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lefty[/quote]Unfortunately the wearer of the elegant coat looks like he emerged from a catacomb.
You call 60 degrees F. ( 11/20/2014) cold?You should consult a doctor.http://www.wunderground.com/cgi-bin/findweather/hdfForecast?query=San+Francisco%2C+CA
Don't worry about wearing Derbies.That's one of those SF rules that to me makes no sense.Conservative back shoes in leather with no perferationsoxford or derby will work just fine.The Herring patent leathers recommended above are junk-see the "cemented leather sole" in the description.
Some great scientists still wear ties: http://www.kristyleibowitz.com/data/photos/236_1AImg8033Irwin.jpg Prof Irwin Korey
Just from the shirt and tie I conclude that you are better dressed than 70% of the MDs I encounter in the San Francisco Bay Area. Where in the Midwest are you? That can help SF members recommend places to shop.
SR or the equivalent in other countries never made clothing for the poorer classes.Many of the poor wore castoff clothing originally made for the middle and upper classes.This practice persists today. Much used clothing of the type found at Goodwil, etc is eventuallyexported to the "Third World", especially Africa.Among European peasantry and in the early frontier or back country in what became the US"homespun" clothing was often worn. This cloth and clothing was made...
Jeez! I was under the mistaken impression that Samuelsohn had entered the male performance enhancement market.
To go back 4300 years in Alpine Europe, Osti ( the Iceman) wore surprisingly sophisticated footware: http://www.iceman.it/en/node/274 This may mark the beginning of the Austro-Hungarian school of shoemaking as celebrated by Fritzl on the forum several years ago: http://www.styleforum.net/t/181173/operation-paprika
Great jacket. Very Ivy. Where is it from? Does it have side vents?
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