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This comment has been made before, but deserves repetition; How, little menswear style has changed in 70 years. Replace the tie and the NM customer' s clothing would look relatively contemporary. Compare 1845 to 1916 and one sees vastly different styles.
Son hermosos.
Refreshingly understated. Radiates gravitas. I assume that you wear socks.
Neither is Armani.The Brooks Bros suggestion is worth trying ,but don't expect fitting geniuses either,if the San Francsco store is representative. Check out the Milano model. It is the slimmestfitting BB suit
Several SF members seem to be satisfied with Spoon Tailors.I have the opposite impression. About two years ago I wandered in therewhen I happened to be in the neighborhood. I asked about having themmake a tweed sport coat . The response: "We don't do tweed". So I asked,what if I brought my own fabric? The response: "We only work with ourown fabric:" When I was there someone was being fitted with a very genericsuit that looked like it came from Nordstrom's. That could...
Understated elegance when dealing the consequences of his policies: http://assets2.motherboard.tv/content-images/contentimage/no-slug/298f9c13c90553a9210245d5e64bdf36.jpg
Beckett and Robb is not bespoke. It is MTM.
Before you commission a blue polo coat you might look at these RTW options: http://www.oconnellsclothing.com/O-Connell-s-Double-Breasted-Lambswool-Overcoat-Navy.html I don't think that this has A belted back. My favorite: http://www.oconnellsclothing.com/O-Connell-s-British-Warm-Overcoat.html I wore one from Chipp when lived in Chicago. Warmer than a polo. Also, fits closer Also, O Connells might be able to special order their authentic polo coat in navy or grey.
Trousers like these: http://www.10dollarmall.com/assets/products/153406/full/img-8209.jpg
My comments from 2014: This saga seems typical of a certain class of low-end "personalized" "custom" MTM operations. If one substitutes "J. Hilburn" with the late "Astor and Black" or several other firms which SFers have tried, the story is basically the same. For those with more to spend there is always Scott Hill.
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