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Great .Looking forward to it.
I second the motion.
So, if I understand correctly, one has to take it on faith that the H width version of a particular last will provide the extra width necessary and then order MTO. Typically, MTO shoes which do not fit do not result in a full refund. This may sound paranoid, but my recent experience proves the need for a try-on.
Any suggestions for shopping in Edinburgh, York, UK? I will be there in September along with London, where I've often shopped. My tastes run very traditional. I particularly like British "Country Wear" as long as it is light enough for Northern CA. Unless one has suggestions to the contrary, tailored clothing is out aside from slacks, because I do not like typical British built-up shoulder style Thanks.
Vast now comes in H width?Or is it a special make up?I would have to try a RTW or sample pair that fit before I ordered MTOo.I've have bad luck in the past - not from Vass.
The color is reminiscent of what members of the Capone Mob wore.
I was there at that time and place and wore those type of clothes. In my case Brooks. I only wore J Press after college and finally settled on Chippthrough the 90s. As for a tie on the inside packet, never. Also at Cornell where the weather could be brutal on very short notice, we often woreArmy or Navy surplus jackets in lieu of a sport coat.http://www.ebay.com/itm/USN-Navy-N1-N-1-Deck-Jacket-Khaki-Vintage-Finished-type-deck-crew-riders-/321952136895
Complicated alteration? Not really. It doesn't take a Bespoke master to shorten the rise on a pair of cavalry twills.Had this done before and since with success. Andy blew it. Perhaps he cut that class in tailoring school.
He altered some trousers for me about 15 yeaRs ago.They were rendered unwearable. I suppose taking in a shirt is far lesscomplicated.My own tailor in Menlo Park, who I and a number of SFers swear by,will do the job to perfection:Bob Stankovic650-323 9614
Comrade, this is ridiculous. Not that I am trying to emulate Neapolitan tailoring. You would think the internet would provide clarity but how my work is defined/interpreted is humorous! No offense intended. Your work is generally regarded as about the best bespoke in the US, but not Neapolitan in Style.
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