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That's where I'm getting my info. RRL thread recommends getting 2 sizes down for a TTS. I have a true 32 waist which means I need a w30. But your measurements seem more of a w30 rather than a w29; which sounds oddly small for me. I guess measurements don't lie? Sorry if I came out to be rude, its just that all this irregularity is so confusing. I want these pants but don't want to make another sizing mistake.
Can someone confirm these measurements?!! a size 29w with 16.25" waist and more room to stretch? That's almost a true 33w. That can't be right. I thought the officer chino was approximately 2 sizes off.
Just glanced through the thread. Yea so they are vanity sized. Also, are there not any RRL online retailers; I have to call the stores for specific items or just visit a location correct?
That sizing sounds really off. I thought officer chinos were true to size? I'm on the verge of picking up a pair myself.
Is the Gitman Oxford sold?
Wow, the previous Cigar PTBs are beautiful Ahab. I want. How come the toe shape of the black shell PTBs are different from the cigar shell PTBs? I notice this in a lot of other alden shoes too even though they're on the same barrie last. Some have a flat shape when looking at it head on, others are more bulbous.
Thanks for putting that in perspective. I will try a medium. I also agree that Gitman Vintage has a more utilitarian vibe but I wanted to incorporate that into my casual office attire. And yes, SA single needle have really long sleeves. But for me, the cut on reverse seams are hideous.
How does Gitman Vintage compare to Steven Alan Single-Needle in terms of cut? The single-needle is a boxier fit than their reverse seams but it is almost the perfect cut for my body, except for slightly longer sleeves. After looking at a few measurement I think I'm also small in Gitman, but will it be too slim of a cut like BoO? Anyone with experience with both brands please give some advice. Thanks much!
dammit, I want.
Ahh I see. So can I contact Alden directly for the AF43; I should speak with Adam? Yea, #8 shell is gorgeous but not for me. I suit more contemporary clothing therefore I want and need a quality black boot. I've already made the mistake purchasing black shell chukkas in the wrong size. My next choice would be ult black indys from LSH.
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