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"Does this make sense? I'm asking because I plan to do a MTM and wanted to send measurements based on a good fitting jacket." I do not know if youv'e already done "remote" MTM successfully. I would nevertheless recommend against it. MTM, even when measured by a competent in store professional, can result in an unsatisfactory outcome. It's happened to me several times. At least the store is responsible and will cover the alterations or offer refunds. Feel free to PM...
NMWA's Inlglese shirts are very tapered. The 16 1/2 wouldn't fit me, as I recall.
It is no accident that the 18th century British called their countrymen, who returned from the Grand Tourwith Italianate dress and manners, " Macaronis"http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macaroni_(fashion)I come from a different tradition which may be summed up in one sentence:Dress British and think Yiddish.
Not that I am in the market for bespoke, for financial and practical reasons, but Cifonelli's creativity would be wasted on me.Luca's outfits notwithstanding, most of what I've seen from Rubinacci, both in person and online, hits my "sweet spot".The same could be said of Steed, and possibily Solito. I suspect that some of the experts in this thread will tell me thatmy examples are not comparable.
That's a great idea!I'd go on step further: get it without a belt in the back.
" but I can't rock them if they're too obviously "snobby" or recognizable to general folks as an expensive brand as I wouldn't want to show clients up." So you deal with "general folks" who might resent anything but bland and and inexpensive apparel. What kind of firm do you work for? I had always ranked consultants just behind investment bankers and Wall Street lawyers in the quality and understated sophistication of their dress. Horse bit loafers have been popular...
+1 The two pairs of Bespoke trousers that I have are 15 years old. They still fit perfectly despite the fact that the waists have beenlet out to acommodate the inevitable anatomical effects of time and debauchery.
This saga seems typical of a certain class of low-end "personalized" "custom" MTM operations. If one substitutes "J. Hilburn" with the late "Astor and Black" or several other firms which SFers have tried, the story is basically the same. For those with more to spend there is always Scott Hill.
+1Stay away from Nordstrom and Macys for that matter. They sell faddish cheap and cheap looking clothing or boringmainstream clothing- for the older crowd. No real style in either category.
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