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You know the deal with these. They are in excellent condition and have not been worn much at all. Soles are still in perfect condition. I purchased them on SF only to find they are not my size. Comes with all the original box, bags, etc. So here is your chance! $350 shipped
Those measurements seem kind of small? they seem smaller than a small? I have a few EG shirts from few seasons ago that are a small and have 17.5" shoulders with 21.5" chest. Am I missing something?
I have the khaki one in medium, but not for sale. I absolutely love it. However, if you do find one in black, I'd gladly trade with you. =) Good Luck!
Are the measurements on a engineer jacket out-of-wack? It seems the shoulders measure smaller than usual compared to the chest. Does the jacket just have a different fit? I tried pulling info on this but didn't get anywhere. Those Japanese pictures are not very expressive of fit either. If I was to purchase this piece, should I be concerned with a tight shoulder fit or a boxy chest?
Nice piece. Andover is on the smaller EG side. I usually wear a S but may need to find a M in this.
Quote: Originally Posted by DrPat Anyone know if someone is still carrying the Fatigue Shorts in sage or the Camp Shirt in white or red? Ditto, I want a medium or small camp shirt!
When is there going to be a sale on the workaday items? I'm interested in getting multiple 19th BDs!
Is the navy duffel coat loose on you? Does it actually fit smaller than your measurements because of all the material? I am about your size, say 38S and 5'7", but I have very full chest/shoulders.
How are you 6'4 and fit into those measurements?!!! I'm 5'7 and that seems about right for me, just a tad long. Anyway, pm sent!
Interest would depend upon asking price...
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