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Price includes US shipping. All labels marked to prevent return to BB. Many of these are flawless shirts which have been around too long so I am blowing them out. Some of the white shirts had dust marks and have been washed once to remove the marks. Most OCBD's will have minor mill flaws. Most of the shirts with a cut neck label have no flaw. I am not giving any more measurements on these shirts. No returns. Take a look at the Brooks Brothers Size Chart for...
I took a look at a 43R Milano on my rack. Looks like you have about 1/2 inch on each seam available, so 1 inch per leg. Take the pants to your tailor and ask him how far he can go.
Price includes US shipping. $65***SOLD*** Thom Browne Gray University Stripe OCBD. This is a women's shirt which I think would work for an XS male. You be the judge as to whether it will fit based upon the measurements. The buttons are on the opposite side of the placket. There is a small horizontal mill flaw on the upper right front, pictured. Measurements: 14.5-31.25 Shoulder 15 P2P 17.5 L (from BOC) 29
Saxxon wool comes from a particular group of sheep. Judging by my rack of suits, BB does not seem to specify which company weaves the fabric, at least in most cases.My guess is that the Saxxon fabric is at least as nice as the LP, maybe better.
I just checked her out on Google Images. Damn. I had no idea she was so good looking, approaching 10/10 if you like the wholesome type.
Oxford cloth is a basket weave. Notice the diagonal line (wale) in the fabric, most visible in the edge of the cuff. That is a characteristic of twill, not of oxford cloth.
A real motorcycle jacket is constructed to protect the rider in case of a crash or laydown. It is made of thicker, stiffer leather and contains armor which all cause the unfortunate wearer to look less slender and waifish, thus spoiling photo opportunities. A motorcycle-style (fashion leather) jacket is made to make the rider look good while posing on or near the bike.
It's not an old person thing. Self centered pricks exist in all age groups.
Brooks Brothers Soft Jacket on sale.
I would guess that the stitching on the sole is concealed in channels. Ask. My experience with AS is with their shoes made for Brooks Brothers, and those are of excellent quality.
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