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It is an odd combination. Is it an odd event?
Plain wool or knit ties in brown, maroon and even black would work.
Many decades ago travelling through Europe with some college classmates, a guy from my school whom we ran into in Paris, had taken to using a straight razor for the same romantic reasons noted above, plus the American in Paris in the '20s creative thing. The result: He looked like he had gone through the windshield of the 2CV we were driving that summer. I certainly hope that he wasn't permanently scarred.
"2. Secondly, I remember my father wore the standard, pleated, wing tiped shirt with black bow tie. I prefer the winged-tip shirts in this instance. Would that be acceptable? I would obviously wear a black cummerbund with this due to hot weather." A good place to start is proper terminology. There is no such thing as a " wing tiped shirt". Wing Tips are shoes, otherwise known as "brogues". A Wing-collared shirt or a shirt with a "wing collar" is what you mean.
Upper body fits well, but the jacket looks too long.
I'l try to make it. I'd really like to. Problem is I have events in the City 2/26, 2/27 and possibly 2/28. I need a chauffeur.
I have a similar Seamaster without the date window ( my preference) and with a raisedrelief on the back of the case depicting a seahorse. It is 18k gold and dates from 1963.Worth several thousand, dollars, I think.
I can vouch for Fritzl., a simpatico guy who knows shoes. Spent a day in Vienna with him Oct. 2014. He's also a great tour guide.
I just ordered two pairs trim fit jeans on sale. I called and only used the website as a reference because it doesn't exactly reflect availability. Surprisingly, CS picked-up in about 2 minutes. According to the Sales Rep, the firm has been purchased and moved to a new location. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The jeans are returnable for refund.
Thanks for the info. So, the M3 runs small in the waist, correct?
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