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That would be Carlos Danger. I guess he moved to MN.
Sure, Why not? it was good enough for Faulkner. http://www.harristweed.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/tumblr_mh5j04t7QH1qzooxpo1_1280.jpg
I prefer "withering sneer"
Jeez! And all that I've spent on Botox.
The temperature really drops at night in the Kalahari.A quilted jacket is perfect.
At my college a frayed oxford cloth collar was a high status symbol. It implied that one had been wearing Ivy (Preppie) clothes long before college.
Is this guy's surname "Doppelganger" by any chance?
Yoox was able to get a large shipment of these jackets which were intended for the Hottentot market, but owing to foreign exchange problems the order was cancelled. It is well known that Hottentots while small in stature tend to think big. Hence the sizing.
"5" is a very narrow width, correct?
Sport coat fits well from the pics. However, I do not like the cut. The shoulders seem too big and extended. The quarters are too closed. It could use more shape, especially in the waist.. Lapels too narrow. Button stance too low. It kind of looks "generic". Except for Hong Kong and Japan, where fine tailoring style is well-established, most Asian suits I've seen lack a coherent style and consist of a hodge-podge of design elements, eg. narrow lapels, built-up shoulders,...
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