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True but Hollywood newsman were often exquisitly tailored:http://www.carygrant.net/fotogallery/hisgirlfriday/hgf-24.jpgLook at the Porkpie!http://images2.fanpop.com/images/photos/4200000/Cary-in-His-Girl-Friday-cary-grant-4267045-1024-768.jpgWhat amazes me is how a suit from 75 years ago still looks current- one might add side vent to update.I cannot think of any other time in the history of western menswear in which styles remained basicallyconstant. Between 1640 and...
Its that the range on the left front?I notice an exhaust hood. Would you have a photoof the whole range and hood? We renovated a houseless than two years ago and redid the kitchen entirely.However, our exhaust hood over the range is inadequatewhen cooking on the stove. Your arrangement might providesome ideas.BTW, great kitchen!
I will be travelling in Europe beginning in mid September. I am interested in RTW shirts, sportcoats, maybe slacks. I dislike trendy short close-fitting jackets- the current mode. I will visit Naples, Rome, Milan, Venice Munich, Salzberg and Vienna. I am familiar w/ Battistoni, Vass, L. Reiter, Knize. Balint. If it helps, these days I wear Belvest, Isaia (older sirio model), Sartoria Partenopea, Battistoni,Borrelli and H Freeman. Thanks.
Not a problem if you work in a 1930s newsroom: http://fanwithamovieyammer.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/his-girl-friday-4.jpg
Barleycorn tweed if you can find it. http://www.harristweedfabrics.com/images/fabrics/zoom/C001D.jpg
Structured shoulders are the burden which must borne by those whom the Almighty failed to bless in sartorially-relevant areas of their anatomy.. Perhaps those unfortunates have been compensated for these deficiencies with added prominence in other body parts.
Nettleton was a high-end American manufacturer of men's shoes that left the market in 1984.It has apparently been revived with off-shore high cost production- Belgium isn't cheap.The near-iconic Belgian loafers have been a favorite in the US for decades:http://www.belgianshoes.com/lui-suede.htmlhttp://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/forum/showthread.php?101215-Nettleton-Shoes-A-History-with-Pics-(lots-of-pics)
I will be travelling in Europe for about 3 weeks beginning in mid-september. Does anyone know of a wheeled duffle bag or suitcase that comes with a separate garment bag that attaches to it? Normally I use a separate duffle or suitcase and carry a lightweight garment bag. Sometimes I double up the garment bag and hang it from the extended handle when I wheel it. It is jerry-rigged at best. A set with both components designed to fit together would be ideal. I have torn...
Jacket doesn't look too short given the current trend of short close-fitting jackets. I would prefer it a bit longer, but then I do not subscribe to the current trend.
How do they compare with Vass regarding the availability of wide sizes? I spent over 1/2 hour at Vass in Budapest trying to find a last that worked. None did. I'll be in Vienna in early Oct., so I can go down for the day. Budapest Hotel recommendation for those with money to spare: The Gresham Palace ( Four Seasons). Art Nouveau Elegance: http://www.fourseasons.com/budapest/photo_and_video/?c=t&_s_icmp=mmenu Stayed there in '05 on a promotion deal. I can't afford it today
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