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New furniture from Minotti Sofa, armchair, two coffee tables, nested end tables, bed, night stands, dining table and chairs.
After two months with my 7 I think I'm less satisfied than I've ever been with a phone before. It hangs all the time, especially when trying to make a call, check missed calls, or do pretty much anything within the phone "app." I don't know if this is a software issue or a hardware issue, but it's annoying. Also, Bluetooth connectivity sucks. None of my other phones have had problems connecting to my car, but this one rarely connects to the phone function of my car and...
What issues "are at the heart of most Americans?" I've always lived in big cities, but I identify more with the rugged individualism emphasized by rural America. In fact, I see weakness in the dependency that many urban dwellers have on government assistance. Sure, it's appealing to live in a major city, but if you can't cut it on your own in a major city you need to look elsewhere for employment/residence. It isn't the responsibility of the rest of society to maintain...
The new administration would be smart to promote health savings accounts with subsidies for high deductible, low premium policies. The problems of the current system stem mostly from disconnecting the recipients of care from the payment for care.
I'm sure I'm going to regret saying this but I haven't noticed the jet black being particularly scratch prone and I'm going completely caseless and have dropped it a few times.
Picked up a Jet Black 256gb 7 today. Going caseless with just a screen protector. Really like it.
One of the most irritating things it has been doing is failing to capitalize the first word after I insert a period by pressing space twice. Probably happens half the time. Seems to happen more in iMessages than in Safari.
Has anyone else noticed that the keyboard is less accurate and the autocorrect is worse now?
I really don't like the feel if iOS 10. Feels like android to me.
Kind of pissed off that I went for the upgrade plan if this is true.
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