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It will look wrong 1-3 times per year. Find something in the right size.
Sounds like a defective Golden Fleece two button suit.
We are on the same page. I misinterpreted one of your posts.
And look at the post which I responded to. Catch up.
It makes exactly as much sense as them allowing a corporate discount on the purchase of a Gift Card.
How about if you used your corporate discount to buy a gift card with your already discounted gift card?
Very nice shoes at a fair price. Someone should snap these up.
It's the gift that keeps on giving.
Brand New. Price includes US shipping. First quality but labels marked to prevent return to BB. 1818 Milano Dark Navy w Pinstripes Saxxon Wool Suit. 3 Button, Double Vent. Made in USA. $1098 Retail. Tagged 43R. P2P 22.25, 18.75, Sl 25, L 29.75. Flat front Cuffed pants are W37 L30.75 with 2 inch cuffs, plenty to let out if you need longer. $350. 1818 Milano Dark Gray Wool Suit. Two button Double vent. Made in Italy. Tagged 44R. Measures P2P 22.75, Sh 19, Sl...
New Posts  All Forums: