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Yeah right. At my Nordstroms- Palo Alto CA, and oneof the wealtiest areas in the US, the most generous storediscount would not result in the sales staff looking like theywere wearing bespoke. There is nothing that the store carriesthat looks remotely bespoke or even high end OTR.
You obviously are a a man of wealth and taste.
I own and wear them. They are traditional English patterns and well-made.
A subject that has not been addressed so far in this thread is what style (s) do you prefer? What one gets in New York OTR is a sustantially different cut then that typically offered in London. The American or locally available Italian clothing ususally has soft or natural shoulders and soft tailoring in general. The London OTR has built up shoulders and is more structured. I have shopped in London on and off for forty years and have never found a jacket that I would buy...
Or Vienna
Is the chest measurement correct? 52 cm ( doubled to 104 cm) is extremely small for a size 54 My size 54 Isaia's measure 46 or 117 cm.
The Rubinacii seems a bit more "relaxed" confoms to the body a little better. Could of course be the fabric.The Steed is a heavy looking tweed whci h would be stiffer.
Re: Darren BeamanFor those SF newcomers-http://www.styleforum.net/t/350215/darren-beaman-and-the-statute-of-limitations
We need a little more context. Do these same persons wear socks?
You heard the man.
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