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Ho Chi Minh Trail between Phong Nha and Khe Sanh. Great ride. I went 45 minutes in one stretch without seeing another vehicle.
You are on track. Cost of doing business. I am convinced that most eBay buyers simply do not understand measurements. I would have included a statement that it absolutely does not measure as a 40S.
For the last 6 months I have always had about a 1% defect rate on a 3 month lookback due only to USPS lost packages. My grandfather was a small town postmaster. He would be rolling over in his grave if he knew how dicked up the USPS is now.
I asked the question only because it is relevant. I have bounced back onto the good side of 98% recently after being a hair below it for several months. This is the same type of issue which put me below back in the Spring.If I were at 100% or 95% I wouldn't consider it.
Back in September I took an ebay defect for an undelivered pair of pants. I am pretty sure that the buyer used an old address on his paypal, and either he or the USPS screwed up with the forwarding. Today I received the item with a sticker "Unclaimed Return to Sender". Has anyone had a defect removed based upon a situation like this? Waste of time or worthwhile?
Of course you release them and drive them all right past where you are living. It's an airtight plan.But that's the type of logic that we have become accustomed to. This episode was screwed up mostly by the fact that they expanded about 30 minutes of material into 90 minutes. Damn, that was a fluffed up mess.I want to know WTF happened to these people's peripheral vision and hearing. There is no fucking way that a zombie could sneak up on you in the woods if you have...
Price includes US shipping. New Brooks Brothers Country Club Sea Island Cotton Dark Gray Socks Lot of 3 Pairs Retail $45 each. Made in England. For sizes 7.5-12. $55 for 3 pairs. $70 for 4 pairs
RIght. If there is damage to the item it does not matter that the seller did not notice it. In other words, a seller will not be able to transfer his problem (damaged goods) to the buyer by using some special wording.
And therein lies the genius of the plan.
True story: Today I called a guy a dumb f*** for not knowing his size and asking for a swap out on a Golden Fleece tuxedo. But it was my brother and I gave it to him free so he let it slide.
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