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Checked out their website. Their clothes are so trendy so as to be practically disposable.
My maternal gandfather, who was deserter from the Czar's army, was a cap maker by tradewho made shapkas and ushankas. In the US he became a very successful manufacturerthe kind of cloth caps which were worn up to the 60s.http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Newsboy+Cap&FORM=R5FD0Later, the firm made and imported baseball caps.
I don't work. I love clothes. I've dressed more or less the same way since I was a child. My Dad returned from World War 2 , where he served with the 8thAir Force in England, with a bolt of tweed under his arm. It was made into a Balmacaan overcoat. I ddn't have to learn to appreciate style on my own . My first job after college required suits. For me, that meant Brooks and Paul Stuart. Later, I bought, J Press, Chipp (MTM) , and Norman Hilton. I still buy tailored...
It does resemble some Police peaked caps:http://www.anchorsupplies.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/thumbnail/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/p/o/police_cap1.jpgHowever, do you think that actual chauffers driving Rollses and Daimlers in the UK and elsewhere were booked for impersonatingpolice officers? Nor were they confused with a members of the Village People:http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_A0JrrX4J1J4/SZoOCQswZbI/AAAAAAAACFY/QCFG47p1UQ4/s320/VillagePeopleBiker.jpg
Your avatar is Sergei Rachmaninoff, who was very well-dressed.What is the significance, if any?
Pocket squares - make the sweet gesture of the blush or stick with the white? If I do go with the blush for my groomsmen, I guess I as the groom should go with that too rather than the white? Stck w/ white Suspenders - I've never worn them before. I am assuming they should match my navy suit? No need to. Unless you plan to remove your jacket to dance, etc. Shoes - I really like the brogue styling along the captoe. I feel it adds just enough character to a rather...
My experience with Mazzarelli and Inglese, both in 16/41. I'm generally 40/42 in suits and jackets and 16/41 in shirts. I'm relatively slim, work out, and have some chest, shoulder and back development (but not jacked by any means), as well as somewhat pronounced shoulder blades. Mazzy fits well except that it's a bit too big at the waist and could be a touch tighter in the collar. Inglese is snug in the chest and shoulders; the collar is really too big; and the sleeves...
Are you sure of the chest measurement? It is very skimpy for a 46R. The normal chest measurement for a 44R, non slim-fit, is 46" -48"
Within a few years you'll be asking SF for input on your decision on whether to use Rubinacci or Anderson and Sheppard. But seriously, good luck on your job search.
Clip-ons say DWEEB!
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