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http://www.yellowpages.com/san-francisco-ca/mip/anthonys-shoe-service-inc-17160444 Anthony's on Kearney expensive but they do good work I use a guy in Palo Alto who is great: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Midtown-Shoe-Repair/179731168721777
All three are differet and all are high-end. Sartoria in Italian means" tailor's"
One caveat about Shop the Finest is that the last time I checked, they only give store credit instead of a refund. Other than that, it is well worth a visit. I always check them out when I'm in LA They have a huge selection of quality merchandise. As for size 36, I have no idea.
Sartoria Partenopea. They also vary in cut, but less than Belvest. BTW, my suits/sportcoats from Belvest would never be mistaken for Hickey Freeman, but they are not short and tight.
Buy them. Don't over think. They look fine.
For this post you should be confined to the Padres Descalzados Convento in the Chaco region of Paraguay where you wil take holy orders and practice the disciple of Los Penetentes de los Zapatos Baratos to absolve yourself of the sin which you have committed. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! !
I haven't been to Dallas in years but it sounds like a fantasy. Based on what I've seen on the Korshak website, you are way ahead of the Dallas market on the curve of appreciation for sophisticated quality menswear. BTW,I would include Ludwig Reiter in you footwear selection. https://www.ludwig-reiter.com/en/products-and-shop
That is why it is useful to distinguish between a sportcoat and a blazer. The latter should be a solid color,and the former patterned.Editorial comment: Mr Lifshitz exhibits a lot of chutzpa to charge $4700 for a RTW blazer. Who does he thinkhe is Signor Kiton?
Attolini and Kiton are the most expensive RTW Neapolitan brands. They are overpriced retail but are very high quality. For my money and taste, I prefer Belvest ( not from Naples) , or some Borrelli. However, Belvest, especially,doesn't necessarily have a "look" because they manufacture for many retailers world wide and make the styles which the retailers require. Nevertheless, Belvest is a quality product. http://www.belvest.com/en None of my Belvest clothing looks...
They did raise their prices but there are currently- or at least a week ago, bargains on their website in the sale section.Eaton? or Eton?- Not equivalent to H &K .Every Eton I've ever seen has a hard fused collar. H& K shirts are not fusedhttp://sale.hilditchandkey.co.uk/Gentlemen/Shirts/Default.aspx
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