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Fu@^!!! I finally decided to pull the trigger on AF43 but Alden-of-Carmel is out of 7.5D. Does SF-Alden or NY-Alden carry different inventories from Carmel? I'm confused with how their distribution works. I know stores such as Epaulet and LeatherSoul have their own models that are made at the Alden factory, which is not Alden-of-Carmel? I.E. who or where should I call to hunt down these boots?
Iron Heart 634S raw denim jeans. Basically brand new without tags. W32 L34. Never had a chance to wear them since I lost weight. Will trade for W30 or W31. SOLD! EG Herringbone Bedford sz M. One of my favorites. Not sure which season but doesn't fit anymore either. =( Condition is very good. SOLD! EG Mountain Parka Khaki sz S. This is my fav EG piece of all time. Very very nice details, probably the coolest casual jacket I own. Hate to see it go but I would like...
I'd also like to know if the fit differs from the rip-stop mtn parka from several seasons ago. And, is there really a difference between field parka fabric; black serge, navy melton, and grey whipcord? i.e. is the navy the heaviest/warmest?
The yellow is close to the top picture? The plaid is a navy, blue, and white pattern.
Sorry for the delay... here are close ups of each SA shirt as requested.
It is a light yellow with subtle white pinstripes. Makes me think of a very neutral spring yellow
Measurements added! PMs Replied. Flathead sold...
price drop to 380 shipped!!! I'm thinking about putting these on ebay if no takers.
Buyer was going to purchase multiple items but flaked!!! Stuff still for sale with price drops.
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