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Stay with about 3.5 inch lapels. Skinny lapels are the province of posers, fashionistas, Hollywood-types. Men with gravitas show moderation in style.
The third one is beautifully cut. Unfortunately, "slim" is not an adjective ever applied to me.
Yes. They would pass if the soles were black. What I object to is not the style, I have similar shoes, but the ones shown look very cheap. But then you know what you can afford.
If you haven't already booked, I highly recommend the Hotel Majestic conveniently located on Via Veneto. Five Star fin de siecle elegance, superb service. I could have lived off the "Welcome Basket" for days. The outdoor dining area is something out of a Mastroianni...
My comments on Battistoni last December: Battistoni on Via dei Condotti is well worth a visit if only because the store itself is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen . The merchandise is very high end, naturally,
A few weeks ago I replied to a query for bespoke tailors. I believe that Caruso(s) also do alterations; LA tailor could be Enzo Caruso in Santa Monica: Also his nephews(?):;_ylt=AwrTcd40K6VY3Z8A.J4PxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTByNDZ0aWFxBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwM2BHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg--
How about showing more of your tamer "adult" offerings like:
Peter, that is absolutely perfect.
Not oxfords. Derbies or Bluchers because of open lacing.Otherwise great find.
My comments two+ years ago: Are these examples of the "House Style" ? Too theatrical for my taste. Too Flusser of 20 years ago IMHO. BTW, the last three times I was in New York, most recently in June '15, I visited PS in pursuit of a RTW sport coat. However, they didn't meet my natural shoulder standard- which they certainly were able to 10 years ago. I like virtually no padding, nor do I need any. What is great about PS was that there was no bullshit- asking me too try...
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