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You are correct.Now it looks like an orphaned suit coat that has been shortened too much.
http://www.hilditchandkey.co.uk/ Good shirts. Decent prices.
You are correct. I am surprised that you only noticed them recently.The plague has been upon us for several years now.
Or buying other RTW in deep discount and pay alterations for better results..Does that mean that it's either bespoke from a recognized tailor as in Steed or NSM,or it's deeply discounted high-end RTW, eg Attolini, Kiton, Oxxford, etc with extensivealterations?I visited B &R at an SF meet-up last year. I wasn't very impressed with their samples.
You got me. i actually have a jpg of the immortal Terry-Thomas on by desk top whichI open from time to time for inspiration.As Sir Percy:http://forgottenfilmcast.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/those-magnificent-men-7.png
This is the model that I have been coveting for years. It is Echt Dinkelacker! I have it on good authority these shoes were favored by higher officers of the STASI. http://www.menshoes.de/de/heinrich-dinkelacker-rio-30990418-dunkelbraun.html
From SF several years ago: http://www.styleforum.net/t/104374/drape-tutorial
That's awful. It looks like he's trying to still fit into his Bar Mitzvah suit. Seriously, I wear soft jackets and have no "shoulder rumple" what ever that is. I do have some "drape" however.
I was a Chipp customer in the 80s and 90s. I bought RTW and MTM, not custom (bespoke) I am not sure that such linings were available in MTM- I wasn't interested in any case. I stopped shopping there when I no longer got to New York regularly. Great clothes. I still have a couple of jackets and a suit.
I have several ecru dress shirts and a 40 year old silk pleated evening shirt. The evening shirt is a treasure which no longer fits. It made an otherwise unobtrusive Ivy League cut tuxedo a bit more soigne'.
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