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This underscores how you're NOT getting real "bespoke" when you use Knot Standard, Alton Lane, or other new-wave custom MTM brands who sometimes throw around the term "bespoke" so promiscuously. If you're not getting a first fitting with a basted garment that's reviewed by the cutter who actually drew your pattern and cut by hand your cloth, it's not bespoke Until one can afford a true bespoke suit or MTM from a respectable retailer,one should to stick to RTW and have...
Mostly into my private "clothing museum" Some things that I can't bear to part with like shirts from defunct stores like Dunhill Tailors and Andre Oliver.
Call Paul Stuart. It's the kind of trouser they certainly used to carry when they were more Ivy League.Also, the Andover Shop in Cambridge MA
Meet up was maybe 1 1/2 years ago. Indochino style compared to the SF paradigm as exemplified by the WAYWRN thread is truly trendy and ridiculous. There are numerous MTM options where relatively good taste is the starting point. Beckett and Robb, for example, although not in your area:
Not a great idea. Do not defile a classical trench coat with your "crest". Many titled officers and gentlemen with crests wear (wore ) trench coats without displaying their escutcheons on their trench coats. Blazers are the proper medium for such displays. As you may know the trench coat was introduced in world war I for British Officers who were actually in trenches through much of the conflict. You will note that none of these heroes has seen fit to display personal...
My two cents on Indochino: Attended a Style Forum Meet-Up at the San Francisco store. Among the many retailers who have hosted Meet-Ups and Trunk shows, Indochino offered the most exaggerated trendy design and the poorest quality garments. Admittedly, even if they were beautifully made and exuded quality, their style, would never appeal to my conservative taste.
Unless it has changed recently, STF does not offer cash refunds, only store credits and/or exchanges. Several years ago I ordered pants that were obviously miss sized, they were so far off. I used the credit a year later at their brick and mortar store. BTW, if you are inLA, a visit the the STF store/warehouse is well worth it. Huge selection, well-organized.
Cheap.I had trousers made in the late 90s by a "no name" tailor in San Francisco for $400 a pair.Some of my jeans run over $200
Looks great. You'll blow them away !
We Old Ivy League types wear back tassels with business suits. I have a pair which I haven't worn in years,but when I worked in more formal environments I wore them. I wear black derbies with more formal suits.I hate oxfords or brogues. But that's my own personal idiosyncracy.
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