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Black Shell Cordovan Bluchers with Commando Sole. 9901 from Alden of Carmel 7D - $540 shipped. (Worn approximately 30 times. Excellent condition) Alden Rough Roy Boots from Context Clothing 7D - $450 shipped. (Worn less than 20 times. Still new condition) Both pairs come with all original box and Alden bags. Thank you!
Yes, still available. PM sent.
Hey All, not sure if this is allowed but if not please forgive. I purchased a pair of denim that didnt work out from BiG and now haven't really been able to use my store credit. It is worth $275, willing to sell for $225. I rather have the cash then buy something I don't need. So PM if interested and we can do secure paypal and I will provide you coupon code. Thanks.
I have brand new size 31 WvG chinos in Coffee Brown and Khaki. I hemmed these to 30 length but never wore them. For sale in new condition. $75 shipped each or $140 for both. Merry Xmas!
I have two like new OCBD in white and yellow. White has been worn a few times but in excellent like new condition. Yellow is basically brand new. I'm too lazy to take pictures but you all should know the deal with these. Exceptional quality. $90 shipped for each or $170 for both.
That's right. Apparently GVB is moving to all sport sizing and will no longer be making dress sizes. That's very unfortunate since the size 15 is the perfect fit for me. So, if you got one, I may be interested!
Can someone guide me to all gitman vintage shirts made in dress shirt sizing? Smalls are too small and I've been buying mediums. Then, I got to try a size 15 and the fit is spot on. Now I need to sell all my med oxfords and start getting size 15s. Any chance they make the new overdye oxford in dress shirt sizing? I've also seen some old ocbd in these sizes. Any info is appreciated.
I couldn't find much info on Alden's Brown Aniline but after reading a few threads I'm still not sure what to use on it? Alden Brown Shoe Paste will blend a shade of color on it over time and keep it polished right? On the other hand, something like Obenauf's will let the leather age better and not allow it to dry out, also darkens the color. These plain toes are mainly for casual wear and I'd like to keep the subtle shades of color in them so I was hesitant to use a...
PM sent on the gitman few days ago but no reply yet either
Thanks, everything has sold.
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