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Trousers like these: http://www.10dollarmall.com/assets/products/153406/full/img-8209.jpg
My comments from 2014: This saga seems typical of a certain class of low-end "personalized" "custom" MTM operations. If one substitutes "J. Hilburn" with the late "Astor and Black" or several other firms which SFers have tried, the story is basically the same. For those with more to spend there is always Scott Hill.
I would never purchase anything from a company which apparently does not know that an English language website should be written by someone with a good command of the language. For example, the word "English" begins with an "e". In the website it spelled "Inglish". In addition, some of the copy defies logic as well as being counter- factual: ICONS A true icon is defined not only by the impact that it makes at the moment of its revealing, but the lasting relevance it...
The coat is out of proportion as it is pinned up. Tou might look into having the hole repaired.
My comments from 2012. Recommendation from earlier post. Not super high end, but excellent RTW clothing: You might wish to try these shops for well-priced semi trad menswear. I own several pairs of their dress slacks, the oldest of which is from the early 80s. They are superbly made and have worn extremely well. I haven't been to Paris in the last few years , but the last time I checked, the stores carried the same style and quality. Also recently endorsed by other SF...
It is an odd combination. Is it an odd event?
Plain wool or knit ties in brown, maroon and even black would work.
Many decades ago travelling through Europe with some college classmates, a guy from my school whom we ran into in Paris, had taken to using a straight razor for the same romantic reasons noted above, plus the American in Paris in the '20s creative thing. The result: He looked like he had gone through the windshield of the 2CV we were driving that summer. I certainly hope that he wasn't permanently scarred.
"2. Secondly, I remember my father wore the standard, pleated, wing tiped shirt with black bow tie. I prefer the winged-tip shirts in this instance. Would that be acceptable? I would obviously wear a black cummerbund with this due to hot weather." A good place to start is proper terminology. There is no such thing as a " wing tiped shirt". Wing Tips are shoes, otherwise known as "brogues". A Wing-collared shirt or a shirt with a "wing collar" is what you mean.
New Posts  All Forums: