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I miss Winter. I really do.
There are actually two Flood Mansions in San Francisco.I prefer the newer one:https://seesdifferent.wordpress.com/2009/09/14/san-franciscos-two-flood-mansions/
Not really, but I am awaiting delivery of my first pair of MTO shoes from Europe.The reality is that I really have no need for tailored clothing, although I keepbuying it. I usually wear jeans running shoes and polo shirts. Last weekend was an exception. I wore Isaia, Sartoria Partenopea, along with a twenty year old T& A shirt- they're indestructible.Re: local real estate. The only way to benefit from the appreciation is to down sizeor leave the immediate area. If we...
Where I live , Menlo Park , it's as bad( or good). There was virtually no real estate recession in this area 2009- 2012. My house, purchased in 2012, has appreciatedover 50 % in just 2 years, according to online estimate sites.
Here's asuggestion. The Patrick James Men's Store not far from Union Square in San Francisco recently closed and appears to be vacant.San Francisco Store216 MontgomerySan Francisco, CA 94104I happen to have diven by it on Saturday, but not being aware of "pop-up" plans, didn't note the rental agent. Someone who lives in the city could get the info. I have no plans to go in until possibly the weekend.I hope this helps.
I drropped in to Spoon Tailors earlier this year. I asked if they did tweed sport coats. Theysaid no. Nuff said?Also, I saw someone being fitted with a mostly completed garment. I am no expert, but to me who wears high-end RTW, it looked like some thing from Nordstroms. Or Asian bespoke that looks suspiciously like middle priced RTW here.
For me the narrowest is 3.75. But then, I'm a "wide guy".
I don't own any Chan's, but I've seen them at Meet-Ups in San Francisco.I am not aware of any "local" tailor that is at the level of Chan. In fact there areno real quality bespoke tailors in the Bay Area. MTM is of course different.Thereare several high-end retailers like Wilkes and Nieman Marcus that offer MTM.But MTM is NOT BESPOKE. And frankly from my experience with Saks severalyears ago MTM is a crap shoot- I received a full refund. PM me for details if youwish.
Another outstanding Ivy or Ivy-derived jacket. Who is the maker?PS: Lose the coat. It seriously detracts from a sublime ensemble.
You have great taste in shoulders! None of the roped and/ or pagoda crap for you.
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