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It is really sad. I have a fond memory of my experience at their shop in '05 trying to find RTW shoes that fit. As I have posted numerous times, I am an extremely difficult fit. Nevertheless, a gentleman, who I believe was their late proprietor, spent maybe 45 minutes with me trying different models to no avail. I swore then that should time and MONEY permit, Balint would be my first choice in bespoke.
Are you an Outlander Addict?Spent two weeks in Scotland last September.One day included a private Outlander Tour at theinsistence of my wife who has read all the books and watchesthe program. Naturally, I side with the Hanoverians and the forcesof Order and Modernity. Long Live Whiggery !!
Jeez ! My Dad wore shoes exactly like those.For a recent updated version of this idea see;Ludwig Reiter Slatin Pasha model sure if still available, except via special order
Brown or Burgundy. With classic Guccis one should wear Incotex, Mabitex,, etc not Bills Khakis ...Kidding.
Is the Hood missing?
Where do you find these, especially the Marechiaro ( w/o patch pockets) ? Isaia (a brand with many quirks) believe strongly in the things they believe. There are a number of models that they WILL NOT put patch Pockets on. Even if you did them MTM. I find this amusing and not particularly negative. At least they stick to their guns. In my humble opinion, if one desires patch pockets (and I often do), Dustin or it's new name "Domenico" is the way to go. Very soft shoulder,...
No idea about authenticity. It looks like a "fashion" take on the classical duffle coat worn originally by British forces in World War 2. Definitely not a trench coat!
Never heard of them. From the website they look cheap.
It is called Prince of Wales or Glen Plaid. Not that it helps because this category is extremely broad:
Not a bad looking coat. I had no idea that proper cloth had outerwear. However, it doesn't look warm. If that is an issue, O'Connells has a wide selection of more trad but still informal...
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