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This is crap, why are solid color oxfords in medium sold out everywhere online!!!??? I want yellow, white, and gray.
Quote: Originally Posted by Turntabloid no, calf. AF89 from alden of carmel. Can you post more pictures at different angles and worn on? mucho appreciated.
Its been awhile but I still have these shirts in perfect condition in my other closet!!! Steven Alan Shirts are $50 shipped. R&B is $80 Shipped. Richard Chai is $50 shipped.
They are super comfortable with plenty of top block room. So maybe I can pull of 31 with tucking in. My fault, I recently lost weight so maybe my true waist is a 30 now. The fabric is super soft, I can wear these ALL DAY. If you get the size right I think the cut is perfect.
OK, I think I sized up too much. Maybe 31 will work better than 32? It's very comfortable with good amount of room in top block. Mauro, I want to try 31s. =( Also, the lower leg looks baggy when I cuff within, but not so much when I cuff from outside. Is it because the way the fabric drapes?
Just got my chinos today in 3 colors! Really fast shipping. The fabric is amazing.
OK, I need these chinos for work and I understand sizing up 1 or 2. But I don't know my actual "trouser size." For jeans, I only wear 5ep sz31 with my shirts tucked in so I could also probably get away with 5ep sz30. I will be tucking in with these chinos and I'm not use to tight fitting low rise top blocks. Should I be getting 32 or 33 (33 measurements look huge, I can understand edub's dilemma). BTW Ahab and Tonio pictures look spot on with their proportions. My...
Quote: Originally Posted by grundletaint this pic makes the brown look freaking inceredible. This is still the best I've seen. So much so, I'm ready to shell out the $$$. Hugh Laurie wears it well. Anyone who purchased the highwayman fqhh have pictures of their jacket on? How long does it take break in acceptably; I don't really wanna wear body armor around town for 2 years. I think fqhh is ugly when straight out of the box.
Shit, who took the 1980 light wash in w31. I want.
That's where I'm getting my info. RRL thread recommends getting 2 sizes down for a TTS. I have a true 32 waist which means I need a w30. But your measurements seem more of a w30 rather than a w29; which sounds oddly small for me. I guess measurements don't lie? Sorry if I came out to be rude, its just that all this irregularity is so confusing. I want these pants but don't want to make another sizing mistake.
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