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I wore them before the eighties, when they had actual collar button loops through which was inserted a collar button of the type used for detached collar shirts. They look neat and keep one's tie in place.
If you want a classic Ivy style O'Connells has it at your price point: http://www.oconnellsclothing.com/home.php?cat=435
Do you mean that the traditional "steak and kidney pie" has become passe'?
The Boar Hide Chukkas are probably an earlier version of the Viking (1) which I wore in the '70s when I attended graduate school in Chicago. They were perfect for the Chicago winters, unless conditions required heavy water-repellant hiking/work boots. Viking One: http://altmanslegacy.tumblr.com/post/9896058036/vintage-allen-edmonds-viking-boar-hide-chukka
That would be Carlos Danger. I guess he moved to MN.
Sure, Why not? it was good enough for Faulkner. http://www.harristweed.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/tumblr_mh5j04t7QH1qzooxpo1_1280.jpg
I prefer "withering sneer"
Jeez! And all that I've spent on Botox.
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