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Color is OK. Cut is terrible: shoulders too big and square; jacket is too short and tight- the model's belt buckle is showing under the button. The suit is a bad caricature of the current style fad. Look further. http://www.blacklapel.com/suits/solid-gray.html
...and business suits too.
Harvie and Hudson now on sale. Shirts run full. They also have slim fit. http://www.harvieandhudson.com/
Jacket looks good, but a bit snug. Your shirt shows between the top and bottom button. It shouldn't, IMHO.
From the website a very limited fabric selection for RTW. I like stripes and/or patterns. Compare with Hilditch and Key- now on sale or at a lower price point Harvie and Hudson, also on sale
Only places I've ever seen come close are Yoox (they typically have two or three Belvest suits and a bunch of Caruso, some of which will be in the $1k range). Not particularly familiar with the others. My guess is that Yoox is offerering a "difussion line" Their clothes look nothing like my Belvest sutis/jackets. Nor for that matter my Isaia, Sartoria Partenopea, etc. Try these guys. They sell Belvest mostly size 40. Not the short tight trendy...
He is indeed an excellent person. However, I disagree about on his tailoring skill.He basically ruined a pair of cavalry twills of mine during the 90s when hewas the tailor at the Hound and had private clients- which would be me, whenhe had extra time. I still have the unwearable pants if further proof is needed.
Photos? I might be interested in taking some of them. I wear mainly 3.75 inch ties. Almost nothing less.
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