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Just got this today:
The best selection of quality RTW overcoats and top coats in conservative good taste may be found at O'Connells:
Mine came from Barney's in LA I believe. For a number ofyears they carried Drakes shirts. One of the possible reasonsthey have held up so well is that I am retired and don't wear dressshirts as often as I used to. Nevertheless, they are fine shirts.
Was in their shop on Clifford St in London in September. I have some of their shirts bought more than a decade ago that have held up very well. Didn't buy any this time. I liked a sweater, but it was not available in my size. Overall, prices were very attractive considering the neighborhood.
Image Problem dating from the 1930s:
If you are 4E or ˙H ( UK width measure) none of these brands will fit. Church's makes a very few models in 4E available in their London stores. Shipton and Henage offers several models in 4E as well. Weston offers their classic 180 model loafer in very wide( they use their own sizing system) Last month i was in London and made the rounds of several of the RTW high end shoe vendors. Most do not carry anything wider than 2E or G. You might also check out...
I hadn't been in the Union Square main shopping area of SanFrancisco in close to two months, having been traveling in the UK . I was in search of a simple woven leather belt to wear with jeans at the Saks the store near Post and Stockton. The five story exclusive men's emporium was closed. A sign on the door indicted the it t had moved to about a block away to the Main Saks store on Powell and Post. The Mens shop had occupied its own premises for 19 years according to...
I have Park Avenues but they do not last the winters where I live due to snow and rock salt. They cost too much to replace annually. Rubber covers are just not convenient or really useable. Park Avenues are Oxfords, not Bluchers.
That's CUSTOMER SERVICE ! You'll probably now buy Brioni exclusively
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