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Some Cordings Options:
Most SFers are aware of my aversion to "slim-fit" clothing. From the website the Norwegian Wool offerings seem to combine the skimpy and even cheap looking coats with the high prices that they charge for their "technology". As I've done before I recommend that you check out O'Connells which has a very wide selection of classical outer wear that is certainly the opposite of "Suit Supply" and their...
Through sometime in January.
Extraordinary ! What size do you estimate it is?
Battistoni on Via dei Condotti is well worth a visit if only because the store itself is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen . The merchandise is very high end, naturally,
I agree w/ Gus. However, since you already have the jacket, I would say dark brown or medium to dark gray slacks.
From your description, the rise is too long. The rise may be reduced by lowering the waistband. Alternatively, the crotch may be shortened, which is more complicated. Either measure requires a highly skilled tailor so as not to ruin the trousers. I've had this done numerous times.
Just got this today:
The best selection of quality RTW overcoats and top coats in conservative good taste may be found at O'Connells:
Mine came from Barney's in LA I believe. For a number ofyears they carried Drakes shirts. One of the possible reasonsthey have held up so well is that I am retired and don't wear dressshirts as often as I used to. Nevertheless, they are fine shirts.
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