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10 minutes ago, MrP representative promised to review my order and refund the difference.
Turns out Wilfred's has reopened. Crisis averted! Most threads on NYC tailors are crazy old and I've been to most of them. Was hoping a new one had popped up of quality.
TLDR: looking for new custom shirt company and tailor in NYC I'm on the hunt for a new tailor in NYC. I've been using Downtown Alteration Specialists for a while now and am really not impressed. Fairly expensive for the quality and always trying to push unnecessary work. One time I was getting around ~$500 worth of work done and they tried to charge me $20 to resew a button. Any suggestions? In the past I used and was very, very happy with Wilfred's Tailor. Expensive but...
I have a kingsman jacket i'm very happy with. Definitely one true size up or even two up.
CJ boots for $300 shipped to US at Purdey
Yoox has a tough pricing challenge: pricing an ever increasing number of SKU's with an ever changing number of designers for worldwide markets with constantly evolving tastes. I think they've gotten better at this and, as a result, average prices have increased in the past two years. I'm less tempted to purchase things without a substantial discount because it isn't that great of a deal. Furthermore, you could be dealing with a lower quality product (either seconds,...
Brand new Eidos tuxedo on Yoox for ~ $285 in size 38. Beware that this is fairly slim, I ordered and returned it. Wish it fit!
Six years later and, with the sole exception of an expensive bag, these are still my upper bounds!
Color is super dark, almost blackish blue.
Chest 21" BOC 30" Hem 7.8"
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