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Fits very well, the back especially. Also does not conform to the current fad of short and tight- a plus.
If warmth is an issue, a looser fitting coat will be warmer because it traps a layer of air between the coat and the jacket or sweater underneath. In your case it is too tight, IMHO.
50s? Italian?
I like the Linen choices at the top of the list. The patterns, however, are extremely disappointing. They look like the Isaia and Zegna stuff that my local Saks and Niemans peddle ". Italian for the American Country Club member". market. Nothing subtle or interesting. Look at some of the patterns from O'Connells- I don't mean the madras. Ignore the "trad" cut of their jackets and focus on what to me are interesting, textured fabrics. Not like the oversized plaids and...
I wouldn't let him walk my Pit-Bull.
It wouldn't open up that much if it fit properly.
Not at all.
I am confused. I am a former customer who stopped using then-called Chipp when I moved to CA over 20 years ago and didn't get to New York routinely. I got MTM and RTW- Chipp had it then. The MTM was traditional MTM, i.e. based on a stock pattern. Except for details which I specified, my MTM from Chipp was indistinguishable from RTW. At the time there was a model jacket that they offered that fit me without alterations. I loved their clothes and still have some items.
Hideous , IMHO Also the guy's butt is pushing the bottom pleat complex open. So not only is the design unattractive but it doesn't fit.
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