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To be precise, Samuelsohn is a Canadian Company. Also, the Talbot Model, which was discontinued a few years ago, was offering a relatively "contemporary cut" , i.e. fairly slim, with side vents but conforming to its Ivy heritage with very natural shoulders. I tried one on at The Hound in San Francisco, probably in '06, or '07.
Without seeing the shoes, I would venture to guess that they date from the BB Chinese marketing initiative of the 20s and 30s when bound feet where were still prevalent among the elite classes. Based on this assumption, these probaly are women's shoes size 4 d.
Here are bunch for sale (recently) http://www.classicshoesformen.com/manufacturers/lloyd-haig
Or, there is New York with more than a few options. I would stay away from Saks for MTO based on my experience with them in San Francisco. several years ago. Just a pair of MTO slacks- a minor project, I figured. Conclusion: a full refund.
It ain't "Nachtmarkt" (Night market) but "Naschmarkt" (Munching market) and is a very popular venue for Viennese and tourists alike. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naschmarkt I believe that this is the place that Fritzl and I had lunch last October.
When I lived in Chicago 20+ years ago I had a friend and colleague who boasted that he owned 400 neckties. He wore Brooks Bros "custom" clothes and was, believe it or not, a Database IT Consultant to major corporations and governments with a book on the subject. How times have changed. Today, It' s hard to imagine a computer professional with a deep interest in the sartorial.
See Mike Gray. He's a very knowledgeable salesman at Khaki's.
Look a little big in the seat, but you are the best judge of that. Otherwise, they look good.
Besom pockets? From the photos the coat has flap pockets. Are these the correct photos?
+1 Which is not necessarily a bad thing.The Sierra Trading Post carries a wide selection probably from a season or two back:http://www.sierratradingpost.com/s~isaia/?perPage=24
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