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Carajo! I knew this would happen. I love Meet-Ups. I'll be in Venice on the 29th having already visited Napoli, Rome and Milan and on the the way to Munich, Salzburg and Vienna. I may actually meet Fritzl in Vienna- we've been in contact. Guys have a great Meet-Up!! Gus, we've gotta do another one in Late Oct/ Nov. My best regards to Mike , Jim Okert's best salesman.
Admittedly, I have the luxury of not being in your business. Nor was I ever in the clothing trade.So I can be a purist about what I prefer and looks good to me.
Before you consider the skimpy faddish dreck from suit supply, etc.,consider the wide selection of classical offerings from O' Connells. I used to live in Chicago where I wore a suit to work and sometimes waited out side on a train platform for15 minutes. My solution: a 32 oz British Warm, or an Invertere greatcoat. You might also want to check out what the Andover Shop in your area has. http://www.oconnellsclothing.com/home.php?cat=377
Might not really be an issue in the UK where tweeds are often worn with wool/cotton blend shirts,heavy sweaters, vests etc. and under a rain and wind proof jacket or coat.For example:http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_BUOfb81B9EE/TR2A4WAOD7I/AAAAAAAAGYU/gippmdZ0AaI/s1600/wellis%2Bshooting0002smlis5.jpg
"a bit too short"To me it looks like it should be worn with a kilt:http://www.kinlochanderson.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/5e06319eda06f020e43594a9c230972d/t/h/the_kinloch_anderson_day_kilt_jacket_in_dark_grey_tweed.jpg
I understand that there are shorter lines for those who conform to a more classicsense of style.
Also, lose the chin beard. who do you think you are? Uncle Sam ? http://netstorage.discovery.com/feeds/brightcove/asset-stills/nws/127749088467412934814901199_UncleSam5.jpg
Congratulations! The jacket and how it fits will gain you priority admission to the nextPitti Freak Show. Careful not to ruin your look by wearing socks with your double monks.
I don't know about Charvet but I have a T&A RTW shirt that is 20 years old and shows no signs of wear. Admittedly I don't wear dress shirts much any more , but this shirt did see plenty of service in the past. Other shirts like Thomas Pink have not held up nearly as well.
Add: the shoulders are too square and built up at least for my taste.
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