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That's CUSTOMER SERVICE ! You'll probably now buy Brioni exclusively
You might have started this thread by spelling your problem correctly: It is; DILEMMA.
Hilditch and Key Semi annual sale in December/January and June/July
To complicate the discussion of Dunhill Ltd's entry into tailored clothing, In 1985 Dunhill Ltd. ( tobacco, etc ) acquired New York bespoke tailor "Dunhill Tailors" ( no relation ) My comments on probably the best bespoke in New York from 2009: Dunhill Tailors A wonderful store. In RTW they featured several models which were basically a hybrid Saville Row/ Ivy League look, eg. side vents but natural shoulders. I got a summer suit there in the early 80s ... very elegant...
Last month I was in Edinburgh and in the Georgian part of town came upon a bespoke tailor: Stewart Christie As their website indicates, they offer RTW and MTM as well as Bespoke. From the examples of their bespoke on display their house style seems to be very traditional in an Anderson Shepard-type style. Since I was only in Edinburgh for a few days I did not pursue details of their MTM and Bespoke programs. Their prices seemed very...
You make a lot of broad generalizations which are open to correction. For example, the "counter culture" phenomenon was not in the 50s, but a decade later. Your explanation for the revival of hat wearing in the 90s is patently inadequate. "The mens' shag styles of the 70's and super-coiffed, mullets and poofy hot combings of the 80's simply could not survive the wearing of a hat. By the 90's, men were back to tight trimmings and regular cuts and hats began to sneak...
Little has changed to make hats less worthwhile except the silly Vietnam-era cultural attitude towards them as being fusty. Actually the attitude began before the Vietnam- era. By the 50s younger men were increasingly going hatless .
Looks like you're holding your breath. Does the suit fit that close? Also, back is terrible
The 30s. Look at the woman's outfit.
Probably H & H. However the last lot I purchased were probably 10 years ago. I have no idea whether the very decent quality has been maintained. I do not wear dress shirts regularly so mine last a long time. I usually pick up H &K in their semi annual sales. Next one post Xmas.
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