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1. I would be very wary of a tailor which chooses to call itself "Stitch Express". This name flies in the face of the pretension to use such terms as "artisanal", " craftsmanship" "traditional" which denote quality,etc. Apparently your tailor makes no such claims, as the results have proven. 2. One of the best ways to find an excellent alterations tailor is to enquire at the best mens shopI(s) in your area who these shops use for special projects. Often retailers...
If not already mentioned, Ludwig Reiter for excellent very high quality footwear . I have two pairs of their shows which show little wear after many years. https://www.ludwig-reiter.com/en/mens-classic-collection-hkl For Bespoke shoes with a limited selection of very high end RTW, Balling is worth visiting. I am a very difficult fit and they spent 45 minutes trying to find a pair that worked. The customer service is superb. http://www.balint.at/english/index2.htm
Along with the whiskies, club and barber, they ( have) had a Bespoke Dept. which featured among other brands "the Esteemed Oxford". That further strained their credibility: http://store.wingtip.com/bespoke
Another reason to visit Prague. I love that city.
Driving by today I saw a "change of ownership" notice on the door of the store. I was driving slowly enough to be able to read that the "new" owner would be Burberry. This seemed odd since Burberry already has a branch on Post Street. Many may remember that Wing Tip hosted a Meet-Up in early 2013 in which the owner led Members through the private club, clothing store, and barber shop, all under one roof. As I had indicted in earlier posts, I was never much impressed with...
Based on the pics, you're looking at a double win. Beautiful tailoring. What is the turn around time for a completed jacket/suit? I was in Naples in 2014 and didn't even consider anything because I was there for only four days.
Around thirty years ago I had a similar experience with Brooks Bros in Chicago. And that was the "old" BB before they became a mass marketer with branches in in shopping malls and cheap asian imports. I received a complete refund and have never bought any tailored clothing from them since.
"OR if you have a trusted tailor in NYC/Montreal area that won't break the bank (custom suit for under $1k) please let me know." If this is your price point then ignore the suggestions. All are multiples of $ 1k.
Loehmann's went out of business several years ago.
We aficionados often prefer Veldtschoen construction for our wet weather wear: https://www.reddit.com/r/goodyearwelt/comments/3ifocw/some_questions_about_veldtschoen_boots_and_their/? For a high end version from Edward Green: http://www.fransboonestore.com/products/2nd-delivery-edward-green-dundee-veldtschoen-construction-in-rosewood-country-calf-grain-leather-last-59?variant=13816969607
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