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Yikes !
What were you thinking? I just checked their website. Their RTW collection looks like junk and is priced accordingly. Unless you have fitting issues stick to ( much) higher quality RTW and have them altered, if necessary.
I must be lucky. My shirt laundry has not ruined them. They've been done a few times .
A couple of decades ago Florsheim Imperials were among the highest quality shoes made in the US, with prices at the high end. The shoes that you show look very low quality as their price indicates. Today, Florsheim is just a brand. It has no connection to the original owners.
OK, Here's a suggestion. Go to the best mens' shops in you area, Chicago,if I recall, and ask them who their "outside tailor" is. Many mens shops useoutside tailors for special or extra alteration work. This is true of Men's Depts inretailers like Niemans, Saks, etc. You'll probably find very competenttailors this way. Good Luck.
Then I woiuld like both, except the fabric on the second.( Now you are going to tell me that the fabric is the same.)
My tailor would probably do an excellent job, although I've never had him reduce a suit several sizes. He's done some complicated shoulder work for me with good results. My guess is that he'd charge you $150+ for your suit.
I like the blue one. It's not too short, not too tight, and it does not have wide-open quarters.Aside from the patch pockets, which I do not wear, it is exactly to my taste.
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