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Yeah, in a Midwestern bland sort of way.Ex- Speaker Boehner, also from the Midwest,managed to dress with a certain flare usuallyabsent from the GOP.
How are their shirts, especially "country shirts" other than very full cut? They certainly aren't very expensive.
"I have used Bob Stankovic for many items with success but am reluctant to use him for jacket shortening." I have. It was successful. Caveat: You probably already know this, but the more one shortens, the more the pockets will seem too low. In my case, if I recall correctly, it was less than 1 inch.
Cleave: Love the tie. It looks like it is 3.75 to 4 inches wide. Correct? That's the width I prefer.
I am not really up on current status of T & A quality. However, I own several current Finamore shirts, which I like very much, but would be willing to bet that they will not last nearly as long as my T&As. For example, the hand attached sleeves on the Finamores look very "artisanal" but the stitching looks frail compared to the fine machine stitching on the t &As. I have one T &A that is over 20 years old which I still wear.
Peak lapel is traditionally more formal. Ticket pocket is on the informal side.
They look like my "computer glasses" which are quite cheap: http://www.go-optic.com/store/eyeglasses/details.asp?id=46564
I prefer a papier mache' watch for it's lighter weight .
A little historical perspective: Trousers were originally worn without creases. Side creases were also common and popularized by Queen Victoria's Prince Consort Albert in the mid 19th century. Here is an example of well-dressed gentlemen wearing uncreased trousers in 1872, about a decade after Prince Albert's death: http://mistercrew.com/files/2010/09/victorian_mens_fashion_01.jpg
Maybe in Baltimore, which to me hardly has a real winter. But in Chicago, waiting for the train at 8 AM when the temperature has not yetrisen to the predicted high of 10 degrees F, corduroy without long-johns is a non starter.
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