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You are correct. Just on style comment, the collar points seem too short, but that of course, may be your preference.
I know nothing about their operation except that a half decent suit not on sale runs around $1000 at a minimum. This firm is paying New York rents and offering " custom" clothing for the same price. Something does not add up. Style Forum is replete with the sad stories of members who spent their money at places which made similar claims. Just to compare, I spent $650 on a MTM suit from a respected NY tailor, and Style Forum affiliate in 1987. You are in finance. Do the...
Street cred is dependent upon which half was black.
semiotic works for me
Sounds like fun. However, your ideas have little to do with how people dressed in the 20s. http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=1920s+mens+style&go=Submit&qs=bs&form=QBIR
This is not "any shoe you want" This is minor variations on standard Alden shoes. Ths is neither MTM or Bespoke.I know. tried to get a wider shoe. Couldn't be done. Yes, they would happily change the sole material on a shoe that didn't fit !
Received this today. I am not shopping for a hat. The prices seem very high. Am I correct? http://www.bensilver.com/Barbisio-Beaver-Fur-Felt-Fedora,28035.html#.VHPX1W9ELHg
Stays look too long in left photo. One can see the impression of the end of the stay bordering the neckon the left. I have found that wearing shorter stays than the length of collar points is a good compromise-I probably have 30 years of collar stays in different lengths. I don't like when "unstayed" spread collarslose their curve when being worn. One often sees this, even at SF Meet-ups.!
Now I understand. Thanks.
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