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None. However, based on their English website, which was probably done by a cousin who studied some English in Liceo, I would do more research before purchasing. Besides, they don't carry oxford cloth pajamas. I sleep in them and have preppy/ trad/Ivy dreams. Boola Boola!
Please provide the chest measurement for the 16.5 check Borelli. Also the sleeve length. Thank you.
Checkout Burberry's arch rival:http://grenfell.com/rest-of-the-world/menswear/mens-coats/grenfell-windsor-trench-coat?location=rest_of_the_world
A Bulwer-Lytton contender ! I am in awe.
Did you deliberately omit Jurgen Habermas?
Rule of thumb: A & S and its progency do drape.Italians, especially the Neapolitans, less so.
My comments on my impression of Spoon Tailor about a month ago:I drropped in to Spoon Tailors earlier this year. I asked if they did tweed sport coats. Theysaid no. Nuff said?Also, I saw someone being fitted with a mostly completed garment. I am no expert, but to me who wears high-end RTW, it looked like some thing from Nordstroms. Or Asian bespoke that looks suspiciously like middle priced RTW here.Edited by comrade - 3/5/15 at 5:08am
Sounds like you are preparing to abandon the "heartland" for one of the coasts or even the third coast (Chicago)
Sounds like you have recently had an epiphany. Anderson and Sheppard and the like bears little resemblance to the makers you have mentioned.
A reprise of my visit to Oktoberfest last fall minus the Lederhosen. Tentative "jah".
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