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No. I wear the same size, with correct fit.
It's hard to predict. I wear my normal size in the 1000 Mile boot.
I wish i had a Sportster or a Bonneville instead of a POS 100cc Honda Win.
"No, but thanks for the offer." This is in keeping with the concept that you should never negotiate with yourself. I don't see a lowball as a good faith offer, at least not one which I am interested in. I am sure that I lose a few sales in the long run, but I just don't care to spend a lot of time dicking around with lowballers.
eBay's goal is to make it almost impossible to keep Top Rated Seller status. That way they eliminate discounts for sellers and increase profits. That is primary. Customer satisfaction is secondary.
Right on schedule. I am now Above Standard and get zero discount on my invoice from eBay for the first time in fucking forever. The new standards are doing exactly what they were designed to do, increase fees for eBay.
Going to the lavatory on an airplane, before it takes off on a 2 hour flight.
New shirts. Some new with tags. Price includes US shipping. Dark Navy OCBD. Small hole and area of abrasions bottom front BB00 $75>>$65SOLD Red White Gingham BB00 $70 White OCBD with Grosgrain Trim on Sleeve Plackets and Side Seams. Same shirt as in pics but size BB00. $95SOLD Green Navy Red Gold OCBD. Small hole in front. BB00 $35. White Yellow Green Check Short Sleeve OCBD BB00 $60>>>$55 White with Blue Check Broadcloth Button Down BB0 ...
I enjoyed The Corrections but did not feel that it is a complete work. I think some authors are storytellers and others are craftsmen of the language. Franzen showed me that he is an excellent craftsman, but as a storyteller he came up short. The Corrections had some passages which were brilliantly done, worthy of a bookmark so they can be revisited, but the storyline itself did not hold up for me. So IMO Franzen rates highly as a craftsman but not well as a...
Because the fucked up ebay system leads them down that path. It is necessary for it to be that way because it leads to a higher defect rate, which means lower/fewer discounts for sellers, which means higher profits for ebay.So it all makes sense when you see how it fits together.
New Posts  All Forums: