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Back in my youth the J. Press store off Madison had one on display.My guess is that it was a sample item for their Bespoke operation.Where did you get yours?
This what I would wear if I had the nerve:http://www.jpeterman.com/c/images/jpeterman/2808-HERR.jpg
That's sad. The building staff when I asked them didn't even recognize the name"Winston Tailors" The last time I visited them they were at a different nearby locationwith their name on the door. Their low profile probably has cost them some business.I ,for one, am visiting NYC more frequently and would love to get some jackets fromthem in my current size. I just called their telephone # and the answering machinehad a current message indicating that they are still in...
I looked for the shop at 28 w 44th st when I was in New York last month.No sign of it off the lobby. There is a tailor shop there but it isn't Winston Tailors.Perhaps I had the wrong address. Did I ?
Great shirt. Is it oxford cloth?Where is it from?
Anything more recent? I believe that he's packed it in, i.e. Chipp is no more. Please confirm
I thought that one of the criteria for membership in Style Form was proof that one possessed correct clothing for all occasions. That would naturally include Morning Clothes. You are apparently an imposter who has posed as gentleman. The Forum authorities should be contacting you soon.
Re: Wilkes Bashford "If you visit the store today, they're also somewhat diversified. It's not just a place where you go to get tailored clothing." Diversified? As in carrying Hugo Boss, which they do now. https://shop.mitchellstores.com/products/924767-boss-hugo-boss-sportcoats
I was one of their customers. They sold clothing as well as leather goods and even had a riding equipageexpert on their sales staff. I still have some of their slacks and shirts from the 90s. The manager of theGhurka Shop in San Francisco, where we had a Meet-Up a year and a half ago, is a SAB San Franciscoalum.
Add to your list old stalwarts like Paul Stuart, The Andover Shop, O'Connells,even the over-priced, anachronistic, Cable Car Clothiers, which I guessed wouldhave folded by now. Admittedly, it might be easier to adhere to a conservativetrad aesthetic, than anticipate what one's clientele will buy from Naples, Milan, etc.
New Posts  All Forums: