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And he's 83. Looks great.
Good things do not last ( pun intended) forever. I was in Viennalast October and made a beeline to L. Reiter. Needless to say,the one last that fit me (Amerikaner) has been discontinued.A special makeup for me in that last would be 800 Euros. I didn't bite.But I may since the Euro has dropped significantly since then.
Frank Brothers on 57th St, I believe. H. Herzfeld on Madison Ave closed a year or two ago. Arthur M Rosenberg branch of Ivy New Haven Tailor had a shop in the 60s 70s mid town off Madison, near J.Press, Chipp Washington Tremlett- London Shirtmaker on 57th St (?) late 60s Nussbaums on Main St Flushing closed in the 50s Ber Ben in Jamaica- My uncle shopped there main stream style a little on the sharp side. D'Andrea Bothers Bespoke Tailors- Another Uncle had his...
I must be out of touch because i thought that Black Label was, at least few seasons back, an updated traditional cut and a direct descendant of the original Ralph Lauren " Ivy -style" clothing. Purple Label offered an English Savile Row cut with built up shoulders and nipped waist, at a higher price point. Price difference aside, the Black Label customer would not necessarily be intersested in Purple Label. Now it seems that Black Label now consists of Italian...
Don't like the suit. Not to my taste. Fits beautifully, however. Bourdain is one of those tall lean, (handsome) guys who would look good in something on sale from Men's Wearhouse.
Yes. Needless to say they were unable to fit me ( EEE+)http://www.gjcleverley.co.uk/our-shoes
Silk and/or silk blends are sturdy and keep their shape. Ideal for the San Francisco Bay Area where it cools off quite dramatically at night.
I remember them. High-end English shoes. Saks carried them. Comparable to Crockett and Jones today. Here's a comment from Ask Andy (ugh) from 2006: Alan McAfee was a bespoke shoemaker in London’s Dover Street who also had a thriving business (and several branches) selling RTW shoes. These shoes under the McAfee label were made by a number of manufacturers (my sole remaining pair is definitely C&J). I believe it was only after the firm went under (mid 80s), that Church’s...
Yes. Given the non-winter, even by Bay Area standards, we've had, I've hardly worn any sweaters this year.It's a real pain packing them away with cedar chips.
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