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Apropos of this, my uncle, who was co owner of a consumer electronics manufacturing company that dated from the 1930s,had a lifestyle that I admired. He had a chauffeur, ate lunch a Peter Luger's Steak house ( in New York City) several times a week,had a box at Yankee Stadium, and wore bespoke clothing. I worked for him for two summers during college. My Dad too was veryclothes-conscious and dressed well and wore an "old money" Ivy League, style despite being the son of...
Not Oxfords. Derbies or Bluchers because they have open lacing.Awesome shoes !
No experience. I wear H &K, T&A, Finamore, RTW.
These guys have a great reputation. https://www.buddshirts.co.uk another very high-end option: http://www.seanoflynnshirtmaker.co.uk
Decades ago I lived and worked in South America. I was not in finance but was in the US Foreign Service. My observation is that Banking and finance there is very conservative, but can be very elegant in dress. By conservative I do not mean the often bland US corporate look, more noticeable on executives based in the heartland. A better stereotype to follow is a conservative cosmopolitan style that one sees in New York or London especially...
Unfortunately, O'Connels is in Buffalo, NY.
Your Classical overcoat Bible: http://www.oconnellsclothing.com/Topcoats-and-Overcoats/
I would be interested to learn what makes you say something like this. Is it the patterns used in the suits that Nordstrom carries or your assumption that they are not built to the same quality standards/fabrics as suits carried at other retailers? I am not an expert on the relative quality although, I wear high end tailored clothing, eg Isaia, Belvest, Sartorial Partenopea, Battistoni, H. Freeman .and wore Samuelson from Paul Stuart in the past. The suits and...
Samuelsohn must do very well at Nordstrom but the models they offer through this retailer look like a better quality version of Joseph A Bank or Men's Warehouse. For examples of the models on which Samuelsohn but its reputation see: https://www.paulstuart.com, or better still http://www.oconnellsclothing.com/Samuelsohn/
Contact SF affilate Paul Winston of Winston Tailors (Chipp 2) . http://www.chippneckwear.com/contact-us/
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