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Trust me, I've been to both Operas, including the Volksoper.Vienna is dressier than San Francisco. At least on the basis of a muchsmaller Vienna sample.
If available you might wish to consider Ludwig Reiter from Vienna Austria. There shoes are extremely well-made. I have two pair that are nine years old and show minimal wear. Vass was unable to fit me, so I went with L. Reiter at around the same price. https://www.ludwig-reiter.com/en/fall-winter-2014-men-14wh
Narrow waist? as in Saville Row? Not in the US or at least not in the Northeast. In the sixties, at least the early sixties in the US the Ivy League style predominated, in a pure form, e.g.. Brooks Bros, J.Press, Norman Hilton , Chipp, etc or derivative. Most men wore derivations. Not quite natural shoulders but narrowish lapels,three buttons and a center vent. There was a " continental style" that was popular with show biz typesthat was more "flashy" and usually...
BTW, Longwings are a sin against nature.
"ingrained in their genes"So, you are a neo Lamarckian!http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean-Baptiste_Lamarck
Reads like it was issued as a "public service" to incoming students by J Press/Chipp/ ArthurM. Rosenberg, etc.Definitely not for scholarship students.http://www.ivy-style.com/golden-years-new-haven-home-of-the-ivy-league-look.html
Not with those shoulders.
Also consider a Grenfell trench coat. http://grenfell.com/rest-of-the-world/menswear/mens-coats/grenfell-windsor-trench-coat
Relaxed compared to where else in the Bay Area?I go several times a season and attend numerous other Classicalconcert and the SF Opera is by far the dressiest music venue.
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