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I have a similar Seamaster without the date window ( my preference) and with a raisedrelief on the back of the case depicting a seahorse. It is 18k gold and dates from 1963.Worth several thousand, dollars, I think.
I can vouch for Fritzl., a simpatico guy who knows shoes. Spent a day in Vienna with him Oct. 2014. He's also a great tour guide.
I just ordered two pairs trim fit jeans on sale. I called and only used the website as a reference because it doesn't exactly reflect availability. Surprisingly, CS picked-up in about 2 minutes. According to the Sales Rep, the firm has been purchased and moved to a new location. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The jeans are returnable for refund.
Thanks for the info. So, the M3 runs small in the waist, correct?
"They never had a model that fit me. I guess that I was born with an Incotex butt." My comments in December. I just checked the site and learned that they have (had) a trim fit line- which would probably fit me. There are a few items of interest. Is it worth the risk ,given the travails recounted in this thread?
The architecture looks more Spanish revival than Spanish Colonial revival The use of raw stone construction is rare in Spanish colonial buildings. It is usually stucco or stucco covered brick or adobe. The archways look positively Romanesque, but the large windows are 20 th century .
Cultural reference: The Iconic film, " The Leningrad Cowboys Go to America" (1989) featured footwear that no doubt might have inspired the rather tame boots you seek: http://shoeblogs.com/wordpress/images/leningrad_cowboys.jpg
Does one actually interview for graduate school today? I applied to and was accepted to one of the top departments in my field without my ever meeting any one. I only visited the campus to decide whether I would attend. This was in the 70s and the "slobification" at elite universiries was already underway.
IMHO, those are hardly " soft shoulders". They are quite square compared to other Neapolitan offerings.
On the plus side, many Hermes suits/ sport coats are (were?) made by Belfast, one of the best high-end Italian makers.
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