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To go back 4300 years in Alpine Europe, Osti ( the Iceman) wore surprisingly sophisticated footware: http://www.iceman.it/en/node/274 This may mark the beginning of the Austro-Hungarian school of shoemaking as celebrated by Fritzl on the forum several years ago: http://www.styleforum.net/t/181173/operation-paprika
Great jacket. Very Ivy. Where is it from? Does it have side vents?
The Hound on Sutter. Wide selection. Fairly trad. http://www.thehound.com/
Reagan wore a late 40s early 50s conservative style, virtually untouched by the Ivy revolution and successive style trends through the 80s.
Exactly. And if there were a Forum for Men's Style a couple of generations ago it would nothave had a section entitled "Steetwear and Denim".
Not only is it fashion forward- which you might like, but it doen't even fit themodel in the photo. The belt buckle shouldn't show through the quarters."Inspired by Savile Row" ? Not really, except for the slanted pockets.
Thanks to Gus for organizing and Seth and his colleagues for hosting. I haven't been to a Meet-Up since May and it was great to see the group. We've gotta do another before the Holidays.
The first two are properly called bellows pockets.The third has patch flap pockets which were a signaturedetail on Brooks Brothers University Shop and 346 Shopjackets ( and less formal suits) back in the Ivy League styleheyday in the 50s and 60s. The style undoubtedly predated thisperiod when Ivy Style was limited to certain sociological andgeographic demographics.
I am fairly immune to cold. However, when I lived in Chicago and often waited for public transportation when it was really cold-10 degrees F or lower I wore a 32 oz British Warm or a Melton Invertere Greatcoat. I also wore a lighter wool cashmere Balmacaan when it was 25 +/- . This last coat served me well on a trip to New York last January when it was around 10 degrees. I think you are going light for Canada.
A white handkerchief conservatively folded can't hurt. Matching tie square combinations violate the SF paradigm.
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