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Italian light fixtures
So my architect and builder favor 12' ceilings over 11' ceilings for the first floor.
~4500 sqft
North Carolina. Only really cold 4 months of the year.
I'm meeting with a builder tomorrow, looking to build a new house in an old, very nice neighborhood right next to the hospital. What are your thoughts on these smaller points: 1. 11' ceilings on the main floor, 10' on the second 2. Herringbone hardwood floors throughtout as opposed to traditional parallel planks. 3. Hardwood ceilings downstairs, maybe upstairs too. Floors will be light brown and thinking ceilings will be dark. 4. Modern European style cabinets. Anyone...
New furniture from Minotti Sofa, armchair, two coffee tables, nested end tables, bed, night stands, dining table and chairs.
After two months with my 7 I think I'm less satisfied than I've ever been with a phone before. It hangs all the time, especially when trying to make a call, check missed calls, or do pretty much anything within the phone "app." I don't know if this is a software issue or a hardware issue, but it's annoying. Also, Bluetooth connectivity sucks. None of my other phones have had problems connecting to my car, but this one rarely connects to the phone function of my car and...
I'm sure I'm going to regret saying this but I haven't noticed the jet black being particularly scratch prone and I'm going completely caseless and have dropped it a few times.
Picked up a Jet Black 256gb 7 today. Going caseless with just a screen protector. Really like it.
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