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Don't you find tweed warm in SanFrancisco the last month or so? It's been in the 70s(F) many days.
Will you be posting any any items for sale on the Web for those of us not in New York? I wear 16.5 34/35? Thanks.
For some reason this pic looks better than the previoius one. In the first picture the trousers seem to sit toohigh. In the second, I see an improvement. I realize they are the same pants, so that it may be a functionof the photography. Overall, very well dressed.
Thanks Gus. I'll be there.
I have some of their shirts which are very decent for the price. I have no idea about their coats. They certainly have a distinctive British flavor: http://www.harvieandhudson.com/products/Tailoring/Coats?utm_medium=email&utm_source=Harvie+and+Hudson&utm_campaign=112746_Last+chance+fo
Saw the film last night. I just got back from a trip tp Naples in September. It was hot and humid.Nobody was dressed like Viggo Mortensen. There were plenty of jackets cut in the Neapolitanstyle, but the great majority were worn without ties. And most public places were not air conditioned.As for Oscar Issac, he looked like an expat pimp in that little straw hat. I can't think of any Yale graduatein the 60s who dressed like that.
No I haven't because I 'd like to try on a garment before I buy it. My own taste is Ivy-derived because I like natural shoulders, but have been wearing side vents and shaped jackets for over 30 years- which used to require MTM. I especially like their sportcoat fabrics which are very different from the Italian stuff the high end shops sell in my area. For overcoats, if I needed any- I live in California, I would definitely order from them because they sell the kind of...
That is the truth. Start with a "house style" that you like.
Here is your Black overcoat ( actually charcoal). It will add gravitas to anything you wear with it. http://www.oconnellsclothing.com/product.php?productid=18460&cat=377&page=1
Those are a steal! I was at Reiter's main store in Vienna last month and non-cordovans were around 700 Euros. Unfortunately the last that fits me is no longer in production. I own two pairs of Reiters that are nine years old. They still look great.
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