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+1 The two pairs of Bespoke trousers that I have are 15 years old. They still fit perfectly despite the fact that the waists have beenlet out to acommodate the inevitable anatomical effects of time and debauchery.
This saga seems typical of a certain class of low-end "personalized" "custom" MTM operations. If one substitutes "J. Hilburn" with the late "Astor and Black" or several other firms which SFers have tried, the story is basically the same. For those with more to spend there is always Scott Hill.
+1Stay away from Nordstrom and Macys for that matter. They sell faddish cheap and cheap looking clothing or boringmainstream clothing- for the older crowd. No real style in either category.
Are you limited to the Suit Supply pice point? What you've shown looks cheap and too trendy, IMHO
Congratulations! Soon you'll be promoted and ask for Style Forum's advice on your decision between Rubinacci and Anderson& Sheppard .
"At present I am more concerned with preparing for my presentation" I am afraid that you have warped priorities. This is StyleForum! The color of your shoes is more important than the substance of your presentation.
You are correct. You appear to have square shoulders, perfect for "padless"
Six hours from you is O'Connells, a bastion of Ivy League, trad clothing. They have allnatural shoulder. My guess is that with MTM you might be be able to approximate a moreNeapolitan style, ie, side vents , closer cut jacket,etc. Ironically, they feature the iconicCanadian maker Samuelsohn. Full disclosure, I've never bought from them, becauseI would want MTM which requires a visit.http://www.oconnellsclothing.com/home.php
You don't mention which stores and where. Even Paul Stuart in New York no longer carries a "true" naturalshoulder. That's what I learned earlier this year. Some Samuelsohn models like the Greenwich, and theno-longer made RTW Talbot, offer real natural shoulders. As for the high end italian makes, Isaia,Belvest,Partenopea, Attolini, Borrelli, either my local ( SanFrancisco) stores don't carry the brand or the modelsdon't have natural shoulders. I haven't checked the local...
Come to an SF Meet-up in San Francisco. The Boss will elicit a stoney silence.We are polite, after all.
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