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I would be interested to learn what makes you say something like this. Is it the patterns used in the suits that Nordstrom carries or your assumption that they are not built to the same quality standards/fabrics as suits carried at other retailers? I am not an expert on the relative quality although, I wear high end tailored clothing, eg Isaia, Belvest, Sartorial Partenopea, Battistoni, H. Freeman .and wore Samuelson from Paul Stuart in the past. The suits and...
Samuelsohn must do very well at Nordstrom but the models they offer through this retailer look like a better quality version of Joseph A Bank or Men's Warehouse. For examples of the models on which Samuelsohn but its reputation see:, or better still
Contact SF affilate Paul Winston of Winston Tailors (Chipp 2) .
The little ticket pocket on his jackets nixed him for me years ago.
Thanks again Gus for organizing, and congratulations to our hosts for putting on a great Meet-Up in their very elegant retail space. A warm welcome to Suit Supply which overcame numerous obstacles to finally become a major presence in Union Square. I am confident in your continued success.
Does any one remember a store that I think was called the London Shop on Madison Ave or possibly Lexington around the 1960s-70s? It was a very small haberdasher that specialized in shirts and ties. Its very crowded windows featured the "Mr B" collar on some shirts. The store's proprietor was short with a mustache Also another high-end shirt place further up the Avenue DeFree's ? Finally, I do not know whether it has been mentioned, Battaglia, on Park off 57th St... Good Luck!
Nothing that I was recently shown in the San Francisco store meets the true definition of"natural shoulder" In fact, t when I showed the salesman the old Belvest sport coat I came inwith, he was surprised that the shoulders had virtually no padding.
This underscores how you're NOT getting real "bespoke" when you use Knot Standard, Alton Lane, or other new-wave custom MTM brands who sometimes throw around the term "bespoke" so promiscuously. If you're not getting a first fitting with a basted garment that's reviewed by the cutter who actually drew your pattern and cut by hand your cloth, it's not bespoke Until one can afford a true bespoke suit or MTM from a respectable retailer,one should to stick to RTW and have...
Mostly into my private "clothing museum" Some things that I can't bear to part with like shirts from defunct stores like Dunhill Tailors and Andre Oliver.
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