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For Vintage Car Enthusiasts: http://californiamille.com/events/california_mille/
Not surprising. London or the UK, was the place where the bowler (derby) and the detachable collarshirt persisted for at least a generation after largely disappearing from comparable major metropolises,eg. New York, Paris, etc.
Collar points look too short and lack the traditional collar roll. Was that your choice? http://oxfordclothbuttondown.com/2013/07/collar-roll/
Then I was misinformed a couple of years back by a local retailer who basically said that I could get the Talbot Model, even though it had been recently dropped, via MTM. I never followed through. BTW, the Talbot model was a great cut.
I am not a menswear marketing professional, but to me the new website could denote a beginning of a "death spiral". Maybe the old way was not profitable enough so big changes have been made. Now we are regaled with "lifestyle" bullshit in lieu of a broader selection and lower prices. Too many menswear retailers, especially the newer generation, pursue this course. It makes me wonder about their shirts, which I have been buying for decades.
Thanks again Gus for organizing. We missed you.I knew I was in for a Great Meetup when I found a parking spot in front of 1345. And it was great. Mike and Adele treking all the way from Gotham to show some terrific clothes. I'll be hitting their shop when I am in NYC this June for some custom shirts and possibly a jacket. Special mention to Fok for his guest appearance We had a good chat.
Paris: From my post of a few years ago: Not super high end, but excellent clothing: You might wish to try these shops for well-priced semi trad menswear. I own several pairs of their dress slacks, the oldest of which is from the early 80s. They are superbly made and have worn extremely well. I haven't been to Paris in the last few years , but the last time I checked, the stores carried the same style and quality. Also recently endorsed by other SF memebers. Arthur et...
I usually wear them on the Moors up here in the Bay Area.
A sport coat should look good with plus- fours. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/--pBt0plRGR4/VHn3pGxezYI/AAAAAAAAC4A/myo93GH7oYo/s1600/plus43.jpg
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