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I will be travelling in Europe for about 3 weeks beginning in mid-september. Does anyone know of a wheeled duffle bag or suitcase that comes with a separate garment bag that attaches to it? Normally I use a separate duffle or suitcase and carry a lightweight garment bag. Sometimes I double up the garment bag and hang it from the extended handle when I wheel it. It is jerry-rigged at best. A set with both components designed to fit together would be ideal. I have torn...
As long as you were wearing a hat, you pass. A pearl grey homburg would be ideal!
I just checked their website. All RTW trousers shown are flat front.
I have single pleat pants from the RTW line from the Savile Row house Huntsman. These were purchased years ago and are quite trim. I have no idea whether Huntsman still sells them.
hooligan Post: 1 Joined: 8/2014 "i've got a fairly muscular build with about an 8" drop, maybe a bit more. the first cut was so form fitting, it created an hourglass silhouette. i had them let it out and then let out again, and again. now it's starting to feel pretty loose in the chest, but now i can raise my arms comfortably and the "X" around the top button has subsided (tho in pictures, it still appears to be there" You indeed have a muscular build and do not need...
It was a very basic screw up. Lowering the rise is not "rocket science" for a professionaltailor. I have someone for the past decade or so who always does exceptional quality work,some of it quite complicated. My only concern is that he'll retire soon.
That is not a classical camels hair Polo coat. It appears to have raglan sleeves,and if I am correct, I can see a belt hanging down behind the pocket on the right side.A belt that buckles or ties in ther front, not the belted back of a traditional Polo coat.I would copy Mr Coward's coat exactly. Regular Polo coats are a dime a dozen
Elegance and Gravitas. Well done.
Wing Tip and its' predecessor OnThe Fly seem to cycle through vendors.A few months ago was there and aside from the gorgeous sales woman, I recalla wide selection of Woverine 1000 mile boots. None in my size
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