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"At present I am more concerned with preparing for my presentation" I am afraid that you have warped priorities. This is StyleForum! The color of your shoes is more important than the substance of your presentation.
You are correct. You appear to have square shoulders, perfect for "padless"
Six hours from you is O'Connells, a bastion of Ivy League, trad clothing. They have allnatural shoulder. My guess is that with MTM you might be be able to approximate a moreNeapolitan style, ie, side vents , closer cut jacket,etc. Ironically, they feature the iconicCanadian maker Samuelsohn. Full disclosure, I've never bought from them, becauseI would want MTM which requires a visit.http://www.oconnellsclothing.com/home.php
You don't mention which stores and where. Even Paul Stuart in New York no longer carries a "true" naturalshoulder. That's what I learned earlier this year. Some Samuelsohn models like the Greenwich, and theno-longer made RTW Talbot, offer real natural shoulders. As for the high end italian makes, Isaia,Belvest,Partenopea, Attolini, Borrelli, either my local ( SanFrancisco) stores don't carry the brand or the modelsdon't have natural shoulders. I haven't checked the local...
Come to an SF Meet-up in San Francisco. The Boss will elicit a stoney silence.We are polite, after all.
Harvie & Hudson have checked shirts . They're very decent and well under $300 http://www.harvieandhudson.com/products/Shirts/Ready_To_Wear/Classic_Fit_Sale At a higher qualitty and price point is Hilditch & Key- on sale. Shirts run quite full. They also have slim fit. Altering shirts is cheap, however. http://www.hilditchandkey.co.uk/Gentlemen/Shirts/Default.aspx SF affiliate Shop the Finest has zillions of check shirts from the better Italian makers. Caveat: Unless...
I own this model jacket from Battistoni. It's probably 10 years old and is more structured than anything I have. It has almost no padding but is slightly extended with a trace of rollino. FWIW, it is a heavy tweed that never...
The Nordstrom's in Palo Alto, CA actually carries ( or carried) Samuelsohn. There's is not the selection that one would find at Paul Stuarts or o"Connells- More mid-market and "contemporary styles". All I buy at Nordstoms are socks and undershorts, which are now on sale.
Width? D, E, EE. EEE, etc.? Also overall measurements: Length Width at widest point- done w/ tape measure,. instep- measured by putting tape around shoe at instep Thanks.
This raises another aspect, shoulder slope.I believe that jefferyd has broad sloped shoulders, which he has pointed out.This involves different tailoring challenges.No one ever accused me of having an athletic build- although when I used torun, I was much trimmer around the midsection. I do have big square shouldersand a very deep chest, so that any of the species of "natural" shoulders shownlook better on me than a built up shoulder.
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