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That hanger has too much slope, making a prospective buyer wonder if it is some odd custom tailored construction.
^ +1 for proper use of the word suiting.
^ It has a '70's look.
The first one I would just call a pinstripe. The second is a houndstooth with a blue overcheck.
Is the construction different? No. Any feature of a blazer can also be on a suit coat.If you are differing on this point please list the differences. Specific, measurable differences in construction which differentiate a blazer from an orphan suit coat.
I would also offer him a full refund if he wants to return it. I once had a trainer ask me if I would rather be right or be rich. This is one of those cases. The small amount of money involved here (the shipping fees) is not worth taking a negative feedback.In other words, I would argue the orphan/blazer or odd jacket/sport coat case all day in theory with an SF member. If he is a buyer I take the return. I would rather be rich than right.
People get wrapped up in the difference between an orphan and a blazer as if it is a significant difference.Are the buttons different? Almost always.Is the fabric different? Sometimes, but not always.Is the construction different? No. Any feature of a blazer can also be on a suit coat.So if you have to look at a label to decide whether it is an orphan, it doesn't matter. If the buttons are pictured in the auction, what does it matter what the label says? I'm not...
I think the buyer is being quite reasonable and fair. If a suit is represented as NWT is a reasonable assumption that the pants would have some material in the waist for letting out.
Probably just a bunch of inane shit.
It's all good. I am just goofing around. Welcome to the thread.
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