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The second boot in the first row image #201 is a Spanish style, correct? It has no seams in the front. When I lived in Ecuador over 40 years ago that type of boot was worn by horsemen as an alternative to English style boots . In Bullfights the mounted Picadors wore such boots.
How are their shirts? They seem a bargain compared to Hilditch and Key. Are the collars fused? I had my eye on some of their "country shirts" and a linen model now out of stock. I only know them from their website, although I was in the store over a decade ago- that's a century in retailing.
The second from Sartoiale looks authenticto me.
In the eighties I wore Norman Hilton tweeds and worsteds. Bulletproof fabrics with character. I also wore a lot of Chipp through the early 2000s some of which was reputed to have been made by NH. I had a few couple of Polos, but for some reason Polo never really fit me that well.
Welcome!! I encourage you attend our recurrent SF Meet-Ups. As you may have already discovered, San Francisco and the Bay Area is a mens wear desert, certainly compared to NYC. As for sample sales, I am not aware of any. But then, I am am am not a sample size.
They never had a model that fit me. I guess that I was born with an Incotex butt.
Interesting, because Harold Macmillan came from the fabulously rich Macmillan publishing family. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macmillan_Publishers
Not sure how vintage. Back in the halcyon days BB shirts came withouta chest pocket unless ordered MTM.
My guess is that it is the Euro-fashion industry' s response to the collapse of their eponymously named currency.
Check out this one from Oliver Brown in the UK. Doesn't have the Italain panache of the one you like, but it is tweed and double breasted: http://www.oliverbrown.org.uk/gentlemen/shop-by-product/coats-overcoats/mens-tweed-overcoat-double.html Also, if you are in a trad/Ivy mood O'Connells has a wide selection of top/overcoats: http://www.oconnellsclothing.com/Topcoats-and-Overcoats/
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