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Presidents tend to dress like members of the Chamber of Commerce, or Rotary of a third tier Mid-Western City. Even candidate Romney, the recipient of two Harvard Degrees, and the son of a Fortune 500 CEO and governor of Michigan, dressed in a safe, boring "corporate bland" style, even though he was based in Boston, a center of at least ,Ivy style. The late Senator Daniel Patrick Moinyhan of New York. A man who should have been President, IMHO, typified an Ivy sprezz,...
Visited my hometown 6/8- 6/21. No longer used to the climate. I much preferred my stay during 1/14.The frigid temperatures and two snow storms reduced the crowds and imparted a special beauty toplaces like Central Park. The weather in no way inconvenienced me, although several get-togethershad to be cancelled with friends and family who were snow bound in Connecticut and Long Island.Hotel rates were less than half those of last week.
Club Collar available in 16.5? Measurements? Thanks.
Measurements for both shirts in 16.5? Thanks.
Get measurements before you order. I attended the recent trunk show in San Fran and tried onwhat was marked 44R (us) with Mr Sasamoto, Ring Jacket's rep. It didn't close. I wear Belvest,Isaia, Sartoria Partenopea, H Freeman, in that size with no problems. Good Luck!
Maybe. I'll be comiing back from 8 days in hot humid NYC the night before
I'll be in New York City next week. Haven't been there for a year and a half during their recent Ice Age. Any recommendations for tailored clothing other than the usual: Paul Stuart, Barneys, Bergdorf, Jay Kos, Davide Cenci, Saks etc. The Armoury cut does not work for me. I do not wear short, cut close to the body, jackets as in the current mode. Very natural shoulders are my preference. Any hidden (to me ) gems? Thanks.
I checked sterlingwear online and it appears that they specialize in Pea Coats. Except for a good--looking dress coat I saw. http://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/sterlingwear-of-boston-boston-2?select=Bk-iBYOTnokH9ZXOVbfd6g You might wish to check out O'Connells, which may be above the price you want to pay: Neverertheless, their selection is extensive: http://www.oconnellsclothing.com/Topcoats-and-Overcoats/
Correct. Ues the best cobbler in one's area. Because an incompetent cobbler can really mees upshoe.
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