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http://www.hilditchandkey.co.uk Check the size chart on the WebSite. They do not offer any real slim fit- which do not fit me with my bulky proportions (mostly muscle). Otherwise, good shirts for the price.
The ability to easily create a tie dimple, like parallel parking is probably genetically pre-determined. I am blessed with both. Thank god. However, for those for whom it is not natural, I have found that it is best to start forming the dimple well before the knot is about to be closed. This is for s non-windsor knot. If one starts forming the dimple early, there is the opportunity to correct if the dimple or, god-forbid, multiple "dimplets" are forming. On the rare...
Outstanding ! Unfortunately, on me I would look like Signor Ferrari in Casablanca. Do you plan to wear it with bi-color espadrilles? http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-GyZ8_AYxNM8/TpI_e9tQAXI/AAAAAAAAKDA/LcV0UXi0vdI/s1600/Casablanca_033Pyxurz.jpg
I would replace the shoes, although those look comfortable. Chukkas or loafers would work. Previous comment on jeans is correct IMHO.
Yes. Of course it is.He'd put his name on freeze-dried pizza ifhe thought he could make a buck.
Looks like a photo shoot for a vintage store. I wonder what Diane Arbus would have done with those people. She would have shown the needle tracks on their arms, at a minimum.
Unfortunately, to my great frustration, the last that my shoes are based upon, the AmerikanerLast, has been discontinued. I was in the shop in 10/2014 and tried on it's successor and it didn'tfit my wide feet. This is basically the model of both pairs that I have : water buffalo; suede. The grainshoe in the picture is iin a last which has a more tapered toe that mine:https://www.ludwig-reiter.com/en/derby-r-20-sgs-rf-1-w
Let's not overthink this:Sam Malouf has a version of the " Italian for the American Market" stuff sold at Saks, Niemans, Barneys, etc and he is pushyto the point of being obnoxiousBrogue in Menlo Park, five minutes from where I live, has Talbott Shirts, and Alden Shoes and, , I guess scarves.Thats it. Nice kids running the shop . My guess is that they will be gone by ChristmasAs a New Englander you might actually find clothing at the Hound that recalls the Ivy- Trad-...
1. I would be very wary of a tailor which chooses to call itself "Stitch Express". This name flies in the face of the pretension to use such terms as "artisanal", " craftsmanship" "traditional" which denote quality,etc. Apparently your tailor makes no such claims, as the results have proven. 2. One of the best ways to find an excellent alterations tailor is to enquire at the best mens shopI(s) in your area who these shops use for special projects. Often retailers...
If not already mentioned, Ludwig Reiter for excellent very high quality footwear . I have two pairs of their shows which show little wear after many years. https://www.ludwig-reiter.com/en/mens-classic-collection-hkl For Bespoke shoes with a limited selection of very high end RTW, Balling is worth visiting. I am a very difficult fit and they spent 45 minutes trying to find a pair that worked. The customer service is superb. http://www.balint.at/english/index2.htm
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