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Thoughts on the S550 Cabriolet? My dream car for a long time has been a Bentley Continental GTC. I feel like the S550 Cab fills the same role for $70k less and is probably better engineered. May lease one in April.
Today, after 7 years, I finished my residency.
How is it this guy only got charged with second degree murder? They were laying the groundwork for it in the instructions leading up to shooting him.
Anyone have experience with Minotti furniture? What's your opinion?
Has anyone noticed the screen on the 6s scratches incredibly easily? I didn't use a case or screen protector for my 5s and its screen never had w scratch on it. My 6s has all sorts of little fine scratches all over it.
Count me in for the Luffield order.
Seriously considering just don't know what color I'd get: black, dark brown, or Parisian.
Do they have to all be the same color? What's the price?
What does the group think of amarone? It receives no attention here at all, which leads me to wonder if my enjoyment of it makes me a philistine.
At Kiton last week they told me they were opening a Houston store. I assume it will be in the same place.
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