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They really aren't new designs. It's the flamboyant details like the buttons, under collars and linings that are un conventional. The well respected Ivy League tailor, Chipp, put flamboyant linings in his bespoke very conservative clothing decades ago: http://lacasuarina.tumblr.com/post/87749499756/vintage-chipp-100-cashmere-bespoke-jacket-with or more recently: Paul Winston of Winston Tailors (Chipp...
Alberto Pipe Regular Slim Fit Authentic Denim Jeans for $ 80 including shipping. http://store.alberto-pants-usa.com/catalog/product/176cfe49e4834b49841a5189f6043bcd Mine have no wash and are uniform color.
The jacket is a variety of Norfolk jacket. http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=norfolk+jacket&qpvt=norfolk+Jacket&qpvt=norfolk+Jacket&FORM=IGRE FWIW: The cut of the shoulder and collar looks like nothing Oxxford currently makes. Much better IMHO.
Check out Winston Tailors- formerly Chipp. I've heard that they might be closing, but I am not sure. I used to get my clothes from them MTM before I moved to CA over 20 years ago. Since I didn't get to New York as often, it was no longer practical. I still have several - beautifully made and distinctive. Mine are Ivy-derived: natural shoulders with side vents darts and nipped waists. http://www.styleforum.net/t/431392/chipp-winston-tailors#post_7446761
Weston ! No idea of current Paris prices, but superb shoes. http://www.jmweston.fr/en/les-collections/chaussures?modele=67
Aren't they cut quite full.I have Mabitex purchased on line a few years ago.They are very trim.At Nieman Marcus in San Francisco the equivalentfrom incotex will run over $400, I think.
This is as close as I can come up with. More classically proportioned than your example. http://www.oconnellsclothing.com/product.php?productid=18394&cat=263&page=3
I've heard good reports on Ricardo's in Synnyvale for alterations. I've never used them because I have a great tailor in Menlo Park. I understand that they also do "custom" http://www.ricardostailoring.com
Your project seems to have the same probability as finding a Picasso in a thrift shop. For $450 it might be worth trying. I hope that you are successful. Full disclosure: I had two pairs of dress slacks made by a no- name tailor now retired in San Francisco over 15 years ago. They were $400 a pair. They were superbly made and I still wear them. I certainly wasn't paying for a big name.
I knew a guy who was a tech marketing exec. who actually worked at several startups in the very late 80s early 90s in the Bay Area who regularly wore Hermes ties. Not only were the patterns distinctive but their widths were on the narrow side for the time. Imagine a software marketing type today favoring a particular style/brand of necktie whcih he wore at work.
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