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My father was an officer in the US Army Air Corps and he had a similar wool gabardine trench coat in taupish greywhich was a the regulation color, I believe. It was more a souvenir, than an article of clothing because it hadnumerous small holes caused caused by a close hit by an incendiary bomb during the Little Blitz of 1944.
Pliny Posts: 2,741 Joined: 10/2009 Quote: Originally Posted by Leaves View Post "You can’t just have guys in bespoke navy and charcoal suits representing #menswear, that’s doom. It’s an industry, not a club for old farts sitting around discussing how everything was better back in the day. An industry that does not evolve will die, and classic menswear was on life support a few years ago, now it’s going through a renaissance. In no small part due to the...
You are correct, Sir.
Kiton bought the Sartorio brand from Attolini several years ago:3/11/06dorianPosts: 518Joined: 6/2004Location: NYC/LondonSartorio was purchased from Attolini several years ago. It is a *lesser* labels, but what that means exactly is unclear (as you noted).A play to the younger audience, at a lower price point with less intricate handwork but similar styling, is the opinion the Vaclav in me has.
Wear the tie with grey slacks a blazer and black shoes.No sweater.
I have a pair underderway with Maftei in Vienna. I'm keeping my fingers crossed because I am a very difficult fit.
Ties, either shepard's check or glen plaid: http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=shepherds+check+ties&qpvt=shepards+check+ties http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=glen+plaid+wedding+ties&qpvt=glen+plaid+wedding+ties Shoes should be black or very close to black Don't get a suit that is too "modern" in cut. It will look very dated when the short tight jacket look passes.
Sartorio is lower priced than Kiton. Here's an online vendor in the US that carries the brand. http://stores.ebay.com/Sartoriale/_i.html?_nkw=sartorio&submit=Search&LH_TitleDesc=1&_sid=28835109
I'd add the Weston 180 for considerationhttp://luxuryactivist.com/fashion/the-jm-weston-loafer-n-180-icons-are-forever/It's either the Weston or the Gucci. Both timeless (so far) classics,IMHO
Vest ( waist coat) doesn't have to match jacket material but if it is satin as mine is, it should be the same satin as the satin lapels of the jacket. studs: onyx Shirt: I have a creme or off-white silk pleated evening shirt (no longer fits). I haven't seen one in years. It'll probably have to be made for you.
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