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Fabric and buttons.
Asked when a pair of NWT BB Hudson pants had climbed up to $3.50. Pants are listed as NWT, not New With Defects.ebay guy: Are they undamaged or free of defects ? Is there any shelf creasing or sun fade ?Me: No sun fade. What is shelf creasing?ebay guy: I meant creases that set inMe: Every pair of pants I have and every shirt I have are creased from being folded.
I plan to ride over the winter period. Went out for three hours today on my KLR 650.
Idiots asking for measurements on ebay. A guy asked me for a shoulder measurement on a sweater a week ago. I gave the measurement and he never bid. Now on an identical sweater he is asking for waist and sleeve measurements. So apparently the shoulder was not a problem, but he did not bid. Waist is a stupid question on a sweater, as is sleeve unless you are very tall. Fuck him. Buy it or don't buy it.
You have to market them as a mismatched pair. I don't think anyone would buy them.
I am pretty sure those are not shell.
Agreed that it is a replica. The label doesn't look at all like my 1983 issue G-1, or any other US military label I have seen. Think black on white. So this may be made to USN specifications but it does not appear to be USN/USMC issue.Issued G-1 jackets are even-number sized and are meant to be form fitting. Female naval aviators are probably issued jackets cut especially for women. A busty woman in a man's jacket would look ridiculous because the rather high waist of...
Each special little flower releases her creativity onto canvas, you cynical bastard.
Breaking Bad > Any other TV show ever
Prices include US shipping with tracking. These shoes are first quality (unless otherwise noted) but have a mark in the insole which prevents return to retailer. No returns. All photos are clickable thumbnails. I am happy to ship to other countries. The shipped weight of a pair of shoes will almost always be between 3 and 4 pounds. Go to the USPS website, enter your country and the weight of the package for a quote. That will give you a real close, if not exact,...
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