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Interest would depend upon asking price...
hey SF, sorry I was gone for a while... things turned busy. Well, I now have a pair of Size 8 Alden Black Shell Chukkas for sale that I purchased from bdeuce22. It turns out that I'm a 7.5 in the barrie last. They are in very good condition and come with box, bags, etc. If you're interested pm me. I'll let SF get dibs before I put them on ebay. Not sure if this is right thread but I'll post in B&S too.
Ok, I've finally saved up enough for a pair of shell boots. I'm considering a black chukka or black indy, either with a commando sole. I've done fair amount of reading and still just can't decide. Which is ultimately more comfortable... barrie or trubalance? The laces and eyelets look weak on the chukka. The high shaft of the indy looks constrictive. There is no retailer around me where I can try them on either. So, if you could choose one shell boot to be as...
Is the lather heavy for fall or light for spring? could you possibly take fit pics?
Yes, the jackets are really nice. I have the same parka and its very functional. One of my favorite pieces. If prices get competitive I may think about that norfolk. Great items nonetheless.
have the 634s fully stretched?
the leather on the c&j veldt and snowdon are the same? is the color accurate in your pictures?
Sorry to bring up an old thread but I wanted to know how does the color of denim compare on these two? It is hard to tell from pictures that I've seen. I have 5eps so I was looking for a different color tone, something more bright blue. I read that eternals have a sorta purple hue? KMWs have a nice blue tone but I don't think the rise fits me. Interested to see what others think. Thanks!
Would it be possible to get a standard belt in the brown leather with raw edges, just like the skinny belt, rather than the dark brown leather?
Is there some worn discoloration around the collar area of the loopwheeler? I pmed you a week ago but no response.
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