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Regent is one of 4 cuts in the BB 1818 line. Materials are the same across the line. Construction is half canvassed. The 1818 line is hugely popular on SF (and everywhere else) because it provides a huge bang for the buck. IMO, diminishing returns kick in when you get past 1818, and many others agree. If the Regent fits you, then it is a fabulous value, and I'm not just saying that because you recently inquired about one of mine. Go out into any retail venue and look...
Welcome to SF.
Use the USPS calculator to get a good estimate of shipping. Most pairs of shoes shipped in their box inside a box will have a shipped weight of less than 4 pounds. Shell cordovan less than 5 pounds. Enter the zip codes into the calculator to get prices. Sometimes Parcel Post is a bit less expensive, but I rarely use it. It is not much less in this weight range and I know that when people buy a pair of shoes they want them yesterday. $15 is well above my average...
PM the seller.
The answer in the Q&A which states that C&J makes the shoe was given by Brooks Brothers.The linked description of the second shoe includes "Imported", so I'm going out on a limb here and saying that Alden is not the maker.
The funny thing is that he is as much of a sheep as anyone.
If you got a great deal on it then IMO it fits here. I'll bet you didn't expect all this hassle over posting your briefcase.
I don't understand. If it is crocodile, what was embossed onto it?
I am in North Carolina and can see salt water from my house. Never heard of the Salt Life.
Price includes US shipping. I will help out with international shipping. All are new with no defects unless noted, but labels are marked to prevent return to BB. No returns. Tagged 40R means that there is a label in or on the jacket which says 40R. 40R without the word tagged means that I estimate the size to be 40R based upon measurements. Always go by measurements to determine fit. Sl un means sleeves are unfinished. Unless otherwise noted, buttons are included. ...
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