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OK, I had a lot of interests last time but these coats have just been sitting in my closet!!! EG Herringbone Bedford Sz Med in excellent condition. SOLD! EG Mountain Parka Sz Small. Still have all the tags and extra buttons. SOLD!
No interests?! Price drop to $180 shipped.
Hey SF, I was away for awhile and sorry if I did not get to answer the pms. EG Parka is up for sale!!! $350 shipped in US. PLEASE PM so I get notified!
Hey, sorry I totally missed this. Please pm me! Anyways, replied to above and price drop to $200!!! Thanks
Price drop to $210 shipped!
Excellent condition and worn only a few times because they are 1/2 size to large for me. Inner sole is still new and I don't think the shoes have been broken in yet. There is a dye stain inside the left shoe. $230 shipped.
Not sure if I can post this here but I rec'd the Steven Alan olive green trousers and they are super nice at a steal of a price. However, they are too tight in the waist so they are available for whomever is interested. BTW, tonio always has some great stuff and prices.
Well, I think my price is very fair since the shell brown ones are selling on here for $400. Retail was like $795? Buy them! They will not disappoint.
Quote: Originally Posted by acl1 If they're stitched, yes. If they're glued, no. I believe most of their shoes are stitched? So... what do I do now? I've never done custom shoe work. Who can I contact to get a resole with something more substantial than their "deck" sole.
Yea, you guys are making me think twice about the sale. I get compliments when I sport them but they are just not the right size.
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