not well. She started having tremors in her hind legs about ten days ago that progressed to the front legs and now she has facial twitching and nystagmus. She has a hard time getting up from laying down, is uncoordinated when she walks and falls/bumps into things, and can barely make it up the stairs. I've taken her to two vets and they've never seen anything like it. They took a video of her today and are sending it to the...
That's really strange. Hopefully it's just an anti-fraud thing on the purchasing side. It would really be a shame to essentially restrict attendance to the few people who are in a position to take a full week off work to watch a golf tournament.
Augusta is without question the most beautiful golf course I've ever seen. It's in unbelievably good condition. I walked 7 holes before I ever saw a divot. I'd recommend finding a group without anyone particularly popular in it and follow them around. If you want to see Tiger or any of the more popular guys you'll just have to set yourself up in the spot you're most likely to see them on each hole, but you probably won't find yourself in a particularly good position to...
It's going to be a great time. My parents purchased week badges for the one in Louisville in 2008 and gave them to my best friend and me for 3 days (two practice rounds and one competition day). We had a great time. The practice rounds were the best practice rounds I've been to other than Augusta. Have fun.
Yes, I'd already taken the labels off when I discovered this deception. They seem like very elegant glasses in every other way so my disappointment has already begun to abate.
So Riedel says that's how the cuvee prestige is made and that all of the other glasses still have the cut and polished rim.
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