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Great shoes. Don't wear suede shoes in the snow.
Jackets 2 and 3 appear to be too tight across the button point. Belt should not be visible under lower button.
I am afraid that Varoufakis' style has done little to endear himself toto the austere Wolfgang Schauble and Jeroen Dijsselbloem.
Correct. Anyone in New York or Boston the past two winters who had to be 'properly dressed" and spent time out of doors,waiting for the "t" for example, would have perished from exposure in most of the coats shown.When I lived in Chicago I worethree dress coats depending on the wind chill: a Burberry Balmacaan medium weight cashmere and wool, a 32 oz British Warm,and a melton Invertere Great Coat.Some current (trad) examples not designed for the Italian...
It probably means that both garment were probably made by the same manufacturer. I believe that in it's last decade Sulka sourced its'RTW suits from various high-end Italian makers.
I think the details may be found in a London Lounge piece of 3 or 4 years ago.Of course, may have changed if it's still under way.
Yes. It was an Ivy Style, including such technically non- Ivy trad redoubts as Amherst, Williams, Weslayan, etc. I was a Cornell around thenand the dominant style was like the Yale dress code. Not that all students subscribed to it. There were many " tribes' like engineers who favoredflannel shirts and slide rules attached to their belts and architecture students, who often affected bohemian artsy accessories such as dark shirtsand wool ties. Then there were the lefties...
I have a suit a blazer and a sport coat that are over twenty years old. They haven't fit me for over ten years after I gave up running and put on ten lbs. . Prior to that time they were worn regularly but show little wear. Given your requirements of wearing a suit a few times a year, these have probably be worn more than you would. The key is cut and quality. They come from Chipp( Winston Tailors) MTM. They are essentially a modified Ivy League style, except with side...
Here's an article on Michael Alden's Sicilian Tailor program: http://forthediscerningfew.com/2011/01/14/interview-with-michael-alden/
Many Belvest and Sartoria Partenopea models. Some Ralph Lauren models . In the US Ivy shops like: O'Connells http://www.oconnellsclothing.com Eljos https://www.eljos.com The Andover shop http://theandovershop.com
New Posts  All Forums: