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Right. Buyer feedback is a farce.If a buyer ever threatens you with negative feedback during a negotiation then you will be able to have his feedback removed.
Price includes US shipping with tracking. First quality but labels marked to prevent return to BB. $48 each unless otherwise noted. Photos are clickable thumbnails. Enlarge the photo to answer questions of material content and pleated / flat front. If I don't list a length then the length is unhemmed. Advantage is "Wrinkle Free". Black Brushed Twill Milano 29-30 Khaki Clark 30-30 Gray Wool Milano. Tagged W30 but altered to 28.5- 29 with 2.5 to let out in length....
No, they are not enforceable, but by not allowing returns you will prevent returns from honorable buyers, which are still the vast majority.
Great thread.I have one little detail to add concerning "used clothing". Some countries do not allow importation of them. A few weeks ago a customer had asked me to describe his new clothing purchase as "used". I took a look at the Country Conditions for Mailing (USPS, under Individual Country Listings), and found "used consumer goods" in the list of prohibited items. This could have been a significant waste of money if I have shipped that large heavy package only to...
Search youtube for a "how to fold a suit" video. Should be wearable out of your luggage.
[quote name="mytton" url="/t/79716/ask-a-question-get-an-answer-post-all-quick-questions-here/16980_60#post_5689020"...(I'm getting a navy blazer as well, so I found it redundant to have a suit in the same color). Problem is, I feel like the darker grey is just so flat, dull, uncreative. What can I do to really make it exciting and stand out? For context, I'm in college and the suit will be used for social events and business events.  [/quote] A navy blazer and navy suit...
+1 on the K bike.Power, reliability, great looking lump of engine, older ones can be found for $3K or less. Find one with scratched up plastics because you are going to scrap that anyway.
It was invented by the same people who gave us fanbase.
The movie was very faithful to the book. Most of Bell's best lines were quoted verbatim.
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