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Silk and/or silk blends are sturdy and keep their shape. Ideal for the San Francisco Bay Area where it cools off quite dramatically at night.
I remember them. High-end English shoes. Saks carried them. Comparable to Crockett and Jones today. Here's a comment from Ask Andy (ugh) from 2006: Alan McAfee was a bespoke shoemaker in London’s Dover Street who also had a thriving business (and several branches) selling RTW shoes. These shoes under the McAfee label were made by a number of manufacturers (my sole remaining pair is definitely C&J). I believe it was only after the firm went under (mid 80s), that Church’s...
Yes. Given the non-winter, even by Bay Area standards, we've had, I've hardly worn any sweaters this year.It's a real pain packing them away with cedar chips.
Where does H Freeman rank? Also, widely available in th e US is Cnadaian maker Samuelsohn
For Vintage Car Enthusiasts: http://californiamille.com/events/california_mille/
For Vintage Car Enthusiasts: http://californiamille.com/events/california_mille/
Not surprising. London or the UK, was the place where the bowler (derby) and the detachable collarshirt persisted for at least a generation after largely disappearing from comparable major metropolises,eg. New York, Paris, etc.
Collar points look too short and lack the traditional collar roll. Was that your choice? http://oxfordclothbuttondown.com/2013/07/collar-roll/
Then I was misinformed a couple of years back by a local retailer who basically said that I could get the Talbot Model, even though it had been recently dropped, via MTM. I never followed through. BTW, the Talbot model was a great cut.
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