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I think I understand why. These gentlemen personify true gravitas. To mea dandy connotes a Fop. There is nothing foppish in their elegant choicesof attire.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fop
The Shipton and Henage models referred to in my previous post in 4E are made by Sanders & Sanders. I just received a pair of 3 eyelet Derbies in 4E (H) directly from Sanders at an excellent price. They are very decent shoes. Not in the class of Ludwig and Reiter, which no longer offer the last that fits me, or C &J, which could never fit me, or other high end RTW which I would love to buy but ditto, not in my size. Sanders direct customer service is excellent and their...
What is amazing to me is the range of sizes offered by a mid-level to high-end manufacturer. As one who wears 3E (G) or 4E(H) widths, I can hardly remember when a retailer stocked or could order uncommon sizes in a wide variety of models.
It should be fine. However, IMHO, Suit Supply, by no means represent the pinnacle of quality. As for "drape", I never detected any at Suit supply.
Vass is a worthwhile reason to visit Budapest. Unfortunately, when I was there Vass was unable to fit me. I have very wide feet. For me a major reason to visit the city is a stay at the Gresham Palace Hotel. If you have any appreciation of Art Nouveau architecture and decor, luxury accommodations, and value exceptional service, I recommend that you stay there. You will not regret it. http://www.fourseasons.com/budapest/photo_and_video/?c=t&_s_icmp=mmenu
Well , years before that Zanella made trim, low rise, beautifully made trousers.That was probably in the 70s, early 80s. I had a few pairs.
Never liked them. To me they are emblematic of Pre-War Britain...like bad teeth.
My recommendations for Paris from 2012: Not super high end, but excellent RTW clothing: You might wish to try these shops for well-priced semi trad menswear. I own several pairs of their dress slacks, the oldest of which is from the early 80s. They are superbly made and have worn extremely well. I haven't been to Paris in the last few years , but the last time I checked, the stores carried the same style and quality. Also recently endorsed by other SF memebers. Arthur...
Some Cordings Options: https://www.cordings.co.uk/menswear/coats
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