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I would wait before buying anything from them. Their website in unfinished. There are no examples of their work. There is no telephone number on their website.
This is an appropriate place to mention the Jean Renoir film, "The Grand Illusion" (1937) in which Aristocratic military officers and their values are juxtaposed against Middle Class and Working Class officers, one of whom is a wealthy Jew, and their values in the context of the First World War.http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0028950/.
Disraeli was able to gain (limited) entrance into society, and a few decades later was prime minister. And he, or his father, was a convert to the Church of England.
Unable to transfer photos of shoes I have for nine and fifteen years respectively. 1803 original Campo Chukka boot purchased about 1999 2 pairs Ludwig Reiter three eyelet derby in suede and water buffalo leather purchased 2005 in the Amerikaner Last, the only last that fit. Was in Vienna in October interested in buying more shoes in this last and learned that it was discontinued and only available on special order at a very high price. I balked.
Suit is probably early eighties by the lapels and especially the pockets.
Another option is Grenfell: http://grenfell.com/rest-of-the-world/menswear/mens-coats/grenfell-windsor-trench-coat
The comforting illusion of abundance.
I read it in my early teens at least 50 years ago.
A personal note: I read "The Reason Why" probably before you were born. What you omitted is that the British Military tradition and practice as it perfomed in the Crimean War, particularly the purchase of commissions, came under review and was finally abolished in 1871 as part of a general military reform. This brought Britainin line with other European powers whose officer corps were often no less aristocratic in recruitment but reliedon merit rather than asciptive...
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