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Cultural reference: The Iconic film, " The Leningrad Cowboys Go to America" (1989) featured footwear that no doubt might have inspired the rather tame boots you seek: http://shoeblogs.com/wordpress/images/leningrad_cowboys.jpg
Does one actually interview for graduate school today? I applied to and was accepted to one of the top departments in my field without my ever meeting any one. I only visited the campus to decide whether I would attend. This was in the 70s and the "slobification" at elite universiries was already underway.
IMHO, those are hardly " soft shoulders". They are quite square compared to other Neapolitan offerings.
On the plus side, many Hermes suits/ sport coats are (were?) made by Belfast, one of the best high-end Italian makers.
waist and rise measurement (including waist band) ?
I have a T &A that is about twenty years old. Admittedly, it's not worn that often, but it still looks great. I doubt that my recently-acquired Finamore's will last nearly that long- hand stitching looks delicate.
No photos. But take my word for it, the San Francisco Opera is comparable.
I was in Rome and Naples,Milan and Venice Fall 2014. I didn't notice any particular dominant style of dress shoes, except that slip-ons were fairly popular with business dress, eg. suits and sport jackets. What I did notice that Naples, Rome and Milan have obvious local differences in jacket cut. Naples really showed a predominance of the Neaqpolitan style- natural shoulders. The weather was still warm so non wool odd jackets were common. Many seemed unstructured. In...
Well done!! Trust your very good instincts. Quick question. You are in Honolulu. I've been there twice. Most recently 2 1/2 years ago to an event, my childhood friend's grand daughter's Bat Mitzvah. My friend is a professor at the u of Hawaii. The party was big and expensive: Open Bars, Various Buffetts with different types of Cuisine, live music, etc. There were probalbly 150 attendees. I might have been the only adult male wearing a coat and tie. My friend is an...
I trust you mean style. Fashion is not the concern of this forum.
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