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Since when does Vass have H widths?I was at their main store in Budapest 9 years agoand they had nothing wide enough for me.Does anyone carry these in the US?
Mabitex and Zanella. The former is hard to find, but worth looking for. Also, SF- Affiliate, Shop the Finest has very decent pants at good prices. One caveat, however, unless their policy has changed, STF only offers store credit for returns. Apropos of khaki wool pants. I have a pair from STF, probably 5 or 6 years old.
Nice shoes. Based on the size selection on the website, they'd never fit me. No widths listed. I am EEE or H width.
Comparing HSM and Chan is almost like comparing apples and oranges. Or a well-equipped Honda Accord and a Mercedes. I own neither HSM nor Chan, but I've seen a fair amount of Chan on SF members at Meet-Ups. IMHO, Chan is far superior in style and probable quality- but one pays for it.
Then you should have used the PM function.
It looks like shit, IMHO.
You are over paying big time: http://www.armynavysales.com/products/classic-schott-32-oz.-melton-wool-naval-pea-coat And if I lose belly weight, would that affect fit? Of course. My unsolicited advice: Wait until you've lost the weight that you are planning to lose Then buy a PeaCoat.. Also, in California, where I also live, we haven't even had what passes for winter in our state, unless , of course, you live at 7000 ft in the Sierras. Also, Pea Coats are very warm....
Looks like a suit jacket. Sport coats usually have a pattern. Also, the jacket seems to have very heavily padded shoulders. Do you like that much padding?
Gus, you did it again. Great Meet-Up. Jim and Connie Ockert and Mr. Sasamoto and the Ring wares and accessories for which Khakis is justly famous made this get-together extra special. I'll be in Carmel this summer looking to add to my Khaki's collection.
There are much "better" cotton jackets on e Bay from some of the high-end Italian makers. For example: http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-2495-BORRELLI-LUXURY-VINTAGE-Woven-Blue-Cotton-Sport-Coat-Blazer-44-R-/291392672793?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item43d85b5419
New Posts  All Forums: