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With relatively few ties you can roll them and store them on a shelf. They keep their shape too. Some haberdashers store extra stock this way in drawers.
Do I detect a little " rollino" in the shoulders?
L.L. Bean are well made an inexpensive. They run big for the size. I have worn LaCoste, Perrry, Thomas Pink (15 years ago, etc. ) LL Beans compare well with these brands, Bean also offers frequent discounts on them. http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/45193?feat=589-GN1&page=premium-double-l-polo-traditional-fit-banded-sleeve
You forget. Germany has a tradition of Black uniformshttp://tiriol.deviantart.com/art/SS-captain-s-uniform-m32-287248918
Three eyelet derbies in brown calf.
But now that they've changed the shoulder of this jacket I don't know what to do, I don't want to go back and complain again and potentially ruin my relationship with the store. But then again I just paid $85 for the tailor to change the styling and remove some of the details of my jacket? "ruin my relationship with the store" ? Are you a masochist? Relationaship with incompetence that does permanent damage? I would write a searing critique on Yelp and any other local...
H & K shirts have softer collars than H &H. Not sure of quality comparison with Brooks Bros. H &K styles are different for a start.
Automotive design also reached a pinnacle during this...
This post-gender creature attended the reception for the exhibit.http://res.artnet.com/news-upload/2014/02/Timothy-John.jpg
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