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I saw the 5D version, got scratched by that fucking hyena, swallowed some salt water, and now there are a bunch of Civil War veterans walking around in my front yard. And I have a headache.
A laugh track is an irritation force multiplier on a sitcom. That show is not funny, but at least it has a laugh track so its fans know when to laugh.
Price includes US shipping. International shipping is not much more. I usually ship a tie rolled up in a bulletproof little 3x4x4 cardboard box. These ties are first quality but have a mark through the label to prevent return to BB. Even if a tie has an "Irregular" label, it is first quality unless otherwise noted. Dk Brown American Alligator Belt. W30 Width1 Retail $798 $220 Dk Brown American Alligator Belt. W30 Width1 Retail $798 Missing Buckle. $170. Dk Brown...
Am I the only one getting a rash of echeck payments on auctions? One last week (which bounced and will be resubmitted) and two this week.
You made a deal and now you want to renegotiate it. That is not compromise and that is not scrupulous behavior on your part.
Each of them is a special and precious little flower.
I prefer either the Wolverine 1000 Mile or the Red Wing Iron Ranger. That boot looks dressier, but cheap and flimsy in comparison.
Brooks Brothers makes pancake mix?
That seems to be feedback extortion. Keep it polite, do what you have to do, and if he leaves bad feedback then show that exchange to ebay and ask to have the feedback removed. OTOH, from the buyer's point of view it certainly appears that you are keeping him from winning this because the bids are low. Why not have your brother bid on it? You will end up paying 10% for your own item but you did make an error.
New Posts  All Forums: