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One should expand one's horizons and not be limited only to "ladies" but all women, naked and otherwise.
Wish I had seen this yesterday. Today I have "grandparent obligations" which I accepted a few days ago. Have a great time guys!
Steed definitely doesn't make a rounded shoulder though. Their style is much closer to what kolecho received than any of the others. It's a very straight shoulder line -- not concave at all. Soft and natural, but not concave. Don't think Chan's is concave either. Very few people make that kind of concave line. I guess I don't exactly know what a concave shoulder is. My examples of Steed, etc are based on my observation of SF members "in the flesh" Perhaps...
Hi, Thanks for thinking of me . However, I wear 44R jackets and living in California, where it rarely goes below 50 degrees during the day, I have no use for such a beautiful coat. When I travel to colder places I have a couple of overcoats which I still have from when I lived in Chicago. Best, Roger
It is personal preference. I happen to think I look better in a rounded natural shoulder.I have also been told this by tailors and clothing store salesmen. It is probably becauseI have broad squarish shoulders and a big chest. When I had a more athletic build, 10 lbsand 15 years ago I wore a fairly nipped waist- 42 R 34 waist. I now wear 44 R. The size changecould also be a function of switching to Italian clothes from American ( Chipp MTM) . ItalianRTW tend to run...
Gray suit: Shoulders too square/ extended. Lapels seem too wideLinen jacket: Shoulders look less square but I don't like what looks like extension.See Rubinacci (himself) more natural ""Ivy League" shoulder. It is definitely rounded:http://www.styleforum.net/t/300171/mariano-rubinacci-color-and-complexion-a-case-study
I'm no expert but these differ from Rubinacci, which on the basis of the photos, I prefer.
That's the billionaire Kirk Kerkorian. Photo must be decades old. He's 97 now. http://topics.nytimes.com/top/reference/timestopics/people/k/kirk_kerkorian/index.html The Italian actor Toni Servillo is wearing something similar, if brighter, in the recent film, La Grande Belezza. In an SF thread on this film and his wardrobe an SF member said that it was Attolini bespoke. http://www.lahiguera.net/cinemania/actores/toni_servillo/fotos/20221/
I had no idea that they had juries in rural Florida. That's real progress.
Here's a Borrelli in Cotton: http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/380925463482 I have one in brown linen with a slightly different cut
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