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No interests?! Price drop to $180 shipped.
Hey SF, I was away for awhile and sorry if I did not get to answer the pms. EG Parka is up for sale!!! $350 shipped in US. PLEASE PM so I get notified!
Hey, sorry I totally missed this. Please pm me! Anyways, replied to above and price drop to $200!!! Thanks
Price drop to $210 shipped!
Excellent condition and worn only a few times because they are 1/2 size to large for me. Inner sole is still new and I don't think the shoes have been broken in yet. There is a dye stain inside the left shoe. $230 shipped.
Not sure if I can post this here but I rec'd the Steven Alan olive green trousers and they are super nice at a steal of a price. However, they are too tight in the waist so they are available for whomever is interested. BTW, tonio always has some great stuff and prices.
Well, I think my price is very fair since the shell brown ones are selling on here for $400. Retail was like $795? Buy them! They will not disappoint.
Quote: Originally Posted by acl1 If they're stitched, yes. If they're glued, no. I believe most of their shoes are stitched? So... what do I do now? I've never done custom shoe work. Who can I contact to get a resole with something more substantial than their "deck" sole.
Yea, you guys are making me think twice about the sale. I get compliments when I sport them but they are just not the right size.
These are calf and not shell like the brown ones I believe...
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