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Not exactly an answer to your question but I think that 1/4 inch either way is a reasonable standard due to slight differences in measuring techniques, maybe 1/8 inch for length.And a Southwick made BB 1818 40L is usually around 31 inches BOC. 32 inches in a 40 is not far from XL territory. But there are often variations in measurements even on unaltered suits.
Make sure it is a brand new one.
Small world. I just met Greg from sportbikes4hire this past weekend. Great guy. He was furnishing a couple of bikes for the instructors at the Total Control Advanced Riding Class I took over the weekend. He told me they had a special for the two DRZ 400 bikes, 3 days for $499 for the pair.Anyway, on Friday I zigged and zagged across Western NC. I had prepositioned near Boone and rode the Blue Ridge Parkway for a while before jumping off to head over to Hot Springs,...
I stand corrected. My photo is of a Southwick label. I was confused by the fact that it has the letters "MG" on it. But the label is definitely of the Southwick style
Greenfield, OTR, GF, Italian fabric. Every OTR GF suit I have encountered has been made by Greenfield with Italian fabric.
After giving this GF / Not GF question a little more thought, it occurs to me that these suits are not Golden Fleece, and it is for a ridiculously obvious reason. What makes an item "Golden Fleece"? An item of clothing is not Golden Fleece because it was manufactured by Martin Greenfield or because it is fully canvassed or because it may have been made to identical specifications to GF. It is Golden Fleece because Brooks Brothers put a Golden Fleece label on it. So it...
I have an identical pair in my closet. Great shoes at a great price.
Spoo is living the dream.
Looks like the real deal to me. Yep, genuine Brocks Brothers.
You are describing the Brooks Brothers logo. It is on many non-GF items.
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