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Tagged a medium, but the measurements infer it is a large.
I think this shirt is from Winn Perry? Really nice fabric, almost pinkish-red. Problem is I took it thinking I was a medium as Context measurements but I'm not!!! Very disappointed. So, $120 shipped or open to trades for my size in Gitman.
measurements for the first SA shirt? Also, when did you purchase the two small SA shirts; they don't match measurements of other single needle shirts?
May be interested. Do you have actual front and back rise, also knee measurements? So is the fabric almost denim-like? Can you provide pictures of the actual pants? Thanks!
^ Yes, its seems there's a surprise factor going on. I was dissatisfied after receiving my first belt and then Scott emailed me a few days later with another belt! I received the new one in the mail yesterday and I've been happily wearing it!
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Not good news but if 20 bucks affects your ability to purchase $500 shoes then perhaps you shouldn't be buying $500 shoes. Never stated it affects my ability to purchase and everything is relative. Maybe your perspective in life is different than mines. Just thought I make a comment about slight price increases across the brand. I think now I will rather make my purchase through Carmel.
Did shoe mart just increase all their prices on alden shoes by $20? Very unfortunate.
I purchased my first Gitman oxford from another member, in medium based on Context's measurements, and it is too big. The fabric and cut is nice but p2p is about 22" and shoulders are 19"? Ridiculous! From measurements I've seen online I think a small is too small for me? I fit nicely in Steven Alan smalls. This red oxford will be up for sale shortly
ditto, maybe an espresso, almost like the chinos. But since your looking for a spring color... a tan/khaki sounds great. Really looking forward to the AD shirts.
I received my belt today and its a disappointment. The tongue slot is kinda large and not centered. The first screw is further from the tongue slot so the buckle runs really loose. The leather keeper is also loose and seems far back. I told him about this when he showed me the preliminary pictures but disregarded it anyways. Another annoying thing is that when I wear the belt, the front bulges out and doesn't lay flat. I am not an expert but the craftsmanship seems off...
New Posts  All Forums: