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I'm sure I'm going to regret saying this but I haven't noticed the jet black being particularly scratch prone and I'm going completely caseless and have dropped it a few times.
Picked up a Jet Black 256gb 7 today. Going caseless with just a screen protector. Really like it.
One of the most irritating things it has been doing is failing to capitalize the first word after I insert a period by pressing space twice. Probably happens half the time. Seems to happen more in iMessages than in Safari.
Has anyone else noticed that the keyboard is less accurate and the autocorrect is worse now?
I really don't like the feel if iOS 10. Feels like android to me.
Kind of pissed off that I went for the upgrade plan if this is true.
Don't leave us hanging.
Thoughts on the S550 Cabriolet? My dream car for a long time has been a Bentley Continental GTC. I feel like the S550 Cab fills the same role for $70k less and is probably better engineered. May lease one in April.
Today, after 7 years, I finished my residency.
How is it this guy only got charged with second degree murder? They were laying the groundwork for it in the instructions leading up to shooting him.
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