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I haven't been to Dallas in years but it sounds like a fantasy. Based on what I've seen on the Korshak website, you are way ahead of the Dallas market on the curve of appreciation for sophisticated quality menswear. BTW,I would include Ludwig Reiter in you footwear selection. https://www.ludwig-reiter.com/en/products-and-shop
That is why it is useful to distinguish between a sportcoat and a blazer. The latter should be a solid color,and the former patterned.Editorial comment: Mr Lifshitz exhibits a lot of chutzpa to charge $4700 for a RTW blazer. Who does he thinkhe is Signor Kiton?
Attolini and Kiton are the most expensive RTW Neapolitan brands. They are overpriced retail but are very high quality. For my money and taste, I prefer Belvest ( not from Naples) , or some Borrelli. However, Belvest, especially,doesn't necessarily have a "look" because they manufacture for many retailers world wide and make the styles which the retailers require. Nevertheless, Belvest is a quality product. http://www.belvest.com/en None of my Belvest clothing looks...
They did raise their prices but there are currently- or at least a week ago, bargains on their website in the sale section.Eaton? or Eton?- Not equivalent to H &K .Every Eton I've ever seen has a hard fused collar. H& K shirts are not fusedhttp://sale.hilditchandkey.co.uk/Gentlemen/Shirts/Default.aspx
I take your point. However we are talking about different markets. Suit Supply and its' ilk sell trendy mid priced clothing to the young and trim. In US terms its' price point is just above Joseph A Bank and Mens Wearhouse mass marketers of bland clothing that is usually behind the times in style. At the high-end at least around here,not New York, the selection is much narrower and the number of retail outlets is significantly fewer. No doubt the influence of Silicon...
My father was an officer in the US Army Air Corps and he had a similar wool gabardine trench coat in taupish greywhich was a the regulation color, I believe. It was more a souvenir, than an article of clothing because it hadnumerous small holes caused caused by a close hit by an incendiary bomb during the Little Blitz of 1944.
Pliny Posts: 2,741 Joined: 10/2009 Quote: Originally Posted by Leaves View Post "You can’t just have guys in bespoke navy and charcoal suits representing #menswear, that’s doom. It’s an industry, not a club for old farts sitting around discussing how everything was better back in the day. An industry that does not evolve will die, and classic menswear was on life support a few years ago, now it’s going through a renaissance. In no small part due to the...
You are correct, Sir.
Kiton bought the Sartorio brand from Attolini several years ago:3/11/06dorianPosts: 518Joined: 6/2004Location: NYC/LondonSartorio was purchased from Attolini several years ago. It is a *lesser* labels, but what that means exactly is unclear (as you noted).A play to the younger audience, at a lower price point with less intricate handwork but similar styling, is the opinion the Vaclav in me has.
Wear the tie with grey slacks a blazer and black shoes.No sweater.
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