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I would stay away from Wing Tip. Not from personnal experience. Just my opinion that a place that offers a private club, cigar lounge, and barbershop as well as a men's shop should be depended upon to produce a fine pair of bespoke trousers. I've visited the mens shop several times and come away the the impression that it is a poorly-curated hodgepodge of styles and brands. My guess it that WingTip will compound your initial disappointmnet with your European tailor.
Not sure that i can make it. I will try.
Yes. It is okay.
I have an excellent tailor in Menlo Park. Several other members endorse him too. He has done shoulder alterations for me several times. All have been successful. However, all have involved shoulder padding reduction to achieve a very natural shoulder. So I am not sure that your project is as feasible. Another caveat: he tends to take his time unless you tell him that you have a deadline. Bob Stankovic 650-323- 9614
http://www.hilditchandkey.co.uk Excellent Quality for the price. Revived "Classic" model very full. I need around a 49 in. chest measurement and I had to have this model tapered
For a high end solution there's Ludwig Reiter: https://www.ludwig-reiter.com/en/mens-winter-boots-hps. I have their dress shoes. They're great.
I have one similar to this in bluish cashmere. It goes well w/ a blue suit: http://i.stpost.com/altea-patterned-tie-wool-cashmere-for-men-in-3-glen-plaid-black-grey~p~9532u_02~1500.2.jpg
The second boot in the first row image #201 is a Spanish style, correct? It has no seams in the front. When I lived in Ecuador over 40 years ago that type of boot was worn by horsemen as an alternative to English style boots . In Bullfights the mounted Picadors wore such boots.
How are their shirts? They seem a bargain compared to Hilditch and Key. Are the collars fused? I had my eye on some of their "country shirts" and a linen model now out of stock. I only know them from their website, although I was in the store over a decade ago- that's a century in retailing.
The second from Sartoiale looks authenticto me.
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