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Look like roll-free collars.
Tie: http://www.jcpenney.com/dotcom/jsp/browse/product.jsp?containerId=JCP|EMAIL&ppId=pp5004020017 If this is a tie, you need work on your definitions.
Do you want to look at your wedding pictures thirty years from now and look at yourselfand ask , "who is the dick with those narrow lapels?' This is "Style Forum", not "Fashion Forum",or better said, " Fad Forum". Get someting classic . You won't regret it.
Still basically a freak show. A high percentage of the participants look as though they were bullied at school. No one seems to be influenced by Will's blog: http://www.asuitablewardrobe.net/
Really? I spent $700 for high-end RTW in the 90s. They fit and haven't worn out. Most in the price range you cite are junk, in my experience.
"Vintage Huntsman"- My guess it is a shirt marketed by Barneys and possibly others in the '90s. I have a couple of them. Decent shirts. Nothing special Mark Shale- Who is the maker? Mark Shale and Brittany competed in Chicago to be the local equivalent of Paul Stuart. I bought a couple of Normal Hilton suits from Brittany in the '80s. Great suits.
Classics need not be ugly. For Example: http://cobblersweb.style.coocan.jp/marini1/marini01.htm http://cobblersweb.style.coocan.jp/bespoke/bespoke-shoemaker6/g.marini.htm Note that non of these shoes are antiqued, which to me is plague that will hopefully abate. All you need is the price of a well used Honda. Full disclosure: I cannot afford the shoes. My dress shoes are from Ludwig Reiter which cost about as much as higher end Crockett and Jones. I have these in...
Much better.
That is a classic conundrum not unlike the dispute between the Big-enders and the Little-enders:http://www.literaturepage.com/read/gulliverstravels-30.htmlChapter 1 Part IV
I mean construction difference. Here is an extreme example of "rollino":http://www.styleforum.net/t/365000/lightbox/post/6656951/id/1000456Re: Brioni. Not for me. too structured with built-up shoulder. I wear the most natural shoulders available. In recentyears I went from pure Ivy League shoulders to Neapolitan shoulders....To me more or less the same.
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